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Social Media

San Jose, May 4-6, 2010

Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, consumer generated content, mobile, video - it's enough to make you want to either jump in and play without regard to metrics (experimentation is good!) or simply stick to your knitting and do the best you can with the traditional media you have. Neither of these is an option. With marketing dollars so tight, understanding how to determine the value of all these emerging media has become central to a properly run marketing department.

Wednesday, May 5 • 11:10am – 12:00pm • Social Media 1

Tracking Social Traffic

Scott Calise, MTV Networks

You know your company needs to be in all the social media places, but how do you know if it’s working for you or not? Where are they coming from? What are they doing once they get there? How valuable is the traffic from blogs, Twitter and social networking sites? Scott shares the thrill of discovery and the agony of the data as he works with the content and production teams on their plans and their goals. Hear his 5 Steps to Get Started Measuring Social Media using tools like Omniture, Socialmention, TweetMeme, BackTweets and, while he explains the ins and out and ups and downs of understanding how much people are talking, what they are saying and what it means to Comedy Central.

Wednesday, May 5 • 3:10pm – 4:00pm • Social Media 2

How Social Media Created all this Delicious Data

John C. Fernandez, IntraLinks

Social Media is generating an enormous volume of data that is posing analytics professionals a great challenge. Not only do analytics professionals have to deal with a larger amount of data, they have to process, analyze and determine the significance of the data in real time. Search, both SEO and PPC, have now changed forever, and the analytics is catching up. Adobe's acquisition of Omniture shows that analytics is going to be critical to understanding the world around us, and John will show how his team is turning this daunting challenge into a opportunity for success.

Wednesday, May 5 • 4:05pm – 4:50pm • Social Media 3

Reputation Management in a Social Media World

Katie Delahaye Paine, KDPaine Partners

Social media has turned communications on its head. HITS stand for How Idiots Track Success and even unique visitors no longer have credibility. What’s a communicator to do? Measure the true impact of social media on the business, on your reputation. A classically trained PR authority, Katie is back by popular demand to give you seven simple steps to measure your social media program in a credible, actionable way.

Thursday, May 6 • 11:15am – 12:10pm • Social Media 4

Social Media Metrics Panel - Real Life Measurement

Luane Kohnke, R/GA
Tim O'Shaughnessy, Living Social
Breanna Wigle, Military Advantage

How do you measure brand equity in a social media environment? How do you evaluate the conversation between individuals in your closed social conversation site? How does mobile work into the mix? How do you unlock the power of analytics use it not just to map where you've been, but proactively pinpoint key profit opportunities and highest-potential communication channels and messages? Once you've created buzz-worthy and highly viral brand experiences on Facebook, how do you know they're working? These three experienced social media measurers will share tips & tricks for evaluating the best ways to spend your social marketing budget. After they describe the social media metrics they work with, it'll be time for them to answer your questions about your specific situation.

Thursday, May 6 • 1:10pm – 2:00pm • Social Media 5

eMetrics Case Studies or Doctor, Heal Thyself

Liana Evans, Director of Social Media, Serengeti Communications
Eric Feinberg, Foresee Results
Caleb Whitmore, Analytics Pros

You have been under the microscope. How did you hear about the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit? How did you find website? How well were you able to navigate? What were the most important factors in your decision to come or to come back? The eMetrics team has been working with a number of technologies and analysts to make the most of our online marketing. In this session, we'll look closely at classic web analytics, customer satisfaction analysis, and social media metrics not to mention neuroscience, linguistics, and anthropology with YOU as the test subject.

Thursday, May 6 • 2:05pm – 2:55pm • Social Media 6

Social Media, Measure Thyself!

Bob Buch, Digg
Daniel Lu, Slideshare

How do two popular but very different social hubs measure their own success? What insights are available to the collectors of such plentiful data that are hidden from us mere mortals? Join Daniel, who spends his days deep in data at Slideshare and Bob, Vice President of Business Development at Digg, as they discuss gleaning insights for improving the customer experience on their sites as well as the business value of their sites.

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