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WAA Base Camp Workshops April 26-27, 2011

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Toronto, Canada
April 27: Search Analytics for Search Marketers 201

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Instructor: Paul Legutko, Vice President, Analytics, Semphonic

Paul Legutko, Vice President, Analytics, SemphonicPaul Legutko is Vice President of Analytics at Semphonic. Paul has over 15 years' experience in research and analysis with a specialty in designing and applying analytical solutions to a wide range of datasets and problems. He leads Semphonic's Boston office and is an expert in Web design, data management, Search Marketing, and statistical analysis.

Since joining Semphonic in 2004, Paul has overseen a number of challenging Web analytics and SEM analysis projects. He is a lead contributor to many of the research and design initiatives which are the framework for the company's software and consulting solutions. In SEM analytics, Paul developed new methods for exploring organic cannibalization, identifying seasonality and periodicity, and predicting ideal bid-points. Paul has helped dozens of clients optimize their Search Marketing efforts.

Prior to joining Semphonic, Paul was a data analyst and research consultant at the Center for the Social Organization of Schools. He oversaw the design, processing and analysis of hundreds of thousands of surveys and tests. He was able to quadruple the center's data capture and cut data processing costs in half. Paul received a Doctorate and Masters degrees from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor's degree from Harvard University.

Instructor: Mark Ryan, Vice-President, Client Services, and COO, Extractable

Mark Ryan Mark Ryan has an extensive background in web application development, Search Engine Marketing, and Web Analytics. As a founder of Extractable, Mark manages the Strategy, Creative, Engineering, and Project Management groups at Extractable. Mark enjoys working with Web Analytics and sits on various committees of the Web Analytics Association. Mark started his career in Internet development at Applied Materials where he served an integral role in the design and development of the companies first online Inventory and Support Management System. He also developed applications for premiere clients such as Intel, AMD, and Siemens. After Applied Materials, Mark served as Senior Applications Engineer for USWeb's Content Management group and worked on the design and implementation of the company's first web based content management application.

This workshop is aimed at marketers and SEM professionals who would like to expand their knowledge of search analytics processes. Key emphasis is on paid and organic search analytics including:

Toronto Workshop Programs: April 27, 2010
Search Analytics 201
9:00am to 5:00pm – Includes lunch and two 15-min breaks
Regular Price: $795

Combo Price:
Register for both the Intro to Web Analytics 101 and Search Analytics 201
Regular Price: $1190
Venue: Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel
123 Queens Street West, Toronto, Ontario

The official Web Analytics Association Base Camp workshops deliver a solid foundation of online marketing analytics knowledge and authoritative course material in a workshop environment. WAA Base Camp workshops are designed for marketers and analysts just getting started with web analytics and provide an excellent introduction to those considering the WAA/UBC Award of Achievement in Web Analytics online courses.

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Web Analytics Association Base Camp is produced in partnership with eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit

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