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eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit

Stockholm Sweden, 28-29 September 2010

Jesper Åström, Digital Director & Online Tactical Specialist, Honesty

Jesper Åström

Jesper is an Econometrics graduate from Gothenburg university turned social media marketer in Stockholm and Northern Europe. For the past 11 years, Jesper has used the web to drive business through consumer product and retail segments, the corporate PR and press community as well as opened up opportunities within the gambling vertical.Utilizing the most out of SEO and social interaction, the technological evolution within this field has opened opportunities for return on investment that has been rare in other segments. Jesper hopes to share some tactics with you that can change the way you view your work with e-marketing and social media.

Erick Barney, VP of Marketing, Motorcycle Superstore

Erick Barney

Erick has been with Motorcycle Superstore for over ten years. As the VP of Marketing, his responsibilities include overseeing all aspects of the company's marketing efforts. Erick earned a Bachelor's degree in Marketing with a minor in Communications from Southern Oregon University in 1999. His personal e-commerce marketing strengths include SEO, Email and Affiliate Marketing.

Vicky Brock, Co-Founder, Highland Business Research

Vicky Brock

As a member of the WAA Board of Directors and a WAA Certified Web Analyst, Vicky presents the essentials of gleaning insights from customer activity data. Her speciality is working with governments, universities and the tourism sector, but Vicky has enormous practical and tactical experience in online optimization and the unique ability to communicate it well. If you need to get a handle on just what it means to get the most out of all your online data sources, this is a must-see session.

Clancy Childs, Lead Sales Engineer - Conversion and Analytics Products, Google

Clancy Childs

Clancy Childs is the Lead Sales Engineer at Google Europe, Middle East and Africa for conversion and analytics products (Google Analytics and Google Website Optimiser). He has worked with many of Google's top advertisers to help them improve their conversion rates and website usability. Before working on conversion products, he worked on other Google products including AdSense, Maps, Apps (Gmail) and Checkout.

Brian Clifton, Author & CEO, Advanced Web Metrics

Brian Clifton

Brian Clifton (PhD), is an independent author, consultant and trainer who specialises in performance optimisation using Google Analytics. Recognised internationally as a Google Analytics expert, his latest book, the second edition of "Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics" is used by students and professionals world-wide. Brian has been involved in web design and SEO since as far back as 1997, when he built his first website and started defining best practise to advise clients. From 2005-8 he was Head of Web Analytics for Google EMEA, defining the adoption strategy and building a team of pan-European product specialists from scratch. A legacy of his work is the online learning centre for the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ). Brian is the Founder, CEO and Senior Strategist for Advanced Web Metrics - a company specialising in performance optimisation using Google Analytics and Urchin Software for global clients.

Adam Cox, Web Analyst, User Intelligence

Adam Cox

Adam Cox is a Web Analyst at User Intelligence, Amsterdam. Originally from the UK, with a background in Computing and Business Administration, Adam began his career in the Rail industry. After a few years as an Information Architect for an agency in Belgium, he now works on applying web analytics to improve the User Experience of websites. At User Intelligence he began exploring ways to combine and integrate methods together with Martijn Klompenhouwer. They found ways to leverage the power of quantitative Web Analytics data and qualitative User Research methods effectively. Combining methods provides more powerful and convincing results which can easily be presented in one single deliverable.

John Ekman, Chief Conversionista, Conversionista!

John Ekman

Internet long-timer since 1996. I’ve dealt with the marketing, technical and financial aspects of running a profitable and growing Internet business. My Conversion skills were put to test at Betsson - trying to turn two online casinos around to profitability, with no marketing budget in a crazily competitive market.

Kristoffer Ewald, Senior Vice President Strategy, Guava

Kristoffer Ewald

Kristoffer Ewald is an internationally recognized expert on Online Space Management, a term he coined in 2004 while founding the successful internationally recognized online consultancy The Milk (acquired by Guava in 2007). He is now SVP Strategy, Guava Online Marketing A/S. Kristoffer's been Consulting and giving Lectures and Key Notes on Analytics and Online Space Management for 10+ years, explaining how Space Management can be done online in order to maximize the value of visitors.

Jesper Hellberg, Web Analyst, Betsson

Jesper Hellberg

Jesper is a web analytics specialist who is passionate about optimizing web site content and conversion processes based on real data insights. He has 5 years experience within the industry and prior to Betsson worked as a consultant for Webtrends where he provided web analytics, business optimization and training services to some of the largest Webtrends customers within Europe. His role at Betsson gives Jesper the opportunity to initiate and run projects from the very first idea and give business suggestions based on the data collected to maximize the effectiveness of the web channel.

Steve Jackson, Director Business Insights, Kwantic

Steve Jackson

Steve is a well known analytics specialist, author and speaker. A pioneer since 2002, he established one of the first European web analytics consultancies (Aboavista), later acquired by Satama (now Trainers' House) in 2006. His clients include Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks, Vaisala, KONE, MTV3, Vodafone, Sanoma, Vattenfall and a host of others. In 2008 he wrote his first book Cult Of Analytics published on May 14th 2009. He also writes his own blog ( and serves as International Co-Chair for the Web Analytics Association. Steve has presented and keynoted web analytics topics across Europe. These include The Internet Marketing Conference (Stockholm), The Search Engine strategies (Stockholm), IIH (Copenhagen), the IAB Finland (Helsinki), Media Plaza (Amsterdam), Design For Conversion (Amsterdam) The eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit (London, Munich, Stockholm), Divia (Helsinki) in addition to sitting on dozens of panels.

Lars Johansson, Co-founder and Web Analyst, inUse Insights and Ampliofy

Lars Johansson

Lars Johansson is Sweden's most well-known online business optimization expert and co-founder of web analytics companies inUse Insights and Ampliofy. He brought Web Analytics Association to Sweden and grew Web Analytics Wednesday from a small pub event to a large gathering when he introduced it in Stockholm. Lars has worked in web analytics and testing for companies like Mark Red, Dropit, EDB Consulting, Satama Interactive, Trainers' House and Vattenfall. He has written on the subject of continuous online improvement for several publications, including Internetworld (IDG), Website Magazine and Dagens Media. Lars has also been involved in making the program for Internet Marketing Conference (IMC) in New York, Vancouver, and Stockholm. You can find his blogs at www.WebAnalysts.Info and

Martijn Klompenhouwer, User Experience Consultant, User Intelligence

Martijn Klompenhouwer

Martijn Klompenhouwer studied Cognitive Psychology and works for User Intelligence since 2002. As a User Experience Consultant Martijn is responsible for a broad range of activities. Besides designing and improving interfaces, he is primarily involved in the evaluation of websites and applications (e.g. User testing and Expert reviews). At User Intelligence he began exploring ways to combine and integrate methods together with Adam Cox. They found ways to leverage the power of quantitative Web Analytics data and qualitative User Research methods effectively. Combining methods provides more powerful and convincing results which can easily be presented in one single deliverable.

Christoffer Luthman, Web Analyst & Co-founder, inUse Insights

Christoffer Luthman

Christoffer Luthman co-founded analytics companies inUse Insights and Ampliofy together with Lars Johansson. Before that Christoffer worked as a web analyst for Mark Red and Dropit. He has a long history in web optimization, including being technical project manager for Mind and system developer for Exigo Network Solutions. Christoffer has experience from using many different tools for web analytics. He is currently working as a Google Analytics Certified Partner and Google Website Optimizer Certified Partner, bridging the gap between technology and business.

Richard A. Muscat, User Experience Specialist, Red Gate Software

Richard A. Muscat

Richard’s passion for design works well with his keen business sense in the world of web optimisation. A design professional, he is currently responsible for Red Gate’s web and ecommerce strategies. Prior to Red Gate he was Uniblue’s senior web specialist where he headed their highly successful optimisation efforts.

Antoaneta Nikolaeva, Stockholm University,

Antoaneta Nikolaeva

A recent marketing graduate from Stockholm University fascinated by the world of web analytics and internet marketing. In my quest to expand my knowledge, I conducted a research and wrote my master’s dissertation in the field of web analytics and more specifically the process of change management that companies undergo to achieve a data-driven culture. This was an attempt to bring the field into an academic perspective.

Lars Nordstrom, Global Sales, L-Soft

Lars Nordstrom

Lars Nordstrom has been involved in building online communities since the early 1980's and has been taking an active role in the running of bulletin board systems (BBS), LISTSERV e-mail discussion lists, newsgroups, and web communities ever since. Lars is the founder of the Nordic Internet Marketing forum on and is also currently involved in moderating several larger web-based communities.Currently Lars' work with L-Soft Sweden AB, and L-Soft UK Ltd keeps him at the forefront of e-mail marketing and e-mail community building technology and innovations. His background in industrial programming, automated manufacturing, and 20+ years of online experience coupled together with a healthy dose of skepticism, keeps him grounded in the practicalities of the Internet marketing world.

Kristoffer Sæbøe, Metronet

Kristoffer Sæbøe

Kristoffer Sæbøe is the head of Web Analytics and Paid Search in Metronet, one of Norway's leading interactive agencies and a Google Analytics Certified Partner. In addition to a Marketing and International Business educational background, Kristoffer also spent over two years working as an AdWords Account Manager and Google Analytics point-of-contact for the Nordic Account Management team at Google. Kristoffer provides trainings and Analytics implementation strategies for a wide range of users in Norway, as well as being a member of the Web Analysis group in INMA (IAB-Norway).

Oliver Schiffers, Head of Marketing Strategy & Analytics, SapientNitro, Sapient GmbH

Oliver Schiffers

Online Marketing and Web Analytics Experience for more than 13 years. In depth knowledge on both the technical and business part of the industry having worked on the vendor, practitioner, consulting and technology side. A Leveraged Web Analytics strategy, methods and tools in Predictive Behavioural Targeting, Classical Reporting and Analytical culture and process projects. Worked for leading publishers, logistics, financial, telecommunications and media companies.A Frequent Speaker at industry events and Regional Coordinator Central Europe for the Web Analytics Association. Award of Achievement in Web Analytics at the University of British Columbia. Assistant Lecturer on Web Analytics at FH Düsseldorf.Oliver is reponsible for all Analytics related consulting and planning like Vendor Assessment and Selection, Implementation Strategy and Planning, KPI definition and Roadmaps, Business Process for Insight and Actionable Analysis as Head of the Sapient Marketing Strategy & Analysis team in Continental Europe.

Bjørn Tscherning Hjulstad, Head of Online Business Optimization, Halogen AS

Bjørn Tscherning Hjulstad

Bjørn Tscherning Hjulstad is one of Norway's most well-known online business optimization experts and partner of digital web company Halogen. He brought Web Analytics Association to Norway and has hosted several Web Analytics Wednesday seminars promoting analytics and optimization in the Norwegian market. Bjørn has worked in web analytics and testing projects for companies like Norwegian Railways, Telenor, Tele2, Norwegian, Adecco and Norsk Rikstoto. He has established the analytics competence group in INMA, the Norwegian IAB branch, in order to bridge the gap between media agencies’, customers’ and web agencies’ use of analytics for marketing optimization.

Erik Wallin, Head of R&D, Adaptlogic

Erik Wallin

Erik Wallin. Resident Behavioral Target Visionary. Born 1968. Founder of Adaptlogic with an entreprenurial spirit and academic background. Researcher, with a pragmatic view of producing business results. The visionary behind Adaptlogic products and responsible for the company’s Expert Services. PhD dissertation at Royal Institute of Technology in March 2004. Also at the board of directors of Adaptlogic.

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