Mastering the Digital Analytics Process

San Francisco, Sunday, April 14, 2013 • Room: Salon 3 & 4

The lack of a systematic, proven methodology is the biggest impediment to developing a culture of digital analytics within organizations*. If you have more work than you can handle, more data than can possibly be analyzed, no management buy-in and you struggle to deliver good quality analysis and insight then this workshop is for you!

* Score of 1.5 out of 5 based on 234 opted-in Online Analytics Maturity self-assessments filled between December 2011 and December 2012.

Instructor: Leading the workshop – Stéphane Hamel – named one of the most influential contributors by the Digital Analytics Association, author of the Online Analytics Maturity Model (OAMM), international speaker, teacher of digital analytics classes at Laval University (Québec-city), Director of Strategic Services at Cardinal Path.
Program: Will cover:

  • An efficient and proven five step process to conduct analysis based on Lean Six Sigma
  • Address all aspects from stakeholder requirement gathering all the way through effective communication of insights
  • Hands-on exercises and takeaways
  • Pre- and post-workshop activities and follow-up
Workshop Schedule: 9:00am to 4:30pm

Workshop Description:

Preliminary to attending the workshop, participants will be invited to complete an Online Analytics Maturity self-assessment and share some of the challenges they are facing. The workshop will kick-off with a review of those results and adapt the agenda based on the feedback received.

We will address the needs and necessity for a solid and proven problem solving and improvement methodology and how it can be perfectly suited for the digital analytics function. You will learn about the fundamentals and which approaches are best suited to conduct efficient analysis and engage stakeholders in the process.

At the end of this workshop, you will have learned:

  • A method for strategic evaluation of your current and desired digital analytics situation.
  • How to leverage the six critical process areas of a data driven organization as demonstrated by the Online Analytics Maturity Model (OAMM).
  • A systematic approach as well as tips & tricks to define realistic objectives aligned with your business…how to measure & achieve them!
  • How to leverage Lean Six Sigma concepts in order to become an analyst super-star.
  • How to communicate effectively, be a change agent and overcome political storms.
  • Learn from several real-life examples, failures & successes.

Who Should Attend?

The course is specifically designed for analysts of all backgrounds and levels of experience who want to become change agents in their organization, as well as digital marketers and managers who want to leverage digital analytics. The workshop is best suited to:

  • Digital analysts and managers
  • Marketing and online marketing managers
  • E-commerce managers
  • Directors
  • IT directors and managers


  • No knowledge of web analytics or a specific web analytics solution is required
  • No knowledge of statistics or technology is required
  • Interest for digital strategies and measuring success is a must!

Workshop schedule

  • Introduction: the Online Analytics Maturity Model
    • Pre-workshop task: self-assessment of your current digital analytics capabilities
    • Overview of the OAMM concept and results
    • Description of each of the six critical process areas
  • Analysis fundamentals
    • Brief overview of the origins of the methodology
    • Understand how digital analyst can leverage this methodology
    • Intro to the continuous improvement process
    • Task: business objectives vs online objectives
  • Drilling down on the analysis process: Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control
    • Define: setting the foundation & getting everyone on the same page
      • Revisiting SMART Objectives
      • Defining roles & responsibilities with a RACI matrix
      • Using Affinity diagrams
      • Mapping processes with BPMN
    • Measure: high-level analysis
      • Identifying data sources and coping with data quality challenges
      • Learn what your web analytics tool won’t do for you…
      • Using histograms, Pareto, trends and control limits
    • Analyze: find patterns and correlations
      • Asking the right questions: 5-Why
      • Regression analysis
      • Multiplicity for greater insight
    • Improve: putting your creative skills at work!
      • Brainstorming
      • A/B and multivariate testing
      • Kaizen & revisiting BPMN
    • Control: KPIs and sharing insights
      • Control plan
      • Effective communication through dashboards
      • Metrics are political…
    • Tasks: several hands-on exercises throughout!
  • Conclusion
    • Make your job better and more rewarding
    • Wrapping up
    • Big Data & the future of the digital analyst
  • The workshop is filled with anecdotes, tips & tricks gleaned throughout over 25 years of experience, the last 20 spent working on dozens of online projects strategies and hands on digital analytics experience.

    Course material

    Presentation hands out with annotations and exercises.

    Additional info

    Visit the Online Analytics Maturity section on

    Read the “Lean Six Sigma for Digital Analysts” and other articles on

    Workshop Instructor

     Stéphane Hamel

    Stéphane Hamel

    Director, Strategic Services, Cardinal Path

    Stéphane Hamel has been named one of the most influential industry contributors by the Digital Analytics Association. With over twenty years’ experience empowering organizations to analyze and optimize their online channels, Stéphane has cemented his position as a leading voice for online analytics and optimization.

    Innovator, speaker and renowned consultant, Stéphane holds an MBA in eBusiness from Laval University (Québec City) where he teaches a graduate class on web analytics.

    He is Director of Strategic Services at Cardinal Path, where his responsibilities include creating innovative company-wide solutions and digital measurement strategies to deliver maximum value and insight for Cardinal Path clients.

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