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Marketing Management

San Jose, May 4-6, 2010

From managing your own web optimization career to managing the internal perception of your team, success with marketing optimization is much more than distributing reports. This track looks at selecting the right talent, prioritizing your measurements for optimal monetization, creating just the right reports for the right internal customers and the hurdles you will have to jump along the way. If you manage a web optimization team or want to, this track is vital to your success.

Wednesday, May 5 • 11:10am – 12:00pm • Marketing Management 1

Customer Data Ethics - Privacy, Personalization, Legislation

Lynn Lanphier,
Bob Page, Yahoo! Analytics
John Zell, Razorfish

The U.S. government periodically veers toward throwing out the cookies with the privacy bath water while marketing metrics professionals nervously stand by. Will the public comprehend the value of opt-in cookies? Can the industry "self regulate"? Will the government recognize that web tracking has more value than merely improving conversion rates? Will Germany succeed in making Google Analytics illegal? Our panelists represent a variety of perspectives and attempt to cover the issues for those trying to make their websites privacy-friendly yet optimizable.

Wednesday, May 5 • 3:10pm – 4:00pm • Marketing Management 2

No Shopping Cart? No Problem - Digital Marketing Metrics in Non E-Commerce Settings

Vicky Brock, Highland Business Research
Sue Feldman, National Cancer Institute
Alex Langshur, Public Insight

You don't sell things online, your website is content rich and shopping cart poor, offering compelling information and services to visitors. Whether your focus (education, brand building, lead-gen, government, non-profit), or your goals (shareholder satisfaction, offline print cost reduction, information provision or public service), this session is for you. Learn how government, non-profit, public sector and corporate communications professionals measure success in a non-ecommerce environment. Learn how to integrate objective and subjective information sources. Discover the lessons learned by online professionals who optimize their investment by responding to user satisfaction scores, obtaining management buy-in, educating staff while protecting privacy, security and legal and ethical considerations. Find out how to optimize your marketing when your 'customers' are constituents, taxpayers, and citizens. Three brief presentations set the stage and lay out the topics. With these three experts up on the stage, Q&A rules!

Wednesday, May 5 • 4:05pm – 4:50pm • Marketing Management 3

Global Enterprise Management Panel

Keith Boswell, Kaiser Permanente
Kim Stegner, IBM
Ed Wu, Dell

Managing marketing analytics at a global organization takes enterprise level data capture and dissemination technology, a government level organizational chart and broadcast level communication skills. How do some of the largest companies in the world manage marketing analytics? Do they train multiple analysts in disparate business units or provide core centers of excellence? Do they hire consultants? Have they standardized on one version of the truth or are they caught in a quagmire of overlapping datasets? Are they capturing more customer centric data than imagined or are they struggling just to keep up like the rest of us? Keith, Kim and Ed are willing to explain how things get done at Kaiser, IBM and Dell.

Thursday, May 6 • 11:15am – 12:10pm • Marketing Management 4

Making the Most of Marketing Dashboards

William Flaiz, , Razorfish
Patricia Seybold, Patricia Seybold Group
Joseph Stanhope, Forrester Research
Jennifer Veesenmeyer, Stratigent

What's on your dashboard? Are the Key Performance Indicators you chose three years ago still telling you what you need to know? Does having all the dials and gauges shine a steady Green take off the edge of optimization and stopped you from drilling down into the details? This team of industry analysts looks at best practices, worst examples, leading indicators and the agony of being lulled into a sense of complacency. Your dashboards can be business changing and action inducing. Come find out how. And bring your questions - this is not a lean-back session.

Thursday, May 6 • 1:10pm – 2:00pm • Marketing Management 5

Sharing Insights Across the Organization

Mildred Munjanganja,
Juan Ribero,

He says “tomato,” she says “tomahto” (really – it’s true). He’s a UF Gator, she’s an alumna of South Africa’s Rhodes University. And while he’s honed in on Marketing, she’s put her focus on Sales. What’s the one thing that Mildred and Juan do agree on? The power of Web Analytics and the need to communicate that power to others. Many organizations face the challenge of having an analytics team that is disconnected from other non-technical departments in the organization. Although the insights derived through analysis can have a valuable impact on the company's bottom line, findings are not often shared or understood. Mildred and Juan show how to use language specific to the department you are trying to help, how to manage resistance and foster change, how to communicate effectively to upper management and how to generate support for the ideas you want to implement. Learn what insights to deliver, to whom and how.

Thursday, May 6 • 2:05pm – 2:55pm • Marketing Management 6

Going Mobile

Greg Dowling, Semphonic

Mobile texting, surfing and applications are becoming an increasingly important part of every marketing mix. As an industry analyst at Jupiter Research, Head of Analysis, Services Intelligence & Analytics at Nokia and now Vice President at Semphonic, Greg knows his way around making metrics manageable. He also knows his way around mobile measurement and the challenges you'll face in navigating this rapidly evolving landscape.

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