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San Jose, May 4-7, 2009

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Tuesday, May 5 • 9:00 - 9:45 am • Keynote 1

Jim Sterne, Target Marketing
A Time to Shine

When budgets get cut, each dollar has to go further and work harder. Most often considered a cost center, the stars are now aligned to turn Marketing into the department that can save the company, save the jobs and turn the economy around. The numbers are no longer just about advertising and conversion, promotions and lead generation or individual campaign optimization. The analysis is now about what customers want, how they respond, and what they will buy. This year, the marketing department can deliver on the promise of performance management. This year, marketing analysts can deliver actionable insights that lead to higher profits, lower costs and improved customer satisfaction. This year, marketing gets down to business. Jim Sterne, fifteen year veteran of online marketing strategy, opens the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit with a salute to data analysis and a solid game plan for how to deliver on the marketing metrics promise.

Tuesday, May 5 • 1:00 - 1:50 pm • Keynote 2

Mark Skidmore, Director, Advertising & Promotion,
Blue State Digital
Measuring the Success of a Movement - BarackObama.com

Blue State Digital lives in the world of online fundraising, advocacy, social networking, and constituency development programs for nonprofit organizations, political candidates and causes, and corporations. What have they done lately? Does barackobama.com ring a bell? Mark describes the metrics behind the movement and the calculations behind the execution. He shares the back story of the most successful online campaign in history and the lessons learned from helping many organizations spread ideas online.

Wednesday, May 6 • 9:00 - 9:50 am • Keynote 3

Greg Dowling, Head of Analysis, Nokia
Standardizing the Enterprise at Nokia

Greg Dowling has been driving Nokia’s effort to create a worldwide web analytics implementation standard. Faced with many web sites ranging from traditional phone sales and support to an array of integrated mobile application sites providing cutting-edge consumer integration, he’s been creating a measurement standard that would encompass the Nokia world and provide robust measurement to every Nokia property. Greg discusses why standardization has become such an important goal for Nokia and how their plans for using the data have driven the standards effort. He walks through the issues that make standardizing on measurement difficult in a large organization: the desire to balance consistency of data with site-level flexibility, the difficulties inherent in internationalization around language, currency, and geography, the necessity for handling multiple channels of data including mobile and mobile applications, and the art of supporting organizations with very different levels of sophistication and existing investment in measurement. Get the first-hand learnings from this challenging project to bring order to one of the most complex measurement environments in the world.

Wednesday, May 6 • 5:05 - 5:50 pm • Keynote 4

Joe Megibow, VP, Global Analytics and Optimization, Expedia
Customer Voice and Customer Experience – How to Listen, Learn and Provide What Your Customers Really Want

Back by Popular Demand - Joe was a favorite in Washington D.C. and is coming back to share more of his insights. This session examines how to let your customers tell you what they really want, and not just what they think they want. Through the use of Voice of Customer techniques, combined with web analytics, and the context provided through Customer Experience monitoring solutions, companies can understand where even small changes to website interfaces and conversion funnels can reap big benefits. This session looks at how the integration of these systems is becoming a vital mechanism for complete understanding of customer behavior. Through continuous monitoring and continuous improvement with these techniques, measurable wins can be achieved.

Wednesday, May 6 • 1:00 - 1:50 pm

Panel: Marketing Performance Accountability: Making Marketing Make Dollars and Sense

Moderator: Ellis Booker, BtoB Magazine
Douglas Brooks, Marketing Management Analytics
David Yoakum, Gap, Inc.

It’s no longer acceptable to not know which half of your advertising dollar is wasted. Marketing is no longer a seat-of-the-pants, off-the-cuff, gut-feel endeavor. Web analytics has brought website optimization to light, but serious marketing executives have been serious about measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of their marketing for years. Join this impressive lineup of professionals who have embraced data drive marketing. Moderated by Ellis Booker, Editor of BtoB, the Magazine for Marketing Strategists.

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