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Web Analytics Fundamentals

San Jose, May 4-6, 2010

Measuring behavior on your website is a central part of measuring the success of your marketing efforts. Coming on the heels of the Web Analytics Association Base Camp workshops, this track is for those who want to hear the examples and best practices from a variety of practitioners and consultants who have been at it for a while but remember what it was like getting started. Sage advice, mistakes to avoid and tips and tricks for ensuring a solid understanding of what web analytics is like in the trenches on a day to day basis.

Tuesday, May 4 • 11:00am – 11:50am • Web Analytics Fundamentals 1

Web Analytics Career Management Strategies

Anil Batra, POP
June Dershewitz, Semphonic
Allison Hartsoe, Semphonic

Everyone knows getting a job in the web analytics space can be a challenge. To get in, you need experience, to get experience you need the job. Discover strategies for defining your goals and assessing how to achieve them. Invest some time in yourself as Allison, Anil and June help you find and manage your career path as a web analytics professional! What are the various roles in Web Analytics and the skills required for those roles? How does an insider move into a new role? How does a complete outsider break in?  You’ll come away with some new insights about getting a job in this field today and steering your career up through executive management.

Tuesday, May 4 • 4:25pm – 5:15pm • Web Analytics Fundamentals 2

Inside the WAA Certification Program

Jim Novo, The Drilling Down Project

Whether you are looking to hire a web analyst or be hired as one, a formal, official endorsement would go a long way in the interview process. Web Analytics Association's Certification Test is designed to do just that. It provides a common reference point for understanding the depth and breadth of knowledge in the field for both practitioners and employers. That's great. But how was the test developed? What's in the test? Who should consider taking the test? And what additional value will a WAA Certified Web Analyst bring to the table as an employee? Using examples and the actual results of 4 "Test the Certification Test" trials with actual web analysts, Jim will reveal what types of people tend to get high (and low) scores on the Certification Test, and why employers should be interested in the Certification effort. Got Questions? Get answers about the program during the open Q & A portion of this session.

Tuesday, May 4 • 5:20pm – 6:00pm • Web Analytics Fundamentals 3

Free & Cheap Tools, Establishing a Baseline and Delivering Insight

Andrew Janis, Evantage Consulting
Benjamin Rudolph, Relevance Advisors
Jason Ten-Pow, OnResearch

Hold onto your seats and prepare for a fast-paced, abundance of information for those trying to get as much information as fast as possible. We've brought together three experts who will deliver the goods at break-neck speed. First, Benjamin shows that don't have to spend a lot of money on analytics tools to improve your website.  He reviews a number of free and low cost analytics tools to test, optimize, and learn.  Next, Jason outlines how to create a marketing baseline. Is 16,327,237 good? Only if it's better than yesterday. For good measure, he discusses correlating customer satisfaction data with behavior data. Finally, Andrew explains how to communicate all the good info you've collected in terms that the rest of your organization can understand - delivering the narrative rather than the numbers. Bring a fresh pen or a well-charged laptop to this session.

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May 4th 10:30am – 7:30pm
May 5th 10:30am – 3:30pm

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