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eMetrics StrategyFrom marketing mix modeling to managing your career
While other eMetrics tracks get functional, this track looks at your corporate analytics strategy: Understanding modeling and attribution, optimizing your optimization program, protecting customer privacy and mastering the art of meaningful scorecards and dashboards. You’ll also explore insights about career path options, hiring guidance and how to communicate insights better so you are more influential.

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Monday, March, 17, 11:25am – 12:10pm •Room: Salon 3 & 4

Establishing a Digital Analytics Center of Excellence

John Lovett, Senior Partner, Web Analytics Demystified

John Lovett

While it’s easy to put out a shingle and claim you’re “excellent” at analytics, standing up a “Center of Excellence” that can deliver a company-wide capability for analytics at any scale is no small task. It requires careful planning, diligent process and ongoing governance and missteps in the process can result in data distrust and actually stop organizations from becoming data driven. John explores the critical components of building and sustaining a solid digital analytics program to ensure that a Center of Excellence is truly excellent. A veteran consultant and longtime industry analyst, John draws on his extensive experience to reveal secrets and best practices that apply to anybody facing this challenge.

Monday, March, 17, 1:40pm – 2:25pm •Room: Salon 3 & 4

Analytics Strategy on a Shoestring

Dana Todd, Chief Marketing Officer, Aftermath

Dana Todd

Many smaller businesses don’t have the resources or, frankly, the need to understand data at the “Big Data” scale – they need the right data and the right insights to improve performance. The rise of powerful, open source, nearly-free tools and open, online education tools means that any business can build a top-shelf analytics team that can test, analyze and uncover business- building insights. Scott offers insights into diving into a more advanced, open-sourced analytics world. Then Dana (a true pioneer of online marketing) describes how she applies all of her knowledge and experience, and all the no-cost technology she could afford to her new role as CMO of a national service company that does crime scene and trauma cleanup that’s at square one from a digital marketing perspective. Want to know how to develop a strategy without a budget? You came to the right session.

Monday, March, 17, 2:30pm – 3:15pm •Room: Salon 3 & 4

4 Pillars of Amazon Success

Bryan Eisenberg, Marketing Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author, Advisor,

Bryan Eisenberg

Amazon.com did not start out knowing substantially more than most other businesses, but because it was willing to think ahead, develop data-driven technologies and push the boundaries of how best to do business on the web, it is now the largest online retailer. Amazon is ten years ahead of the curve and even leads strongly data-centric companies like Walmart. When people look for an example of how data centricity benefits business, they usually point first to Amazon as the gold standard of how an online retailer uses data to out-perform many of its competitors. Brian makes sure you understand how to use the four pillars behind Amazon’s success to make it your success as well.

Monday, March, 17, 3:55pm – 4:40pm •Room: Salon 3 & 4

Measuring Your Organization’s Web Analytics Maturity

Stéphane Hamel, Digital Analytics Thought Leader, Independent Consultant

Stéphane Hamel

Back by popular demand, Stéphane steps back from traditional web analytics tactics and looks at the key drivers of successful analytics practices. From the essence of analytics (driving business success) to the most optimal and realistic approach to web analytics, Stéphane presents the Online Analytics Maturity Model – a holistic approach being adopted by practitioners, consultants and vendors worldwide as an effective approach to optimizing your online marketing optimization practices.

Monday, March, 17, 4:45pm – 5:30pm •Room: Salon 3 & 4

Growth Hacking with Data

Piyanka Jain, Author of upcoming book, Behind Every Good Decision, and President & CEO, Aryng

Piyanka Jain

Discover a Global Measurement Framework and a formal Portfolio Analysis enable growth hacking in a multi-disciplinary approach combining the horse power of product management, traditional marketing and analytics. Learn to use base customer data and how they use products to build better experiences and drive engagement. The method to this madness starts with a set of vague hypotheses, leading to proven correlation and finally proven causation to take you from gross understanding of your business to detailed growth drivers. Piyanka covers these components in detail, along with the tools and techniques required and gotchas to look out for.

Wednesday, March, 19, 10:30am – 11:15am •Room: Salon 3 & 4

Analytics Framework and a Roadmap to a Data-Driven Culture

Feras Alhlou, President & Principal Consultant, E-Nor
Tony Stagg, Digital Analytics Lead, Covario

Feras AlhlouTony Stagg

Getting an organization to adopt a data-driven strategy is the first step. Getting them to change their ways is another matter. Most people are unwilling to take a first step without a clear destination, complete with waypoints and specific hotels booked months in advance. Tony has charted out the journey in advance so that even the most timid executives can feel confident that the next step forward is in the right direction. Next, Feras showcases how a Fortune 500 company created a measurement-driven culture when big data is thrown into the mix. He shares how they to embraced analytics as a culture and accomplished goals with limited resources and lack of education.

Wednesday, March, 19, 11:20am – 12:05pm •Room: Salon 3 & 4

Using Analytics to Inform Creative

Eli Singer, Founder and President, Entrinsic

Eli Singer

What if you turned the tables and, rather than measuring the results of promotional creative, optimizing after the fact through split or multivariate testing, used data to enlighten the creative process? What would happen if your creative team were analytical? Eli shares stories with case-studies of employing social media analytics to determine a more resonant and impactful take on prevalent social conversation, and turn that to emotional, promotional advantage.

Wednesday, March, 19, 1:30pm – 2:15pm •Room: Salon 3 & 4

Making Marketing Analytics More Relevant to the C-Suite

Laura Patterson, President and Co-Founder, VisionEdge Marketing

Laura Patterson

You’ve invested in collecting data, built numerous marketing models, established an analytics team, even developed a data governance process, but one of the biggest challenges for many marketers is how to translate the value of the data and associated insights into something meaningful to the C-Suite. According to the 12th annual Forrester/ITSMA/VEM study less than 10% of the C-Suite uses the data provided by marketing to make strategic decisions. Laura shares best-practices and practical tips on how to make Marketing and the Data more relevant to the C-Suite.

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