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eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit
London UK 2010
Free Exhibition Hall Workshops


9:00 to 11:30 - Day One: Pre-Registration Required - please click here to register


UTalkMarketing: Using analytical techniques to improve your ROI

Do you break into a cold sweat when managing your search campaigns, creating marketing budgets or anything else involving numbers?

As marketing becomes increasingly driven by numbers and analysis, excel is becoming a fundamental tool for marketers.

In this 2 hour UTalkMarketing workshop, you will learn key tips for:

  • Using excel to optimise your search campaigns to maximise performance
  • Using concatenation and other techniques for keyword generation and management
  • Key excel functions to simplify spreadsheet creation and make your job quicker
  • Identifying trends in data like website performance
  • How to build marketing budgets that you can manage simply and easily

Ian Harris, Director, Search Laboratory

9:00 to 11:30 - Day Two: Pre-Registration Required - please click here to register


UTalkMarketing: The Ultimate Social Media Crash Course

Social media is an essential part of every brands digital armoury. From Facebook and Twitter to blogs and facilitators, social media has inspired some of the most innovative and creative campaigns of the past year.

This 2 hour UTalkMarketing crash course covers everything from the social media landscape from key trends and behaviours to campaign planning and measurement through a combination of case studies and industry knowledge.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Learn how to track digital chatter and listen to consumers
  • Hear how to influence the influencers and pro-actively manage your brands reputation online
  • Gain an understanding of social network advertising technology and how to use branded applications
  • Get access to case studies on hugely successful social media campaigns such as Walkers and Cadburys
  • Hear the benefits and pitfalls of display advertising on user-generated content sites

Lyndon Antcliff

11:50 to 12:30 - Day One & Day Two

ebay AdCommerce

Preaching to the Nearly Converted - Plus an Introduction to AdCommerce

During this session eBay will introduce their new pay-per-click advertising programme called AdCommerce. In addition we explore the fascinating mind of the ecommerce consumer and share insight into the future of retail media online.

Dylan Fuller

Dylan Fuller, Head of AdCommerce, eBay UK

12:40 to 13:20 - Day One & Day Two


AdWords Search Funnels: Going Beyond the Last Click

Last Click has been the de-facto measurement of ad effectiveness for quite some time. AdWords Search Funnels takes the first step in helping advertisers understand which campaigns, ad groups, keywords and/or placements are best at delivering conversions, ultimately increasing their ROI.

Key learning outcomes:

  • What Search Funnels is and why it matters
  • How to run and interpret experiments based on Search Funnels reports
  • How to grow your search program intelligently using Search Funnels

Sissie Hsiao

Sissie Hsiao, Senior Product Manager, Google Analytics and AdWords

13:30 to 14:10 - Day One


Social Media Analytics - turning the buzz into an impactful part of your marketing mix

Social media is growing at a phenomenal rate. Despite the excitement, marketers do not know how to measure its reach and exposure, or the impact it has on key business metrics. Join us to learn how you can effectively measure this important emerging marketing channel for your business. Don't rely on gut-feel decision making!

In this presentation you will learn:

  • How marketers currently use social media to achieve business objectives
  • Specific challenges marketers face in obtaining clear performance measures
  • How Coremetrics can help companies uncover social media return on investment (ROI)
  • How to make informed budget allocation decisions, and optimise online marketing initiatives by putting the analytics data into action

Ross Stoner

Ross Stoner, Solutions Consultant, Coremetrics Europe

13:30 to 14:10 - Day Two


Integrate online and offline data to optimise your multichannel marketing strategy

A proliferation of shopping channels and increasingly discriminating customers has turned the multichannel commerce phenomenon into one of the greatest challenges facing merchants today. For marketers, this surge has introduced a host of issues and opportunities.

This presentation outlines practical steps that your organisation can take to import into your online marketing system data generated by customer activity in stores, call centres, and other offline channels. This newly merged offline and online data supplies a single view of multichannel customer activity and is prime for analysis and segmentation, campaign execution, and measurement and optimisation.

In this presentation you will learn how to:

  • Understand customer online and offline activity
  • Optimise marketing based on a multichannel customer view
  • Zero in on high-value customers based on multichannel behaviour
  • Enhance cross sell, up sell, and personalised messaging
  • Meet customer expectations for a unified multichannel experience

Ross Stoner

Ross Stoner, Solutions Consultant, Coremetrics Europe

14:20 to 14:40 - Day One & Day Two

Traffic Smart

Traffic Smart: A New Approach to Competitive Search Intelligence

Traffic Smart have revolutionised the common approach to generating competitive search intelligence. The result is a new web-based application that delivers the elusive combination of ease of use and depth of data to provide you with ample means to improve existing campaigns or to create high-impact new ones; to benchmark performance against competitors; and to monitor for brand or affiliate infringements. This workshop is an introduction to both the product and Traffic Smart's methodology and includes a demonstration of the application.

Samantha H. Horwitz

Samantha H. Horwitz, Head of Sales and Marketing

15:00 to 15:20 - Day One & Day Two

Analytics SEO

Analytics SEO

Competitive Benchmarking Analytics: How to secure the budget for your next SEO or Website Redesign Project

Laurence O’Toole, founder of (a SaaS based SEO Project Management Toolkit for agencies and in-house search marketers) and (a specialist website redesign agency) will share some findings from recent research and SEO analysis of 1,000 UK business websites.

Whether you are an in-house marketer or a digital agency selling SEO and website redesign solutions, this presentation will highlight some useful techniques, research stats and benchmarking data that you can use in your next budget presentation or client pitch.

Laurence O’Toole, Director -

15:30 to 15:50 - Day One

Syncapse Corp.

SocialTALK: Utilizing tools to manage and measure your social presence

Social Media is exploding with activity as marketers are rushing to create a presence for their brand on sites like Facebook and Twitter. But this comes at a price, as there are no tools for overall corporate governance or easy ways to consolidate key metrics without manual processes. SocialTALK is a tool to help marketers overcome these obstacles and make managing social media much easier.

Key Outcomes:

  • Understand key challenges in setting up social presences
  • How to manage your presence as efficiently as possible
  • How to report back to key decision makers
  • Case Studies

15:30 to 15:50 - Day Two

Syncapse Corp.

SocialTRAC: Utilizing the Social Web to Drive Consumer Insight

The Social Web has created a dearth of data, which is causes most marketers and and data miners to salivate over the opportunity to map consumer behaviour. Unfortunately, little has been done to take advantage of this as virtually no insights are being generated to build plans or understand the impact of their marketing efforts. SocialTRAC is a measurement process that analyzes social behaviours and produces actionable insights.

Key Outcomes:

  • Understand the opportunities that the social web offers.
  • Turn data into actionable insights.
  • Avoid the pitfalls that most companies succumb to
  • Case Studies

16:00 to 16:20 - Day One only


Online Data Meets Enterprise Data

Companies have a lot of data, They've been collecting customer information for decades and online data for years. Putting the two together holds a great deal of promise but has proven to be challenge for most organisations. This session will highlight not only the obvious value from integrating data, but also map out some of the challenges a business can face.

Speaker, Christian Howes, is the Head of Solutions engineering EMEA in the solutions team at Webtrends. He specialises in web analytics, data integrations, and social media analysis. Christian can be found tweeting interesting social media snippets under the guise of drcasio. Prior to joining Webtrends he worked in the web analytic field for a number of years for brands such as Which?, Panasonic and Sony Playstation where he worked on business critical projects such as the PSP download shop launch and the PS3 launch. Christian started life as an analytical chemist and during this 4 year scientific period worked for Unilever and Eli Lilly. His spare time is taken up with his 3 children, a lawn that never behaves, BBQ and not enough exercise.

Christian Howes, Head of solutions engineering EMEA, Webtrends

Expo Hall Hours
Tuesday 27 November
9:30am to 5:30pm

Wednesday 28 November
9:00am to 5:30pm

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