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Managing a data driven organization takes political, technical and personal knowledge and talent. Some of the biggest and most successful brands in the world step up to the podium and reveal how they make it happen, what challenges they face and their vision for the future. Learn how to create an analytics focused organization, how to slice through the silos and how to account for multi-channel marketing, marketing mix modeling and brand equity measurement. Whether you want to make your organization more data-driven or just keep your ducks in a row, the eMetrics Summit keynoters deliver insights for managing those who optimize.

Monday, March, 17, 9:00am – 10:00am •Room: Golden Gate B

Driving Radical Transformation: A Report from the Front

Avinash  Kaushik

Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist, Google

It turns out data is not the problem. Not even close. The problem is much more complex (organization design, people, culture, and then some) and at the same time much simpler (it’s an influence problem). The author of Web Analytics 2.0 and Web Analytics: An Hour A Day and blogger of Occam’s Razor shares lessons learned and strategies discovered from his efforts to get the world’s largest organizations to think smart and move fast when it comes to digital analytics.

Monday, March, 17, 10:30am – 11:10am •Room: Golden Gate B

8 Analytics Trends that CMOs Should Pay Attention to in 2014

John Lucker

John Lucker, Global Advanced Analytics & Modeling Market Leader, Deloitte Consulting

Few areas of business today are changing faster than where and how analytics are being used. Turn your head for a second and—boom—you’re falling to the back of the pack. While CMOs often set the bar when it comes to the why and how of analytics, big data, visualization, predictive modeling and new technologies have created tons of data-driven opportunities for CMOs to take advantage of. Which ones are most important? John Lucker discusses 8 analytics trends that CMOs should be paying attention to in 2014 that can deliver tangible, timely value for their business.

Tuesday, March, 18, 9:00am – 9:50am •Room: Golden Gate B

Omnichannel Retailing and the Connected Customer at Macys.com

Christopher Hogan

Christopher Hogan, Director of Marketing Analytics, Macys.com

The explosive growth of smartphones and tablets has given rise to new paths to purchase across devices and has led to the blurring of physical and digital sales channels. This session will examine the omnichannel customer and how usage patterns are changing as customers utilize multiple devices to complete their shopping objectives. We will explore how omnichannel retailers are adapting to meet the needs of the connected customer, and we will discuss data fragmentation and the analytics challenges with understanding usage across devices and multiple site versions.

Tuesday, March, 18, 4:15pm – 5:00pm •Room: Golden Gate B

Mobile Mix Modeling, Attribution and Change Management

Rick LarkinSuvro Goswami

Rick Larkin, Vice President of Strategy, MarketShare
Suvro Goswami, Head of Marketing Strategy & Analytics, Motorola Mobility

Motorola has spent two and a half years revamping their macroeconomic and daily buzz data models in order to generate market-level and channel-specific insights from category spend to testing marketing creative. Rick and Suvro outline their top-down and bottom-up approach to the data, the technology and the people put in place to generate fresh insights to drive the business. But even when your company is owned by the most data-oriented organization on Earth (Google), the art and science of analytics still depends on the art and science of culture and change management. This is a big story of big companies making the most of big data.

Wednesday, March, 19, 9:10am – 10:00am •Room: Golden Gate B

What Do “They” Know about You?

Phil MuiAurélie PolsAdi Kamdar

Phil Mui, IAB Board of Directors, Chief Product & Engineering Officer, Acxiom
Aurélie Pols, Pan-European Privacy & Digital Analytics Specialist; Co-Founder & Chief Visionary Officer, Mind Your Privacy
Adi Kamdar, Activist, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Advertisers are collecting as much data as possible in order to sell finely targeted audiences to corporations. Privacy advisors are monitoring data protection legislation around the world. Privacy advocates are trying to wake up the populace to the continuous loss of civil liberties. Marketers are just trying to use the best tools to sell more stuff without alienating the public. Are we inured to privacy issues now that the NSA knows when we sneeze or are we even more sensitive about it now? Our esteemed panel looks at data from the consumer perspective, the marketing perspective and the legal perspective.

Wednesday, March, 19, 4:20pm – 5:10pm •Room: Golden Gate B

Measuring the Unmeasurable: Econometrics Magic in Advertising

Sid Shah

Sid Shah, Director of Analytics, Adobe

In an increasingly multiscreen world it is increasingly difficult to understand individual consumer behavior across devices and offline. Without direct measurements, it appears to be impossible to measure these effects. Enter econometric methods which solve many of these problems elegantly. Drawing on the work of a handful of Nobel laureates, Sid presents several applications of econometric methods in advertising, from measuring online-offline interaction and attribution to media mix modeling. Apart from presenting a general framework, Sid provides the proof with results of several case studies.

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