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eMetrics Marketing Labs

San Jose, May 4-6, 2010

eMetrics Marketing Labs

Practitioners talk about how they are doing their work at their company. Consultants describe best practices. Vendors can only tell you so much in the short time you have at their booths in the exhibit hall. eMetrics Labs were designed to give you that up-close and personal look at how specific tools solve specific client problems. Select from three different business problem scenarios to see how the technology actually works. These are live demonstrations of technologies working together to solve real world challenges, offer real world answers, and take you behind the scenes to see how data and technology combine to achieve stunning results. eMetrics Marketing Labs are your quickest path to monetizing your eMetrics attendance and have been called the ‘hidden gems’ of eMetrics by previous attendees.

Tuesday, May 4 • 3:30 - 4:20 pm • eMetrics Lab A • ForeSee Results

Bridging Analytics Silos for an Integrated Understanding of User Behavior

Farris Khan, Director of Product, ForeSee Results

Howard Blumenthal, Director, Ecommerce Platform Solutions, Advance Auto Parts

When web analytics and Voice of Customer metrics live in different silos in your organization, it creates gaps that undermine efforts to gain an accurate understanding of the user experience. This session will showcase how Howard Blumenthal, Director, Ecommerce Platform Solutions & Business Intelligence for Advance Auto Parts combines these disciplines online, integrating them with new session replay technology to gain accurate, actionable intelligence that guides site improvements and drives sales.

Bill Bruno from Stratigent will walk through the key concepts behind building an actionable culture for analytics. It's one thing to report on metrics, but the time has come to take action on your findings. Hear about real client experiences and common roadblocks that need to be overcome.

Tuesday, May 4 • 3:30 - 4:20 pm • eMetrics Lab B • SAS

Listening, Understanding and Predicting the Impacts of Social Media on Your Business

Katie Delahaye Paine, KDPaine & Partners
Mark Chaves, Director of Media Intelligence, SAS Customer Intelligence

Conversations among customers are taking place every day about their experience with companies. A virtual focus group is chattering away and yet most organizations can’t identify the impact of this chatter on their overall sales.

You can make sense of the chaos with a structured approach – by collecting social media, Web metrics and other offline data points to create deeper insights for better decision making. Learn more about the four steps to managing the impact of social media on your business:

  • Gather it – Capture, clean and integrate data from online and offline databases and social media.
  • Organize it – Identify and classify the topics, concepts and contexts that really matter.
  • Analyze it – Ensure accuracy by drilling down to the originating data sources and tweak the approach when needed.
  • Present it – Use the metrics that matter the most to your business in order to make smart decisions quickly.

Tuesday, May 4 • 3:30 - 4:20 pm • eMetrics Lab C • iPerceptions

Buyers Exposed!

Claude Guay, President and CEO of iPerceptions

If you are like most online marketing managers, you may be wondering how to convert the 97% of your visitors who walk away. Our 50-minute lab will address how much money you leave on the table and, more importantly, what you can do about it. Come discover why your online consumers won’t buy as we expose their most common objections and the simple tools you can implement on your site to boost online results.

Tuesday, May 4 • 3:30 - 4:20 pm • eMetrics Lab D • Tealeaf

Online Customer Experience: Why is the New What

Mirelle Mallouh, Sr. Director, Analytics and Data Warehouse,

Kuntal Goradia, Owner, Zadpi, Customer Experience Consulting

While most companies recognize that their online channel is important, interestingly enough, they don’t always invest in optimizing it. The challenge and the reality of doing business on the web today is that competition is just a click away. And, when people struggle to navigate/transact on your site, they can simply take their business elsewhere. Providing a great web site experience not only ensures higher conversion rates, but also increases overall customer satisfaction, retention, and ultimately, ensures the success of the entire business. In this lab, online retailer Café Press will review the business drivers for implementing a Customer Experience solution, their key objectives and how they are using Tealeaf to drive real results.

Wednesday, May 5 • 8:00 - 8:50 am • eMetrics Lab D • OnResearch

"The New Normal”. Find out what you may be missing that can boost your site satisfaction now!

Jason Ten-Pow, President of Research Operations, OnResearch

Gregory Yee, Research Manager, Intel

The evolution of the web over the past decade has impacted researchers in a dramatic way. A “new normal” is upon us! Those that attend this session will learn about this new normal and how researchers can excel under these conditions? A case study using the website will show how to successfully combine behavioral (web metrics) and attitudinal (survey) data to deliver both the high level performance metrics that management loves and the page level recommendations that site owners and content creators need.

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