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In a Class By Itself

San Francisco, March 13-18, 2011

Three sessions that defy classification but demand attention. Non-ecommerce metrics, serious search analytics and the metrics of the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit.

Moderator: Gregory Ng, Chief Experience Officer, Brooks Bell Interactive

Wednesday, March 16 • 10:30am - 11:15am • In a Class By Itself 1

Government & Non-Ecommerce Metrics

Alex Langshur, Founder and CEO, PublicInsite

Tired of hearing about improving the shopping cart experience when sales aren't the way you measure success? Alex shows you how integrating your CRM data with behavior data (web analytics) and intent data (search) can change the way you measure and monetize brand-based, lead-gen, non-profit and corporate communications web sites. Discover the lessons learned from those in your shoes who are trying to cascade the benefits of leveraging online analytics data throughout the organization, when many view the web as "non-core" to the business. Find out how to optimize your marketing when your 'customers' (consumers, leads and citizens) are "buying" an idea, a brand message, or product/issue knowledge.

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Wednesday, March 16 • 11:20am - 12:00pm • In a Class By Itself 2

Code of Data Ethics

Jim Dempsey, VP for Public Policy, Center for Democracy and Technology
John Lovett, Senior Partner, Web Analytics Association
Eric Peterson, CEO and Principal Consultant, Web Analytics Demystified
MeMe Jacobs Rasmussen, Chief Privacy Officer, Adobe
Melinda Driscoll, Manager of Digital Analytics, Best Buy

Marketing optimization is based on the analysis of customer data: demographics, purchase data, online behavioral data and a lot more. The growing influence of web analytics on society and the Internet, while mitigating the perception of potential negative consequences of analytics technology, is a challenge and a responsibility. As professional analysts, we must recognize and be committed to honesty, transparency and accountability in our work. If not, the public will rebel and demand that the government legislate. Join Eric (author of the Web Analyst's Code of Ethics), John (WAA advocate), Jim (protector of civil liberties and privacy), MeMe (Chief Privacy Officer) and Melinda (who may have the most to lose from legislation) as they discuss the threats to our industry both internal and external.

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Wednesday, March 16 • 2:15pm - 3:10pm • In a Class By Itself 3

eMetrics Case Studies or Doctor, Heal Thyself

Eric Feinberg, Industry Director, Content, Media & Entertainment, Foresee Results
Caleb Whitmore, Principal Consultant & CEO, Analytics Pros
David Karel, VP of Marketing, Bizo

You have been under the microscope. How did you hear about the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit? How did you find eMetrics.org website? How well were you able to navigate? What were the most important factors in your decision to come or to come back? How does eMetrics.org rate for customer satisfaction? How about the Summit itself? The eMetrics team has been working with a number of technologies and analysts to make the most of our online marketing. In this session, we'll look closely at classic web advertising, web analytics and customer satisfaction analysis with YOU as the test subject.

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