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eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit
London UK 2010
UTalkMarketing Masterclass



Wednesday 19th May 9:30am to 4:30pm


The Ultimate Social Media and Measurement Masterclass

This comprehensive masterclass from UTalkMarketing will quickly equip you with all the necessary tools to effectively plan, run, measure and evaluate your social media campaigns.

The masterclass will give you a thorough overview of the ever-changing social media landscape, how to effectively plan and implement your strategy and how you can make money from social media. It also looks at measurement, so how best to evaluate success, how to maxamise your ROI, and what’s in store for the future of social media. The course is run by a recognised and influential spokesperson for the social media industry, Andrew Davis (ex MySpace guru).

Key learning outcomes:

  • Challenges and opportunities for social media marketers
  • The best social media monitoring tools and how to use them
  • The principles of effective social media
  • Key social media integration
  • Measurement and ROI
  • The future of social media

Andrew Davis

Andrew Davis, Former Marketing Manager for MySpace

When Andrew Davis first joined the UK’s thriving social media sector five years ago, he never imagined that his peers would now regard him as both a veteran and an expert. With both the media and industry insiders hailing Davis as an authority, his rise to success has been as rapid as the growth of the social networks he has come to represent.

The Guardian newspaper ranked Davis number 17 in its 2007 "Minority Report" - a countdown of the Top 30 most important ethnic minority contributors to the British media industry. He was the only entrant aged under 30..

Davis followed this up in 2008 by becoming the only person listed in both the prestigious Media Week Top "30 under 30" rundown of the most talented individuals in the UK and Broadcast magazine’s "Hot Shots" list of media insiders tipped for future success.

Davis’ media career began at the BBC 1Xtra, which he helped to launch, before being headhunted by MySpace in 2006. The social networking giant had just set up a UK division and needed a small team of specialists who could plan and deliver strategic marketing initiatives. As one of the first employees to join, Davis was involved in multiple parts of the business and displayed a natural passion for the challenging and competitive social media market.

Andrew has since established a training business dedicated to facilitating schools by working with their students and teaching social media. This led to his course being the 1st ever social media course assessed with GCSE English coursework. He is also a spokesperson for the social media industry, imparting his knowledge through presenting, mentoring and public speaking. Recent events and brands that Andrew has worked with includes BBC, The Guardian, Kiss FM and Channel 4.

Andrew also published his first ever Ebook called "The 10 Commandments of Music and Social Media" and can be found on his a popular blog site at


Expo Hall Hours
Tuesday 27 November
9:30am to 5:30pm

Wednesday 28 November
9:00am to 5:30pm

Co-Located with eMetrics: Conversion Conference London Predictive Analytics World London

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