Mastering Google Tag Manager and Universal Analytics

San Francisco, Thursday, March 20, 2014
Room: Foothill D

Join master instructor Stéphane Hamel for this full-day hands-on workshop to gain practical insights into Universal Analytics (UA) and Google Tag Manager (GTM). Learn how these two tools work together seamlessly to improve the deployment and management of UA implementation. This is a master class that is a crash-course in the tips, techniques and secrets of these tools, their benefits and their synergies. You will learn:

  • A review of UA, it’s features and benefits;
  • GTM – what it is, how it works and why it is such an important addition to the Tag Management System space;
  • Why focusing on the trifecta of Tags, Rules & Macros is so important; and
  • The best practices in leveraging Google Tag Manager for Universal Analytics

Course Outline:
1. GTM: defining the role and importance of a Tag Management System
2. Understanding Tags, Rules and Macros: the classic “Hello World!” example
3. Setting up for success: the critical steps required to deploy UA through GTM effectively
4. Advanced tagging examples: link click listener, form listener, Youtube video tracking examples
5. How to handle all tags (and we mean any tag!) through GTM
6. Taking the guesswork out of migrating from Google Analytics classic: a step by step guide
7. Implementation best practice and quality assurance: development vs production, “preview & debug” and using WASP to conduct quality assurance
8. Class discussion, Q&A and wrap-up

Workshop Description:
The workshop will kick-off with a brief round-table discussion about the deployment state, type of site and common deployment scenarios. Participants are encouraged to send questions and expectations ahead of time so they can be addressed during the workshop.

Participants will be encouraged to follow-along by doing live activities with various levels of complexity.

Top three things you will have learned at the end of the workshop:
1. How GTM can support your tag management needs;
2. Best-practices for deploying UA via GTM
3. How to leverage UA advanced features to deliver improved data & insight

Who should attend:
The course is specifically designed for analysts new to the GTM or UA space who are seeking to understand more about it, as well as implementation specialists who have been tasked to deploy or migrate to Universal Analytics.


  • Participants should have achieved the GAIQ certification or completed Cardinal Path GA Training 201, 301 or equivalent;
  • Participants should have basic knowledge of JavaScript;
  • Participants should bring their laptop to do hands-on exercises

Workshop Schedule

Course Material:
Presentation hands out will be sent electronically ahead of the workshop

Stéphane Hamel, Director, Strategic Services, Cardinal Path

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