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Tracks: Managing Marketing Metrics

San Jose, May 4-7, 2009

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Tuesday, May 5 • 11:00 - 11:50 am • Managing Marketing Metrics 1

Practical Tips On How To Bring Change to Your Organization

Andrew Janis, Evantage Consulting

Analytics professionals have been predicting and planning for the organizational change in marketing to data-driven decision making for many years. The problem is, this transition is taking longer and proving more difficult than anyone expected. This observation was one of the key findings of a recent survey on Marketing Analytics. Andrew will focus on introducing organizational change management principles to address many of the common hurdles organizations face. He will provide practical recommendations for both marketing management and analysts, based on case studies and interviews, on how to bring about change within their organizations.

Tuesday, May 5 • 3:30 - 4:20 pm • Managing Marketing Metrics 2

Leveraging the Best of Both Worlds: Digital and Traditional Media

How a truly integrated marketing approach yields a higher ROI and lower marketing costs

Douglas Brooks, Marketing Management Analytics

The question facing marketers today is not "whether" but "how much" new media to add to the mix. To do this effectively, marketers need to determine the optimal combination of traditional and new media. This is easier than it sounds. Companies today are losing millions of dollars by failing to understand the synergies between offline and online media. Misattributing sales to the wrong medium, they end up acting on the wrong insights and investing in the wrong media. Beyond this, companies can miss opportunities to capitalize on online-offline media synergies that a truly integrated marketing campaign can deliver. Douglas Brooks, senior vice president, business development and marketing officer for Marketing Management Analytics (MMA), will show attendees how to take advantage of these synergies and apply integrated marketing techniques in order to ramp up sales without necessarily buying more media. Attendees will learn how to establish common metrics in order to credit the right media for sales; how to sort out the increasingly complex interplay of media mix elements; and how to deal with the collapse of the traditional linear marketing funnel.

Tuesday, May 5 • 5:20 - 6:00 pm • Managing Marketing Metrics 3

Dashboards That Drive Decisions

Warren Raisch, Chief Customer Officer, Digitaria

Executive dashboards are critical tools for marketing and e-commerce executives to glean actionable web analytics information. Thanks to new technology such as Adobe Air, Adobe Flex and other applications, these visual dashboards and widgets are evolving significantly. It is easier - and more visual - than ever to disseminate actionable bite-size information to inform decisions and increase traffic and conversions. Warren will show work done with Intel and MTV and discuss best practices and innovation around creating widget-ized applications for web analytics data.

Wednesday, May 6 • 11:10 am - 12:00 pm • Managing Marketing Metrics 4

Competing on Web Analytics

Eric Peterson, Web Analytics Demystified

A few years ago companies created a competitive advantage simply by being online and having a presence in the digital realm. Unfortunately, the first-mover advantage has largely evaporated in most sectors, forcing companies to look elsewhere for strategies to make better decisions and maximize the value of the online channel. In 2007, in the best-selling Competing on Analytics: The New Science of Winning, Tom Davenport and Jeanne Harris described how great organizations like Harrah’s, Netflix, Best Buy, and the Boston Red Sox used analytics to trump their rivals. Now, in 2008, Eric T. Peterson of Web Analytics Demystified is extending Tom and Jeanne’s work into the online channel with his groundbreaking presentation, Competing on Web Analytics. Based on a combination of his 2005 JupiterResearch report Web Analytics: Framework for Using Data to Drive Business Success, his strategic consulting practice, and over a decade of work in the digital measurement industry, Mr. Peterson will outline how people, process, and technology should be leveraged to create a competitive advantage in the increasingly fragmented online world.

If you’ve ever struggled with your digital measurement efforts, either because you didn’t trust the data, didn’t understand the data, couldn’t get the data you actually needed, or couldn’t use the data you had been given, come see Competing on Web Analytics. You’ll learn how you can transform your current use of web analytics data by creating a digital measurement roadmap, you’ll hear first-hand about the successes your peers and competitors are already reporting, and you’ll gain valuable insights into how to deploy the best technology, hire the best people, and create the best business processes designed to improve your ability to compete in the online channel.

Wednesday, May 6 • 3:25 - 4:10 pm • Managing Marketing Metrics 5

Four Processes to Optimize Marketing Effectiveness

Laura Patterson, VisionEdge Marketing

Accountability and effectiveness are the watchwords of our times. Thriving in today’s marketing organization requires a laser-like focus on marketing performance and the rigorous assessment and measurement of marketing investments. The executive team is demanding a vigorous link between those investments and a demonstrable impact on the achievement of business results. Implementing marketing performance management and measurement will require different and possibly even new processes. Laura describes the four processes any organization can deploy to supercharge marketing performance and the steps required to implement them.

Wednesday, May 6 • 4:15 - 5:00 pm • Managing Marketing Metrics 6

View from the CMO’s Office

Liz Miller, CMO Council


Thursday, May 7 • 10:05 - 10:55 am • Managing Marketing Metrics 7

Pioneering Advanced Metrics in a Global Company

Marianne McGlynn, Senior Manager Online Marketing, Trend Micro

How do you overcome chasms without getting spasms? Advice from the front lines on getting end-to-end analytics in a truly global Internet security software company with billion dollar revenue. How to gather the support, break through silos, get executive sponsorship and still keep one’s sanity. This is a case study of integrating a top web analytics tool for end-to-end ecommerce tracking. Marianne uses with wit, wisdom, and satire to share how to build a practical web program under adverse circumstances.

Thursday, May 7 • 11:00 - 11:50 am • Managing Marketing Metrics 8

Stratactical KPI Definition

Jennifer Veesenmeyer, Stratigent, LLC

Good KPIs are critical to the success of an analytics and optimization program, but defining them is easier said than done. How do you define KPIs for educational/awareness sites? How do you identify common KPIs across disparate business units? How do you build executive buy-in? Jennifer will share practical suggestions for handling the most challenging aspects of KPI definition. It’s everything you wanted to know about KPI definition but were afraid to ask.

Thursday, May 7 • 1:10 - 2:00 pm • Managing Marketing Metrics 9

What’s your WAM? (Web Analytics Maturity)

Stéphane Hamel, Web Analytics Advocate, immeria inc.

This highly interactive session will guide you through a SWOT analysis of your web analytics maturity. At the end of the session, you will be armed with clear arguments and indications on what to do next in order to bring you, and your organization, to the next level. Take a look at Stéphane’s post about Web Analytics Maturity Model and Critical Success Factors for some background on this session.

Thursday, May 7 • 2:05 - 2:55 pm • Managing Marketing Metrics 10

Simultaneously Managing Marketing and Taming Technology

Tom O’Toole, O’Toole Associates

Tom was the Chief Marketing Officer and the Chief Information Officer for Global Hyatt Corporation for many years. He was responsible for all brand strategy, marketing, distribution, information technology and related functions for all of Hyatt’s operating companies and brands worldwide. He was on the hook for making electronic commerce and customer data systems and analytics work at all - as well as making them work for the benefit of the company. Tom is now a consultant for Hyatt and others. From his unique perspective, Tom shares his insights on the intersection of marketing and IT. Whether you’re on the marketing side or the technology side at your firm, Tom hands out practical advice on how these two sides can join up to make the most of customer data.

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