My Favorite Place at the eMetrics Summit is
The Lobby Bar

by Jim Sterne, Founder, eMetrics Summit

Even if your beverage of choice is mineral water, there’s no place like the lobby bar at the end of the day. More learning happens in there than you might imagine.

Old hands and novices mix it up in the most casual of settings. People relax, they let their hair down, the conversation gets focused and people speak their minds.

Ask that speaker the question there wasn’t time for during the session. Find out what they left out of their presentation. Listen to the experts engage each other in deep conversation and chew on the Big Questions. Swap business cards.

The tradition started in Santa Barbara at the very first eMetrics Summit in 2002. The founders of NetGenesis, WebTrends, Omniture, WebSideStory and Web Analytics Demystified would not leave the room and we closed down the bar.

Join us for some late-night conversation – I’ll be there.

Jim SterneJim Sterne
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