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Mobile Marketing Metrics

San Francisco, March 13-18, 2011

It's in your customers' pockets: Instant access, instant gratification and instant response... but how do you measure the wide variety of ways people can use a mobile device to shop, compare, buy and seek service? "The year of mobile marketing" may have arrived while you weren't watching. This track looks at mobile from the top down (mobile measurement strategy), from the inside out (mobile web & apps metrics) and from the outside in to help you analyze your mobile marketing ROI.

Moderator: Greg Dowling, VP, Mobile Strategy & Measurement, Semphonic

Tuesday, March 15 • 11:15am – 12:00pm • Mobile Marketing Metrics 1

Mobile Measurement Strategy

Greg Dowling, Vice President of Mobile Strategy & Measurement, Semphonic

Greg took his knowledge of the analytics world from his work at Jupiter Research as a Senior Analyst, his time as Vice President of Strategy and Analysis at Digitas and his experience as Head of Analysis at Nokia and developed a mobile analytics Strategy, with a 'big S'. All too often organizations take a backwards approach to developing a mobile product offering and begin with a technology decision rather than a strategic plan. Success in mobile demands a systematic approach that begins with understanding your customers mobile usage, determining your product suitability to a mobile offering, defining your business objectives, and evaluating your level of commitment. Greg comes back to eMetrics for the umpteenth time to share his systematic approach to mobile strategy and measurement.

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Tuesday, March 15 • 2:00pm - 2:45pm • Mobile Marketing Metrics 2

Best Practices in Optimizing for the Mobile Web

Mike Brown, Vice President, Optimization, VEGAS.com
Breanna Wigle, eCRM Marketing Manager, Military Advantage (Military.com)

Mobile users accessing the web are on the rise as both VEGAS.com and Military.com recently discovered. Mike and Breanna discuss how they have leveraged mobile as part of their marketing strategies and what they’re doing to optimize their mobile web initiatives. Learn how VEGAS.com’s recent mobile testing and targeting have improved a number of KPIs, including a double-digit lift in conversion rates and how Military.com is rolling out their mobile optimization initiatives. Learn what you can do to improve the user experience, make your mobile website stickier, and increase conversions.

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Tuesday, March 15 • 5:00pm - 6:00pm • Mobile Marketing Metrics 3

Mobile Apps Marketing Metrics

Steve Eisenberg, Media Resource Networks
Joe Megibow, VP, Global Analytics and Optimization, Expedia (invited)
Bob Page, VP, Analytics, eBay

Web analytics parallel mobile analytics when it comes to visits to your website via a mobile device. But mobile applications are a different story. Measuring downloads is a snap - measuring interactivity, engagement and customer delight is another story. Our panel discusses that wide variety of determining the value of this new form of marketing software and explores that age old question about mobile marketing analytics: Is there an app for that?

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