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Tracks: Retention

San Jose, May 4-7, 2009

Tracks & Workshops | Agenda at a Glance | Speakers | Pricing & Registration

Tuesday, May 5 • 11:00 - 11:50 am • Retention 1

Voice of Customer Panel: Can You Hear Them Now?

Lance Jones, Intuit Global Division
Vida Killian, Dell
Andy Young, Adobe

Are you really listening? If you don’t listen to your customers to measure satisfaction and loyalty, you’re missing half the picture. How do you manage customer feedback and consumer generated content? Learn from those who have mastered the tools and proven the techniques of qualitative research.

Tuesday, May 5 • 3:30 - 4:20 pm • Retention 2

Metrics for Pulling the Customer Through the Purchase Cycle

Chris Daniels, Stubhub

Clicks and conversion rates don’t tell you what you need to know to build a relationship with first-time or infrequent visitors and encourage them to buy. Stubhub, a leading online marketing place of event tickets, gauges customer satisfaction throughout the full purchase lifecycle from browse to post-purchase, to post-event (e.g. fulfillment), and email communications, integrating satisfaction data with internal CRM data to profile visitors and put satisfaction scores and verbatim comments in context. This gives Stubhub the strategic understanding and tactical insights to optimize acquisition and build a loyal customer base.

Tuesday, May 5 • 5:20 - 6:00 pm • Retention 3

Maximizing Performance Across Time Periods

Jason Burby, ZAAZ

Jason shares ways analyze behaviors across different time periods and how to leverage that insight to maximize site performance. Rather than aggregate data for one month, one week or one day, time slicing reveals important differences within those periods. Jason will explain ways companies can take advantage of those differences and overcome some simple roadblocks that will arise. Do you know how your site visitors perform during the week vs. during the weekend? Do you know the lost opportunity cost of not treating them differently? Do you know how you can do to easily change that experience automatically? If you answered "No" to any of those questions you should attend this session.

Wednesday, May 6 • 11:10 am - 12:00 pm • Retention 4

eMetrics Marketing Lab: Analytics Driven Email - Driving Dollars Through Data

Angel Morales, eMetrics.org

The eMetrics Marketing Lab Challenge: You have shoppers who abandon their shopping carts. You know the dollar value of those carts is roughly twice the annual revenue produced through your website. You know that adding an item to a basket signals a higher level of intent to complete that transaction. So how do you get back in front of them using the tools and technology you've already got?

Join one of the nation’s largest multi-channel retailers as they show how they envisioned and executed on their ‘abandoned check out’ strategies. The lab opens with very tactical best practices – illustrating how most top tier analytics platforms support remarketing today. We then go deeper, exploring our retailer’s live program, seeing the moving parts, and understanding the integration. While this lab is focused on email, we will also share insights on how integration will be achieved with CRM and other marketing technologies, data stores, and business intelligence systems. This practical, tactical problem/solution example will give you the practical knowledge you need to leverage your own tools and data.

Wednesday, May 6 • 3:25 - 4:10 pm • Retention 5

Grand Unification Theory of the Impact of Site Performance on User Experience

Alistair Croll, author of Total Web Monitoring
Sean Power, author of Total Web Monitoring

How bad will it get if your website is a little slower? Will it matter? Website performance isn't just technical specs. Google and Amazon have both shown how much page load time and conversions are intertwined. Marketers need to constantly make trade-offs on performance (richer, slower content; tags at the bottom of pages that reduce the data collected but make pages faster; and so on.) This session looks at those tradeoffs and explores end user experience monitoring and usability as the bridge between performance and business outcomes like conversions. Come learn the state of the art in web performance management, and how to tie performance management back to the rest of your monitoring mix so you can optimize your conversions and delight your online communities.

Wednesday, May 6 • 4:15 - 5:00 pm • Retention 6

Optimizing Non-Ecommerce Websites

Vicky Brock, Highland Business Research

When you don't sell online, it is hard to understand why visitors come to your site, what they're trying to achieve there and measure how well your website is performing. Vicky explores a case study to show how non-transaction, education and public sector sites can integrate off-site data, survey data and with web analytics - to really understand the who, how, what and why of visitor behavior. Because once you understand the visitors' goals, you can start improving your own results.

Thursday, May 7 • 10:05 - 10:55 am • Retention 7

Measuring Online Brand Power

Liz Webb, eVOC Insights

How do you measure the value of your online brand? Measuring clicks, time spent and pages viewed on your website helps validate website performance, but it does not illuminate what visitors think or how they feel about your brand. Measuring online brand power requires a combination of Web Analytics and Voice of the Customer research. Customers will voice their opinions if the site is not easy to use, if the content is not helpful, or if they do not trust your brand. Liz will illustrate how to combine Voice of the Customer research, usability, eye tracking and behavioral data to get the results you seek for online brand success. She will share Web best practices and brand preference data from highly competitive websites like Facebook, MySpace, Expedia and Travelocity to understand how sites like these are influencing your customers’ perceptions and how to ensure your online brand is a success.

Thursday, May 7 • 11:00 - 11:50 am • Retention 8

Measurement prior, during and post: The Site Redesign Process at Charles Schwab

Dennis Bradley, Charles Schwab
Kevin Chan, Charles Schwab

When your website is not just a brochure but the service you sell, a site redesign is an intimidating proposition. That's where the metrics come in. Web metrics, customer satisfaction metrics, usability studies and more went in to the design, development, deployment and review of major new areas of Charles Schwab's customer experience. Dennis and Kevin review the wide variety of tools they employed to inform, test and monitor a major site revamp. Are you facing a redesign? Here's how.

Thursday, May 7 • 1:10 - 2:00 pm • Retention 9

B2B Lead Scoring: Online, Offline & All the Time

Barry Trailer, CSO Insights

Barry comes armed with primary research about how Chief Sales Officers deal with the challenges they see as most critical. Case studies and survey results outline the state of the art and science of how companies are leveraging processes and technology to increase the quantity and quality of leads. Now that web-based marketing is being taken seriously, and technology is playing a larger role in managing the life cycle of a lead, lead scoring is being utilized by more companies. Barry describes how pioneering firms are taking advantage of marketing automation for generating, scoring and nurturing leads and share the three recommendations for helping B2B companies optimize marketing programs and keep their marketing and sales operations in sync.

Thursday, May 7 • 2:05 - 2:55 pm • Retention 10

Monetizing Behavior

Angel Morales, eMetrics.org

When we think web analytics we think of it as a tool that reports on marketing efforts vs. powering them. This session explores the other half of the web analytics value prop – extending data out of the analytics platform to power your customer communication strategies. Angel opens this session with a brief summary of multiple success stories on the use of web analytics data, best practices on the use of behavioral data. He then explores what data is offered by specific web analytics solutions, the methods of getting to that data, and the application of the data to CRM and email.

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