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eMetrics Marketing Labs

San Francisco, March 13-18, 2011

eMetrics Marketing Labs

Practitioners talk about how they are doing their work at their company. Consultants describe best practices. Vendors can only tell you so much in the short time you have at their booths in the exhibit hall. eMetrics Labs were designed to give you that up-close and personal look at how specific tools solve specific client problems. Select from three different business problem scenarios to see how the technology actually works. These are live demonstrations of technologies working together to solve real world challenges, offer real world answers, and take you behind the scenes to see how data and technology combine to achieve stunning results. eMetrics Marketing Labs are your quickest path to monetizing your eMetrics attendance and have been called the 'hidden gems' of eMetrics by previous attendees.

Monday, March 14 • 10:50am – 11:40am • Marketing Labs 1

Make Yourself Heard

Duff Anderson, VP, Research, iPerceptions

According to web analytics expert, Avinash Kaushik, large businesses should implement VoC analytics before any other type of online research. Before clickstream analytics. Before A/B testing. Before competitive intelligence.

Why? Because VoC analytics informs other research decisions by highlighting where the customer experience falls short and bringing the most pertinent issues to the forefront.

Join our lab on Monday, March 14, at 10:50 a.m. in the Analytics Insight Theater if you want to:

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Monday, March 14 • 3:30pm – 4:20pm • Marketing Labs 2

Four Steps Toward a More Harmonious Marriage of Customer Metrics

Moderator: Eric Feinberg, Industry Director, ForeSee Results
Panelist: Wealthy Desai, AT & T, Associate Director – att.com Analytics
Panelist: Kristina Jensen, Lead Online Marketing Manager – att.com Analytics
Panelist: Eric Rasmussen, Director of Research, Shutterfly

Many organizations are overwhelmed by streams of customer data from disconnected sources, which lead to a fragmented, distorted view of the customer experience. Aligning the metrics from the customers’ perspective gives the organization a truer picture of the health of customer relationships. This enables web analysts and marketers to identify concerns and opportunities and quantify their impact on the organization, to guide investment and resources to where they’ll have the greatest return. This Lab will focus on steps companies are taking to create a more comprehensive understanding of the customer experience, and how to share this insight with their organizations to guide operations, marketing and planning initiatives that forge stronger customer relationships.

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Tuesday, March 15 • 9:50am – 10:40am • Marketing Labs 3

How to Stop Annoying Your Customers

Retha Keyser, Business Development Manager, SAS Customer Intelligence Global Practice
Peter Kear, VP Sales & Marketing, IS Solutions PLC

Customer relationships are like personal relationships - what you put in is what you get out. You both have a role to play, but as a company you have to make extra efforts to show you care about and value your customers.

But many companies stick to routines... create monotony... and continuously confuse and annoy their customers. By failing to plan and operate in sync, individual departments vie for a customer's attention, and ultimately only highlight the company's lack of focus on the customer relationship. Fortunately, customer analytics employed as a business strategy, offers a new and better approach.

In today's multi-channel digital world, customer stories are told on your Web site, on the phone with your call center, in person, and on social media. Customer analytics allow leading organizations to stay in touch with, and respond to, these stories. By aligning and timing content and means of communicating with your customers in an effective way, you show that you've listened, heard and understand what your customers want.

Take the first step to stop annoying your customers by joining SAS, the leader in business analytics, and IS Solutions, a leader in online managed services, to learn how companies solve these complex challenges and gain value by valuing their customers.

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