8:30 Registration and Continental Breakfast
9:30 Welcome
Jim Sterne, Target Marketing
9:45 Web Analytics - The Big Picture
Jim Sterne, Target Marketing

If you're a newcomer to this field, this is the session for you. If you are an old timer, this session will remind you of all those other things you could be measuring.

10:45 Break
11:00 Web Analytics Meets Behavioural Targeting
Matthew Tod, Logan Tod

The next stage for many web analytics users is using their data in real time to serve up promotions and chat invitations, to trigger email follow ups, call centre actions and direct mail. This brings web analytics to the heart of a companies marketing activity. How do you move from event based analytics to customer centred action?

11:45 Experience Management
Eileen Pevreall, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

Getting the balance right between an information rich site and a site that wants to sell products and services means that understanding the customer and their behaviour is key. Eileen uses ‘Experience Management’ to ensure the site meets the differing needs of the diverse range of site visitors. Through web analytics and usability, the CIPD continually monitors the customer experience, measuring and modifying on a continual cycle to increase customer retention and improve the service they receive. User behaviours are used to inform and customise both the online and offline marketing and maximise website value. Customer acquisition, retention and return on investment are key, reaping both financial and customer relationship rewards for the CIPD.

12:30 Opening Day Sponsor Presentation
1:00 Lunch
2:15 Top Ten Problems Discussion

What's on your list? This is a chance to discuss your specific situation and learn from your peers, face-to-face

3:00 Group Discussion Reports
3:30 Break
3:45 Beyond the One Hit Wonders
Neil Mason, Foviance

So many people come to your site, see one page and run off, never to be seen again. Some only stay for one minute. Some only place one order. Neil reveals how to use web analytics to get beyond the ones - how to increase prospect attention, customer retention and segment comprehension. Learn how to
improve the effectiveness of your website and understand customer loyalty based on their online behavior.

4:30 Customer Centric Decision Making: Steps for Foundational Web Success
Avinash Kaushik, Intuit

With websites quite literally drowning in data how do you ensure you are attuned to your website customers? How do we move beyond standard Clickstream analysis? How to effectively influence senior management with KPI’s and Dashboards? In his talk Avinash shares insights into Intuit’s Trinity platform that integrates Qualitative and Quantitative data to solve for the customers. He will also highlight process improvements and standard dashboards that help Intuit move the right dials for win-win outcomes.

5:30 Cocktail Reception
8:00 Continental Breakfast
9:00 Joined-up Analytics
Tim Boughton,

Successful analytics means making sense of your metrics in the wider business context. Tim shares his experience of integrating analytics with other aspects of the business - including studying spider behaviour to improve SEO, conversion rates and bidding optimisation in PPC and connecting web analytics tools with other business systems to tease value from otherwise dangerously meaningless statistics.

9:45 Persuasion Architecture(TM) Extensible Markup Language
Bryan Eisenberg, Future Now, Inc.

Analysts and Business Owners hear all too frequently that “you cannot improve what you cannot measure.” How much more important, then, is it to understand the complete vocabulary for what you’re measuring? The inventor of Persuasion Architecture (TM) guides you through the full vernacular of funnel metrics, persuasive scenario design and its specification via the PAXML.

10:30 Break
10:45 Getting Web Analytics Info Into the Hands of Those Who Can Really Use It
Patrick Odey, Virgin Atlantic Airways

Upgrading their web analytics brought about not only a wealth of new information but also a new way of working on campaigns and user testing. Virgin now has a much wider range of users looking at web analytics to make better decisions. Patrick will walk us through getting the business owners to own the web data as well.

11:30 Report From the Front Lines: O2
Nick Hill, O2

How do you make online analysis relevant to offline marketers focused on an offline world? The O2 website sells a lot of mobile phones. A lot of them. It services a lot of customers online. A lot of them. Nick manages the reporting of this to the rest of the company, who's focus is not primarily online. How does he get their attention?

12:15 Sponsor Briefings

Each sponsor gets a precious few minutes to distinguish themselves. Sometimes entertaining - always informative.

1:00 Lunch
2:15 Vendor Variety Hour and Then Some

Our worthy sponsors identify themselves and then the floor is open for Q&A. Previous session questions included, "If you weren't in business, which tool would you use?" and "Where do you see this industry in five year's time?"

3:30 Break
3:45 Critical Few KPI's Discussion

Do you run an ecommerce site? A publishing site? A lead generation site? Sit down with others in your same boat and find out what the best Key Performance Indicators might be for you.

4:30 Group Discussion Reports
5:00 Free Time
7:00 Dinner
8:00 Continental Breakfast
9:00 E-mail Marketing Optimisation
Dr. Dave Chaffey

The integration of e-mail and web measurement is a major trend in e-metrics for 2005-6. Using a range of examples, Dave will show you how to go beyond the basic e-mail measures to improve results from your digital channels using integrated e-mail campaigns.

9:45 Web Analytics in Every Decision - from Micro to Macro
Patricia Gildea, npower ltd.

Can you retrain your team and your internal clients to reflexively and instinctively ask: What does the web analytic data say? Rather than decision-making and design choices for the classic "audience of one" (making decision based on our own image, knowledge and preferences} npower have made a concerted effort to re-train themselves in analysis and problem solving processes. From the tiniest, daily micro decisions about pixel real estate battles to macro decisions on site structure and strategy. Pat says the results show progress and she's willing to share.

10:30 Break
10:45 Search Engine Metrics from the Inside
Mike Grehan, Smart Interactive
11:30 Vendor Visits

Get up close and personal with the leading web analytics tools. Get a demo, compare notes, see how they stack up.

12:45 Lunch
2:00 Web Analytics from the Front Lines at Cricinfo
Andrew Hall,

Cricinfo remains the world's leading cricket website, now serving upwards of 7 million users globally every month. Web analytics is different for a content site. With a site serving a huge global audience with different revenue models and expectations for different audiences, how does this affect audience segmentation, and product and content strategy? Andrew shares how introducing web analytics to this site banished a number of myths, confirmed a number of key site USPs, and is starting to boost the worth of key on-site commercial properties.

2:45 Break
3:00 How Web Analytics Found a Million Dollar Hole
Steve Jackson, Conversion Chronicles & Aboavista

There are two main objections to using web analytics, firsty the price and secondly learning how to take action on the information from these tools. Steve will illustrate three case studies showing how to act on data and to get a serious return on your investment by choosing the right key performance indicators as warning flags. Conversion Chronicles brought to life.

3:45 Wrap
4:00 Close
Funding Approval Success Tips
(or: How To Convince Your Boss)
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