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Marketing Optimization Clinics

San Francisco, March 13-18, 2011

Strategy and theory are critical, but there's nothing like getting tactical and practical to get the job done. These Clinics are a ground-level view of making the most with your data. Whether you are choosing goals, wrestling with data or redesigning your whole website, our Clinicians are on hand to get specific and help you with your individual situation. Some require homework and some are come-as-you-are but all of them are taught by people who have been there, done that and know how to help others. All of them received top scores from the previous audience and are back by popular demand.

Wednesday, March 16 • 1:00pm - 1:50pm • Marketing Optimization Clinics 1

Does It Blend? Automating an Excel Mash Up and Delivery Process

Joshua Katinger, President, Accession Media
Victoria Grey, Web Insights and Analytics Manager, Dolby Laboratories

One of the biggest challenges today for the business analytics practitioner is disparate data sources, and report delivery. Outside of large, complicated, and expensive business intelligence systems, most practitioners are stuck with cutting and pasting data from multiple sources into one or multiple (in the case of agencies) Excel documents, and then emailing those reports out to a list of stakeholders. In this session Josh and Victoria show internal analytics managers or agencies how to merge Google Analytics data, Google Adwords data, and natural search rankings and automate the regular delivery of those reports using Shufflepoint.

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Wednesday, March 16 • 1:00pm - 1:50pm • Marketing Optimization Clinics 2

KPI Clinic, The Doctors Are In

June Li, Founder and Managing Director, ClickInsight
Stéphane Hamel, Principal, immeria
Angie Brown, Web Analyst, IBM

There's much talk about KPIs and how they need be relevant to business outcomes, be few in number and drive action. But many people struggle putting the strategy into practice. Submit your KPI's and your strategy problems and let the Doctors diagnose your situation. Three leading marketing metrics experts will discuss what makes a good KPI and then offer advice, guidance and recommendations. Your KPI's will be on the examining table if you submit them in advance (by February 15) to KPI@ClickInsight.com .

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Wednesday, March 16 • 1:00pm - 1:50pm • Marketing Optimization Clinics 3

10 Techniques in 50 Minutes Clinic - Using Web Analytics to inform Website Redesigns

Mark Ryan, VP of Client Services, and COO, Extractable

This session reveals how organizations are using web analytics and digital research tools to significantly improve in-site conversion using quick redesigns. Recent changes to the sites of SanDisk, Charles Schwab, and TRUSTe illustrate effective techniques for advancing information architecture, wireframes, graphic design, landing page strategies, content development, and integration with social media networks. Using KPIs and supporting analytics to inform each deliverable, this session will reveal how these techniques have driven double- and triple-digit growth in conversion goals such as lead generation, ecommerce, and visitor loyalty.

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