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2016Closing Date for Submissions
San Francisco – 2016Closed
Chicago – 2016Closed
New York – 2016February 19, 2016
The eMetrics Summit was made famous for its focus on clickthroughs, pageviews and revenues. But measuring website success is only a piece of a much broader range of subject matter.The eMetrics Summit is going deeper. We're looking for presentations, especially case studies, on the variety of marketing optimization tools and techniques.
  • How can I get the most out of my marketing with the least investment?
  • What are the best tools and techniques for optimizing all of my marketing?
  • How can web intelligence help me run my company?
  • How can we confirm our most valuable customers?
  • How do I calculate the ROI of personalization?
  • How can I spend less, make more and increase customer satisfaction?
  • How do I establish a marketing metrics baseline?
  • How do I correlate offline and online measurements?
  • How can I leverage big data to deliver insight and drive action?
  • How can I understand visitor behaviour across multiple devices?
  • How do I connect customer satisfaction data with customer behavior data?
  • How do I compare online to other channels of acquisition and distribution?
  • How do I change a corporate culture to embrace marketing experimentation?
This year, above all, this audience wants to know how to
  • Optimize Tactical Programs, Testing and Tools
  • Optimize Marketing Intelligence through Integration
  • Optimize B to B and Considered Decision Marketing
  • Optimize Government and Nonprofit Websites
  • Optimize Search and Social Media Marketing Programs
  • Optimize Multi-Channel and Multi-Device Marketing
  • Optimize Advertising Spend
  • Optimize Their Marketing Careers

A Note to Vendors

Vendors are invited to present at specific times in conjunction with specific sponsorships. This is the only way to grow the number of attendees.As we discovered over the years, people remain *very* interested in improving their marketing and enjoy meeting in person to learn how. But they are more and more wary of vendors. It's sort of sad, because vendors often know more than the practitioners who use their software.It serves everybody best if there are more practitioners (potential buyers) than vendors. And nothing attracts them more than the promise of hearing other practitioners give presentations. Therefore, we are actively seeking your best-known clients as speakers - and if they happen to sing your praises, all the better!The criteria I look for are:
  • A Well Known Brand Name
    • Everybody wants to know what Coke and Nike are doing.
  • A Great Story to Tell
    • That first one is more important - people want to know if they are out ahead of the Name Brands. But if there's a great story - like we've had from Coke, Dell, eBay, Expedia, Nokia, etc. - then people are thrilled at the learning that takes place.
  • A Great Presenter
    • Bonus! Again, like the examples above, we've seen some really great presentations because the individuals are great story tellers and are truly passionate about what they do. If one of your clients is a good story teller, boy do I have a stage for them!
So please reach out to your clients and ask them to come here and fill out the Call for Speakers form. And please do it soon. Note the Submission Deadlines and encourage them to get on the list sooner rather than later.Note: As a sponsor, your session will be clearly identified as a sponsor presentation. Some of our highest rated speakers fall into this category because they teach, rather than sell and they have a booth.Final note: I know you have talented speakers on staff who will not give a sales pitch. But if I allow one vendor to speak without a sponsorship, the others will haul me outside and beat me to a pulp. Thanks for understanding.Hope to see you at the next eMetrics Summit.
Jim Sterne

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