The Emetrics Summit is a private forum where you will be identifying, discussing and determining the answers to your most critical questions:

     Are there standard definitions of Web metrics?
    Can we specify benchmarks for Web success?
    What metrics can justify Web-based projects?
    How do you confirm the most valuable customers?
    How do you calculate the ROI of personalization?
    How do you calculate the value of Web intelligence?

The Emetrics Summit is designed to continue the industry dialogue. Senior Web executives, focused academics, software and service vendors, and members of the press will work together to identify and address e-metrics issues.

   How do you establish a Web metrics baseline?
    How do you correlate offline and online metrics?
    Which criteria apply to which types of Web content?
    How do you correlate customer satisfaction data?
    How do you compare the Web to other channels of
    acquisition and distribution?

The Emetrics Summit is a working session. Several presentations will help set the stage, but the participants will set the agenda. It is a gathering of thought leaders designed for interaction and discovery, not for lecturing and note taking.

   Thank you for providing an event where I could find other
    like minded data geeks who are willing to share so much
    information, insight, war stories, and opportunities for learning
    best practices.

Dylan Lewis, Consulting Services
Visual Sciences, LLC

There were many
words of praise for previous Emetrics Summits.

What happens if you do not measure the success of your website?


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Munich, May 23-24, 2006

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