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eMetrics Clinics

San Jose, May 5, 4:25 - 5:15

Tracks & Workshops | Agenda at a Glance | Speakers | Pricing & Registration

eMetrics Clinics are your chance to get up
up close and personal with one of several world-
class experts in optimizing your website. Two lucky
companies will be selected to work with a leading
consultant to prepare for your live, on stage, 25 minute,
one-on-one session. If you are not selected, you can still learn more
in an hour than you would by reading a whole book just by watching
the interaction between the Consultant and the Client.

To be considered for a free guru-level consultation,
by April 3, 2009 and be willing to
participate in some prep work before showing up at the
eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit.

Which Clinic is Right for You?

Clinic 1: Conversion Immersion with Bryan Eisenberg

Bryan Eisenberg is the cofounder of Future Now (OTCBB: FUTR), an interactive marketing optimization firm. It helps businesses generate more engagements, leads, subscriptions, and sales by using its unique Persuasion Architecture. Future Now uncovers improvement opportunities and helps businesses integrate technology, creativity, and marketing talent to continuously improve marketing efforts. Bryan is publisher of popular marketing optimization blog GrokDotCom. He is co-author of the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, USA Today, and New York Times bestselling books Call to Action, Waiting For Your Cat to Bark, and Always Be Testing.

OK - that's the official language. Now a word from eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit founder and producer Jim Sterne...

“I've known Bryan Eisenberg for almost ten years and was honored when he called to ask me to co-found the Web Analytics Association. I learn more from him every time I talk to him. I always pick up another forehead-slapper - one of those obvious truths that make you say, ‘I knew that! (but not until you just told me).’ Bryan’s Persuasion Architecture, conversion optimization and persona-based design philosophy are proven - but more important, they are intuitively right on the money.

“If you get fifteen minutes of Bryan's attention focused on your website, your goals and your customers you will walk away with six months of 'obvious' things that need to be fixed. But don't take my word for it - baseline your website, put Bryan's suggestions into place and then measure the results. You might end up as the next case study on stage at the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit”

Clinic 2: Brand Signaling with Jim Novo

In a sea of similar web sites with look-alike offerings, often it is the intangible, emotional Brand Signals your web site sends that can make the difference between hitting the Back Button and the decision to spend time on the site. Longer term, mismatches between perception of your Brand and the Brand experienced through interaction with your company create emotional Friction and customer dis-Engagement. Is your online presence sending clear, desirable and consistent Brand Signals?

Jim Novo is a customer analysis consultant with a 25 year track record of generating exceptional returns on customer marketing program investments. As Vice President of Programming & Marketing at Home Shopping Network, Jim handled the integration of customer communications and marketing across the Television, Catalog, and Internet divisions. He authored the book, Drilling Down: Turning Customer Data into Profits with a Spreadsheet to teach managers how to increase sales while lowering marketing costs. Jim is co-author of The Marketer’s Common Sense Guide to e-Metrics with Bryan Eisenberg and co-Chair of the Education Committee for the Web Analytics Association.

Jim Sterne has seldom met such a clear thinker:

“Jim Novo is the master of common sense and is all business - but he's all about the math. His standard approach to marketing problems is to break them down into logical steps that can be tested, measured and optimized. He uses common concepts like recency and frequency and turns them into uncommon tools that immediately leverage customer acquisition, conversion and retention. He learned database marketing at his father's knee back before marketing people had every hear the word 'database'. Dad was just keeping lists on paper and running his business smarter than the competition.

“Jim has been around multichannel marketing for decades and everything he knows applies directly to online sales and marketing. He's the kind of guy who can take one look at your marketing and make game changing suggestions in a matter minutes. He has also been the backbone of the Web Analytics Association Education effort heading up the creation of the WAA's award winning online courses.”

Clinic 3: Your Baby Is Ugly: Landing Page Mini-Critiques with Tim Ash

Every landing page and website has significant problems. Landing page optimization expert and author Tim Ash gives you frank insights about how your conversion can be improved in a quick triage of your page. Bring your URL and check your ego at the door, or simply come and watch as other brave souls have their pages deconstructed in public.

Tim Ash is the President of SiteTuners.com, a leading landing page optimization firm. During his 14 year involvement with the Internet, Tim has worked with some of the most well-known companies in the worlds to develop successful Internet initiatives. Tim completed his M.S. during his PhD. studies in computer science at UCSD, specializing in Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence.

As the author of the bestselling book Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions (John Wiley & Sons Press, 2008) Tim really did ‘write the book’ on the subject.

Says eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit founder Jim Sterne:

“Tim has an infectious enthusiasm that hides how scary-smart he is. If you're looking to get up to speed on landing page optimization, this is the go-to guy with a big smile and an irresistible passion for getting the highest conversion rates out of your pages.”

Clinic 4: Can You Hear Them Now? Optimizing the Non-Ecommerce Website
with Alex Langshur

Running a website for a public agency or a non-profit?
How do you make your site sing and dance for your constituents?
Alex zeros in on ways to optimize this most important face of your organization
to facilitate the dialogue between you and your site visitors. He will provide
valuable, useful, tactical details you can use tomorrow.

You'll learn how to use objective and quantitative indicators linked with
strategic organizational objectives to assess and improve the quality and
efficiency of your website. Whether your site suffers from a dysfunctional
organizational structure, information architecture or user interface design,
Alex will bring his broad public sector experience to bear and reveal
your principal problems and obvious opportunities.

eMetrics and Web Analytics Association founder Jim Sterne has been impressed with Alex Langshur for years:

“Alex's knowledge about non-profit, public and issue-oriented websites goes deep and is based on a great deal of experience with web metrics, search engine optimization and expanding the dialogue between organizations and their site visitors.

“He's the most thoughtful web consultant around with an uncanny ability to see any issue from a dozen different angles and zero in on critical considerations, root causes, and core strengths and weaknesses. It's been a boon and a pleasure having his guidance on the Board of the Web Analytics Association.”

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