Marketing Evolution Experience Call for Speakers

Las Vegas, June 4 – 7, 2018

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The eMetrics Summit was made famous for going deep with presentations about measuring digital success through analytics. After 16 years and 83 Summits, it’s time to welcome in Marketing Evolution Experience.

Marketing Evolution Experience brings together the latest thinking, the newest developments, and the most current examples of how the Four P’s of Marketing have been joined by the Four Computations of Marketing:

  • Digital Analytics – leveraging interactive behavior data
  • Market Research – employing targeted surveys and broad market analysis
  • Mix Modeling – calculating comprehensive economic data
  • Artificial Intelligence – acting on predictions derived from data
Marketing Evolution Experience is where marketing professionals discuss, reimagine and collaborate.
Marketing Evolution Experience is the birthplace of the next breakthroughs in marketing.
Marketing Evolution Experience because:

  • You cannot manage what you do not measure
  • You cannot predict the future without a firm grasp of the past
  • You cannot convince all the people all the time with the same message
  • You cannot produce killer creative without insights garnered from data
  • You cannot keep up with rising consumer expectations

We are actively seeking speakers for keynotes and for each of five tracks:

  • Innovative Digital Analytics
  • Digital Analytics Association Track
  • Customer Insights Track
  • Progressive Marketing Mix Modeling
  • Artificial Intelligence for Marketing

Innovative Digital Analytics
We’ve used web analytics, search engine optimization, email marketing analytics, social media metrics, and more to understand and improve the digital interaction between customer and company. The legwork of data collection, preparation, integration, curation and analysis has created a new profession and the Digital Analytics Association. We’re trying to achieve business outcomes by fine-tuning interactive creative by keeping a close watch on every mouse movement. Some insights optimize a landing page and some optimize an entire business model. Gleaning meaning from data is art and science.

  • Becoming a Data Informed Organization
  • Online Optimization
  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Personalization Proficiency
  • Omni-Channel Attribution
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Marketing Intelligence Integration
  • VR/AR Analytics

Digital Analytics Association Track
Since 2004, the Digital Analytics Association has been the membership-driven, volunteer-powered heart of professional development and community building for the interactive analytics community.

  • Digital Analytics Competency Framework
  • Digital Analytics Self-Assessment
  • Digital Analytics Job Descriptions
  • Recipes from the Digital Analytics Cookbook
  • Attribution Management Program
  • Testing Methods and Practices
  • Finding Insights and Stories from Data
  • The Path from Analyst to Data Scientist

Customer Insights Track
Understanding marketplaces and customer segments has been revitalized by new data collection and projection methods. Market research is a means of identifying the size of a market, the competition, the perceived need for the product and the alternatives people have. We’ve gone far beyond shopping mall clipboards and random digit dialing. Today’s market research exploits the latest communication and computation technologies as well as advances in computational techniques.

  • B2B vs B2C Data Collection
  • Social Media Survey Techniques
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Modern Brand Metrics
  • Mystery Shopper Bots
  • Mobile Research
  • Contact Center Analytics
  • The End of Net Promoter Score?

Progressive Marketing Mix Modeling
The marketing mix has become markedly more complex. While the underlying techniques remain constant, new data sets and new algorithms allow for more sophisticated ways to derive Return on Marketing Investment. Dynamic marketing mix modelling and digital attribution are finally linking online and offline behavior, delivering more actionable insights that ever. Econometric models measuring the incremental sales impact of each marketing channel now include distribution, in-store promotions, pricing, media and event marketing.

  • Marketing Mix Simulations
  • Marketing Modeling Work-Flow
  • Customer Loyalty Analysis
  • Contemporary Econometrics
  • Macro Data’s Place in Media Buying
  • Model Integration
  • Holistic Commercial Effectiveness Analysis
  • Real-Time Scenario Planning

Artificial Intelligence for Marketing
As profession changing as the computer in the 1980’s or the Internet in the 1990’s, artificial intelligence and machine learning will be driving every customer interaction within five years. By 2020, asking if AI or ML are at work with your data will be like asking if you are using spell check. If you are not feeling that this is going to change everything, you haven’t been paying attention. Now is your opportunity to learn how these technologies work and how they will impact your work.

  • What Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Mean to Marketers
  • Onboarding AI into Your Marketing Toolset
  • The Coming Data Marketplace
  • Where Machines Fail
  • Mentoring the Machine – How to Keep Your Job
  • Big Wins with Narrow AI Applications
  • The New Data Marketplace
  • Today and Tomorrow, What’s Real & What’s Coming

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