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eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit
London UK, 30 Nov - 1 Dec, 2011

Agenda / Session Detail

Wednesday, November 30 | Thursday, December 1

Wednesday, November 30 - Day One

8.30 - 9.30


9.30 - 10.15

Keynote: The Human Side of Marketing Analytics

Jim Sterne, Founder, eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit

We have more data than we can integrate and more tools than we can manage. The raw material and the technology are abundant. But what about the human side of leveraging customer interaction information? How does an analyst start with customer data and end up with customer insights? Jim offers some thinking about thinking, some insights into the creation of insights and some practical advice about applying yourself and managing others in this data-driven but highly creative world.

10.15 - 10.45

Diamond Sponsor Session: Delivering Relevant Multi-Channel Experiences to Drive Business Results. The Marketing Optimization Story at American Express

Paula Despins, Vice President, Digital Analytics, American Express
Deno Fischer, Senior Executive, Accenture Interactive

As customer needs and behaviors continue to evolve and marketing channels expand and change, it’s critical for marketers to understand the offers, communication and overall experience that motivates a potential customer to act. Accenture and American Express have partnered to drive an increase in acquisition across all digital channels by delivering the right experience to the right customer at the right time. Additionally, through data driven exercises, American Express have been able to identify new customer segments that can be targeted for greater relevance, as well as discover impactful and widely applicable learnings that have been used across business units and products.

Please join a panel discussion hosted by Accenture and American Express. Learn how they have partnered together to help American Express achieve their strategic goals, mitigate their digital challenges and leverage data to make key business decisions.

10.45 - 11.15

Optimising Anonymous Users

Tom Betts, Head of Web Analytics, Financial Times

Anonymity distinguishes much of the web analytics industry from traditional BI or customer analytics. Today's hot topics are data integration and the combination of all of these disciplines. There are still a number of web owners (especially in media) who don't have the customer data to integrate with their web data. This presentation will focus on techniques for building and deploying predictive analytics aimed at anonymous users e.g. to be used in marketing, to encourage purchase or to increase on-site engagement.

11.15 - 11.45

Coffee Break

11.45 - 12.30

Behaviour, Voice and Value: Leveraging Consumer Engagement Models

Ross Jenkins, Vice President of Analytics, RAPP New York

What is the measurable business value of a tweet? Testimonial? Or single Video View? Beyond simple clickstream reports how do we truly quantify the incremental value of digital experiences over time? Ross addresses these difficult and nagging problems of digital measurement by applying the use of marketing sciences and predictive response modelling. Ross delivers a proven, statistical method for integrating survey response and historical site interactions bridging the gap between online behaviour and offline action. His case study demonstrates the actual step-through process for constructing and validating cross channel measures of consumer engagement. Ross sheds light on the necessary tools, processes and methods for leveraging anonymous site usage to prioritise optimisation efforts and improve content merchandising.

12.30 - 12.35

Celebrus Technologies

Gold Sponsor Session: Because customers are individuals

Katharine Hulls, VP Marketing, Celebrus Technologies Ltd

Celebrus delivers detailed, complete data in real-time on individual online customers’ current and past behaviours, experiences and transactions with websites, mobile devices and rich media applications.

What impact can this individual online customer data have on your business?

12.35 - 1.45 • Exhibition Hall


1.45 - 2.30

Confessions of a Conversion Rate Optimiser

Bryan Eisenberg, Professional Speaker, Best Selling Author, Consultant

With three best-selling books and more than 15 years of conversion optimization experience under his belt, Bryan Eisenberg is legendary for his work is persuasion architecture, persona development and conversion rate optimization. In this tell-all keynote, he reveals the intimate secrets that few insiders ever get to hear. Glimpse into the history of CRO and understand what will happen to this discipline in the future. Learn from almost two decades of successes and failures -- why Bryan thinks most marketers are still in the dark ages in terms of conversion and testing, and how his simple three-step formula has streamlined the testing process for some of the most successful companies on the web. If time permits, we put Bryan in the hotseat when he opens up the session for a no-holds-barred question and answer period that could transform the way you think about online marketing.

2.30 - 3.15

A Customer Experience Measurement Framework Mark Twain Would Love

Neil Mason, Consultancy Director, Foviance

With site-centric data, mobile data, user-generated data... how do you manage and structure it all in a way that tells a story? Neil maps out a coherent measurement framework that helps a business understand the relationship between metrics. Whether or not you use a framework from the HEART (happiness, engagement, adoption, retention, and task success), you must gather a wide variety of data and apply proper rigour and coherence to the effort. You must also heed the words of Mark Twain when he said, "All generalizations are false, including this one," and "It's no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense."

3.15 - 4.00 • Exhibition Hall

Coffee Break

4.00 - 4.45

Uncovering the True Value of Your Web Real Estate

Marcus Missen, Head of Fundraising Strategy, NSPCC
Heath Podvesker, SVP, Managing Director, MarketShare

Despite only 3% of donations fulfilled through their website, the NSPCC found 10% of all offline donations came as a result of having a website. That statistic alone ensured that there is continued investment in the site to keep the content timely and relevant. The ability to track the value of all marketing efforts is paramount and this session reveals learnings for both non-profit and for-profit organisations of all sizes.

4.45 - 5.30

Applying Web Analytics to Business Optimisation

Annette Leeke, Web Analytics Manager, LV=

Delivering a web analytics and optimisation strategy can be a triumph in itself but how do you maximize value from digital insight to drive business performance? In identifying key drivers for successes that add business value, measured in both customer experience and profit, LV= have leveraged web analytics to increase overall business performance. Applying knowledge from digital analytics to other areas of the business, we can help develop our products and services and optimise how our customers do business with us.

5.30 - 8.30

Drinks & DDBW Awards

Join us for a drinks reception in the exhibition hall. Network with your peers from across the three DDBW conferences(Conversion Conference, eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit and Predictive Analytics World) and ECMOD, the Europe's largest and most influential forum for catalogue, home shopping and multi-channel businesses.

After the drinks reception join us at the ECMOD /DDBW Award Ceremony. We have a limited number of tickets to give away from registration on a first come first served basis.


Thursday, December 1 - Day Two

8.00 - 9.00 • Exhibition Hall


9.00 - 9.45

Meaning Based Marketing - Testing You Wish You Could Do Too

Craig Sullivan, Group eBusiness Customer Experience Manager, Belron

With increased pressure on marketing budgets, dramatic increases in information from social media, and an emphasis on measurable online techniques, marketers now need to understand changing visitor needs, behaviours and preferences in real-time in order to boost website conversion rates, leads and sales. Craig shares his years of experience with A/B split testing and multivariate testing and gets specific to show how he has dramatically boosted click-through rates and online revenues for many of the UK’s leading websites.

9.45 - 10.30

Measuring Your Organisation's Web Analytics Maturity

Stephane Hamel, Director, Strategic Services, Cardinal Path

Back by popular demand, Stephane steps back from traditional web analytics tactics and looks at the key drivers of successful analytics practices. From the essence of analytics (driving business success) to the most optimal and realistic approach to web analytics, Stephane presents the Online Analytics Maturity Model; a holistic approach being adopted by practitioners, consultants and vendors worldwide as an effective approach to optimising your online marketing optimisation practices.

10.30 - 11.00 • Exhibition Hall

Coffee Break

11.00 - 11.45

Worst Case Scenario

Steen Rasmussen, Senior Parter, IIH Nordic
Ivan Bager, Web Analytics Manager, Nordea

Learn from the worst as Steen and Ivan take you on an entertaining tour through the classic mistakes, bloopers and accidents which traditionally pollute even the most sophisticated online marketing optimisation strategy. They provide a clear picture of what to avoid to get the most out of you online marketing; How the wrong data quality in your web analytics installation can make decision making impossible; How the wrong internal communication efficiently can prevent any progress on your projects. This isn't another presentation on best practices -- it's about all the obstacles that can prevent you from getting there.

11.45 - 12.30

How to Use Data to Drive Social Media Acceptance within your Organisation and Win Budget

Anna O'Brien, Director of Social Media, Greenlight

Marketing is all about resources and that means delivering proof to senior management that their money is well spent. So when first entering into any new marketing endeavour, leaders are naturally hesitant; social media is no exception. A new channel is a risk, filled with unfamiliar metrics and unproven results. How can your team show the impact of social media, build internal comfort and gain additional budget? Anna shows how to marry qualitative and quantitative data to show the benefits of social media in terms of financial, customer insight and retention. Learn how this approach to data collection and analysis can also be used to improve customer engagement, product research and development and competitor knowledge.

12.30 - 1.30 • Exhibition Hall


1.30 - 2.15

CRO Case Study: How and why Domino's Pizza adopted CRO techniques

Paul Francis, Head of Commercial Systems at Domino's Pizza Group

How many times have you presented to the board, for one of the Directors to turn round and say 'But my view is ....'. Introducing the concept of CRO was a first step we took to move away from personal opinions and subjective discussions to objective decisions informed by testing. Paul will take you through the journey Domino's Pizza has been on, also drawing on his time at Easy Jet to explain how best to sell in this approach to your organisation and how you can use it to optimise your website against business objectives.

2.15 - 2.20

Session Break

2.20 - 3.20

Driving Profitability in a Multichannel Ecosystem

James Perkins, New Data & Technology Project Manager, Shop Direct Group

James reveals how catalogue retailer Shop Direct Group (annual turnover in excess of £2.1 billion) creates a cross-channel customer data hub solution that allowed them to obtain a Single Customer View, that has delivered a step change in the relevancy of customer communication, and business performance. One-to-one customer communication based on individual online and offline activity is now transforming the performance of email, direct marketing and telemarketing campaigns. Shop Direct, the UK's largest mail order company and 4th largest retailer has seen remarkable results by integrating online data into the warehouse and making it part of their customer contact strategy. The company can now dynamically personalise emails based on behaviour. The result is more efficient and cost-effective communication with return as much as ten-fold higher than before.

3.20 - 3.45 • Exhibition Hall

Coffee Break

3.45 - 4.45

Privacy, Cookies and the Future of Web Business

Vicky Brock, Highland Business Research
Dr. Simon Miller, Head of Telecoms Regulation and E-Privacy, Department for Culture, Media and Sport
Dave Evans, Group Manager, ICO - Information Commissioner's Office
Brian Clifton, Author & CEO, Advanced Web Metrics

Web measurement, marketing and online business practices depend on some sort of tracking capability. Politics depends on satisfying the needs of the public. When commerce and public interest clash, sparks fly. What is a web analytics practitioner to do when you need a cookie to remember whether you can use a cookie? What is the law and how does one comply practically? Vicky, the UK based director of the Web Analytics Association moderates the discussion between leaders in the analytics field and the political realm to create a balanced and constructive discussion. Dr. Miller represents the policy side of the equation while Brian Clifton speaks for the analytics industry. Sparks or no, this session will be illuminating.

4.45 - 5.30

Getting Practical, Tactical and a Bit Strategic

Dave Chaffey, Director Marketing, Smart Insights
Matthew Tod, CEO, Logan Tod
Steve Jackson, Chief Analytics Officer, Kwantic

Combined, Dave, Matthew and Steve have 39 years of online marketing experience. They have written books, founded consultancies and helped untold thousands of people come to grips with distinguishing the interesting from the useful. Each will share their review of the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, their perspectives on where we are headed technically, socially and politically as an industry. Then, and most important, these gentlemen will be at your disposal for Q&A.


End of Summit

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