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Media Optimization Track

San Francisco, March 13-18, 2011

Publishers, advertisers, agencies and advertising networks ponder a different realm of imponderables. How valuable is a click? How do you measure a visit? When can you claim a view-through? How do you reach your audience and drive brand equity? This track looks at advertising optimization, marketplace research, brand metrics and customer data exchanges.

Moderator: Andy Fisher, EVP Global Data & Analytics Director, Starcom MediaVest

Monday, March 14 • 11:00am – 12:00pm • Media Optimization 1

The Known Unknowns About Digital Media Measurement

Andy Fisher, EVP Global Data & Analytics Director, Starcom MediaVest

The Internet may be our most measureable medium but our measurement methods are still behind traditional media in some important ways. This is a constant challenge for large brand advertisers trying to shift traditional media dollars to digital. Andy peers into some of the gaps between digital and traditional to shine a light on what the digital industry can - and must - do to achieve an integrated measurement structure.

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Monday, March 14 • 4:00pm – 4:50pm • Media Optimization 2

The Dilemma of Data Driven Audiences

Dennis Bradley, Director, Web Analytics, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc
Shari Cleary, Vice President, Digital Media Research for Entertainment and Games, MTV Networks
Colin Coleman, Ph.D., Sr. Director Data Strategy, Turner Broadcasting
Jon Ingalls, General Manager, Blue Kai

With the rise of behavioral targeting and data driven exchanges, slices of a given publisher's viewers are siphoned off to a wide variety of buyers. So, how do you know you're reaching the audience you thought you paid for? In an era of data based cookie level media buying, is website audience measurement still meaningful? Publishers, advertisers and audience measurement consumers debate the state of play and how audience measurement needs to change for the new era.

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Monday, March 14 • 5:00pm – 6:00pm • Media Optimization 3

Equitable Brand Equity Measurement

Jason Harper, Vice-President, Analytics & Marketing, Organic
Peter Sanborn, Web Analytics and BI Manager, Microsoft
Steve Tobias, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, MarketShare

Even without the advent of the Internet - much less social - calculating the value of branding media is complicated at best. Generating awareness, investing in driving brand attributes and raising positive brand sentiment must have concrete metrics to justify costs. Our panel brings their best practices, best efforts and best guesses to the table to reveal how brand equity is calculated these days. Learn from the perspective of the brand owner (Microsoft), the brand champion (Organic) and the brand measurer (Marketing Management Analytics).

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