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Agenda: eMetrics Summit Sessions, Meetings and Workshops

Toronto Ontario, March 31 - April 4, 2008

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About the Tracks:


Tuesday, 1 April - Grand Ballroom Salon C/D

From managing your own web optimization career to managing the internal perception of your team, success with web optimization is much more than choosing a tool and distributing reports. This track looks at selecting the right talent, prioritizing your measurements for optimal monetization, creating just the right reports for the right internal customers and the potholes you have or can expect to experience along the way. If you manage a web optimization team or want to, this track is vital to your success.

Track Moderator: Hosam Elkhodary, The Web Analytics Company

Website Optimization Track

Tuesday, 1 April - York Room

Web analytics is a powerful tool to help understand whether your website is providing business value to your company and brand value to your customers. A wealth of metrics can improve your return on online investment. The time has come to aggressively quantify what is and is not working and to optimize your investment. Website navigation, persuasion, usability, personas and customer experience are under the microscope.

Track Moderator: June Li, ClickInsight

Optimizing Content-Rich and Mission Driven Websites Track

Wednesday, 2 April - Grand Ballroom Salon C/D

Large amounts of your website are not about shopping carts. For those portions, and for government, non-profit, public sector and corporate communications professionals, this track focuses on measuring success in a world without a commerce-based conversion rate. Learn how to integrate objective and subjective information sources. Discover the lessons learned from those in your shoes who are still faced with user satisfaction scores, getting management buy-in, educating staff & moving the metrics needle while protecting privacy, security and legal and ethical considerations.

Track Moderator: Alex Langshur, PublicInsite

Campaign Optimization Track

Wednesday, 2 April - York Room

Online advertising is no longer a matter of spray and pray. Hard numbers reveal the impact of your campaigns in terms of reach, awareness, attitudinal impact and response. This track features professionals who have measured the brand affect, the immediate response and long term of results.

Track Moderator: Joy Boyson, The Marketing Store

Monday, 31 March

8:00 - 9:00 Registration - Foyer & Breakfast - Grand Ballroom Salon A

BREAKS FROM 10:30 - 10:45 and 3:00 - 3:15

Web Analytics Association (WAA) Base Camp
Introduction to Web Analytics

Workshop Trainer: Jim Novo, Drilling Down

If you’ve just been given the responsibility for web analytics, this workshop is for you. Whether you are new to web analytics, new to web management or just need to be sure that you are seeing the forest for the trees, this is the best place to get grounded in the basics. See more information.


Host: Andrea Hadley, Conference Director
Host: Jim Sterne, Chairman eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit

Come and meet fellow Summit attendees, speakers, sponsors and conference organizers at this formal card swapping, hand shaking get together. The shop talk starts here.


Moderator: Chris Williams, Managing Director, Media Contacts Canada
Brent Bernie, President, comScore Inc.
Paula Gignac, President, IAB Canada
Jodi McDermott, Director, Product Management Clearspring Technologies and WAA & IAB New York Member Contributor
Judah Phillips, Director Web Analytics, Reed Business Information

Are you confused about the number of customers visiting your website? Are the metrics reported by your web analytics tool different from the metrics reported by your online media, or by audience measurement organizations? The WAA invites eMetrics Summit attendees and the local GTA business community of web marketers, publishers and agencies to attend this community meeting. A panel of experts will discuss the value of the metrics, methods and tools used by web analytics practitioners, online advertising media and audience measurement organizations. Find out how-to use these metrics and tools to better understand your customers, your website’s competitive standing and overall website value.


Now that you’ve checked-in, been primed on the basics of web analytics, met fellow attendees and learned more than you knew you could about the WAA, IAB and audience measurement organizations, relax and enjoy some hot appetizers and cool drinks. It’s time to relax and get personal.

Tuesday, 1 April



Website Measurement Eco-System

Jim Sterne, Target Marketing

How do I measure thee? Let me count the ways.
I measure thee to the depth and breadth and height
My data can reach, when I’m feeling out of touch
With the value proposition of my web investment

Think measuring the success of your website is a matter of knowing how many people showed up and what they looked at? This would be a good time for an eye-opener.

From hits to clicks and pageviews to revenues and attitudes, there are myriad ways to take the measure of a website. Jim Sterne identifies what can be measured, in order to help you determine what should be measured.

9:20 - 9:30 Sponsor Presentation - GRAND BALLROOM SALON C/D

Technology Leaders - Is Web Analytics Dead?

David Millrod, Managing Partner, Technology Leaders

If not, why do so many users ignore the data? As an analyst, you are bombarded with hundreds of fresh Web Analytics reports and tens of thousands of data points every day. Virtually all of those data points are the same as the last time you checked the reports. So it’s no wonder that before long you begin to ignore the whole mess. The good news is, actionable information is in there if you could only clear away the clutter. Announcing Technology Leaders Alert, the industry’s first cross-platform, dynamic alerting engine.


3 Outcomes

Chaired by Jim Sterne

This may be the most important session of the whole summit. We’ll provide complete instructions on how to create your outcomes in advance of the conference. More details here. Based on the programs and services offered by

10:10 - 10:30 Break - Exhibit Hall Open - TRINITY BALLROOM

10:30 - 11:20 Delegates may choose to attend either session at this time.

[MOM-1] Panel: Measuring Awareness, Brand & Competitive Standing

Moderator: Jason Burby, Director of Web Analytics/Optimization, ZAAZ
Lino Ramirez, President AranduCorp
Alex Todd, Founder and Chief Executive, Trust Enablement

You used to be able to tell people how they should feel about our company. Branding used to be a matter of a slogan, a logo and a jingle. Today, brand love is in the eye of the beholder. Today, it’s now about building and nurturing a relationship with each individual and with the public at large. This session will delve into monitoring and measuring awareness, trust, competitive standing and reputation management in a world where every customer can vilify or venerate your brand with a single post.

Website Optimization Track - YORK ROOM
[WO-1] Where to Start, KPIs and Pitfalls to Avoid

June Li, Managing Director, ClickInsight

Increasing your visitors’ ability to accomplish their goals is fundamental to increasing the value of your website. Learn how to ensure your website goals are aligned with your visitors’ goals and uncover the elements that offer the greatest opportunity for immediate improvement. Whether you are optimizing your content, analyzing customer segments and behaviour; or improving on site promotions results, this session will reveal the process for identifying key performance indicators (KPI) associated with the elements you want to improve.

11:20 - 12:15 Delegates may choose to attend either session on at this time.

[MOM-2] Communicating Website Data to Generate Business Decisions

Corey Mathews, Web Marketing Manager, Forrester Research

Strong communication is critical in web analytics environments. Otherwise, reports languish and valuable insights remain undiscovered. Find hidden treasure buried in data and turn web analytics reports into significant optimization catalysts. Learn how to format data in consumable portions, deliver web insights to key stakeholders, and stimulate goal-oriented action.

Website Optimization Track - YORK ROOM
[WO-2] A/B and Multi-Variate Testing - Case Studies

John Hossack, Partner, VKI Studios
Matt Scadding, Director User Experience, Moxy Media

From architecture and linking strategies to landing pages and shopping carts, you will learn how leading companies are applying a continuous improvement method to increase the value of their website and improve customer experience. John has been optimizing online campaigns and websites for over 6 years. He shares his experience building testing methodologies and reveals the results of some of his most successful clients. Next, Matt describes the in's and out's of managing both the user experience and A/B testing across more than 300 websites which see over 15 million visitors a month. This combination of the ideal and the real will help you determine how best to implement testing for your website.


Networking Lunch

The quality of the networking the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit is the most often mentioned surprise noted by previous attendees. The sessions are informative, but to really understand the industry and what’s really happening at businesses like yours, nothing beats having the time to meet and learn from peers.

1:45 - 2:30 Keynote - GRAND BALLROOM SALON C/D

General Session - From the Front Line: Getting Your Metrics Act Together and Getting it Online

Caroline Burns, Chapters Indigo was just named to Internet Retailer’s top 100 hot internet sites. Get a behind-the-scenes look at how Indigo Books & Music evolved their web analytics team, the measurement and processes to deliver web insights and inform business strategy, leading to the recent launch of an innovative online community for their customers.

2:30 - 3:00 Sponsor Presentation - GRAND BALLROOM SALON C/D

ForeSee Results: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Online Metrics

What is the definition of success on the web? Conversion? Online sales? Engagement? Quantifying the contribution of the online experience to a company's strategic goals is elusive where the contribution is intangible, such as its influence on the needs, expectations and future behavior of site visitors. Larry Freed will discuss the most powerful customer analytics to project the financial impact of the online experience – customer satisfaction – and dispel the myths regarding its measurement and management for bottom line success.

Larry Freed, CEO & President, ForeSee Results

3:00 - 3:50 Delegates may choose to attend either session at this time.

[MOM-3] Website Monetization

Part I: Online Budgeting and Revenue Forecasting

Jason Burby, Director of Web Analytics/Optimization, ZAAZ
Chris Kerns, Director of Web Analytics, ZAAZ

As an online marketer, you may think revenue forecasting is the bean counter’s responsibility. Think again. These numbers may become your sales goal so you need to be involved in their production. Revenue forecasts based on lifetime value, offline purchases, and the mix of new and returning customers will secure the budget you need to improve results. If your budget does not allow sufficient resources, your website won’t reach its full potential and your customers won’t experience as positive a brand engagement as you intend. Learn the key steps to revenue forecasting and real-time budget management. Discover how to incorporate the hard metrics associated with ROI as well as the more sophisticated and softer metrics associated with customer behavior and life cycles.

Part II: Linking Web Analytics to Revenue: The Value Ecosystem

Jeffrey Graham, Executive Director, Customer Insights, The New York Times

Understanding value drivers is a crucial step in developing a strategy for using web analytics. Jeffrey will share how the world’s top newspaper website has mapped its revenue ecosystem, identifying key performance indicators that link directly to both user engagement, customer satisfaction, and advertising sales. The approach has proven to be a simple but powerful way of explaining the role of web analytics internally, organizing staff and technology resources, and providing both tactical and strategic support. The presentation will provide tools and strategies that can be immediately applied to anyone using web analytics in their organization.

Website Optimization Track - YORK ROOM
[WO-3] Optimizing Brand advertising frequency

Chris Williams, Media Contacts Canada

Online is the most measureable of media but when it comes to brand oriented campaigns the models and metrics used for optimization are a mystery. It may look as if there is little to measure. Chris Williams, Managing Director of Media Contacts Canada, uncovers how the well established direct marketing concepts of reach, frequency and recency apply to online advertising and offer special credence to the measurement of brand advertising.

3:50 - 4:10 Break - Exhibit Hall Open - TRINITY ROOM

4:10 - 5:00 Delegates may choose to attend either session at this time.

[MOM-4] Building a Case for Web Analytics

Braden Hoeppner, Director of Web Sales, Coastal Contacts, Inc.

Investment in web analytics tools that produce reports is a basic step towards creating a web analytics environment. But if your boss, the IT department or your CEO thinks reporting equal’s analytics, then your organization is not enjoying the potential of online marketing optimization. Your website is not delivering the value it could be. Learn how to build a meaningful case for securing corporate commitment and the technical and human resources needed to successfully implement web analytics and embrace the online marketing optimization process.

Website Optimization Track - YORK ROOM
[WO-4] Actionable Testing and Reporting Even a Manager Could Love

Jim Novo, Drilling Down

Web analytics exists in an environment that is becoming more complex. It’s not just about web pages any more, or even about the web site. You have new technology platforms on the site, new sources of traffic, and multi-channel concerns to deal with. How do you sort this all out, report on it in an actionable way, and still make sure people understand what the heck you are talking about? And what are the implications of all this for managers and the culture of analytics? Find out about this major new opportunity to get management’s attention and some specific ideas for taking advantage of it.

5:00 - 5:50

This is Your Brain. This is Your Brain on the Internet

Joseph Carrabis, Chief Research Officer, NextStage Evolution

Joseph Carrabis, Chief Research Officer, NextStage Evolution Everybody who has seen Joseph Carrabis present has been amazed. Joseph uses his in-depth knowledge of how humans are wired to reveal how we think and why we react to - well - just about anything. When he applies this knowledge to web site visitors, the results are surprising. This is not your typical web design class - No traditional design elements are discussed or talked about unless students wish to discuss them. The purpose of This is Your Brain on the Internet is to provide you, the interactive marketer, with the tools necessary to build a website for your customers’ most fundamental selves. You want to create a better online customer experience? Then you'd better understand your customers - from the inside out.

6:00 - 7:30 eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit Reception - TRINITY BALLROOM

The appetizers were so hot and the drinks so cool at the WAA reception last night, we are doing it all over again. Bring your business cards, but leave your notebooks, laptops and cell phones behind (okay that might be asking too much, you can bring your cell phones) and enjoy some chinwagging with Summit compatriots.

Wednesday, 2 April

7:30 - 8:30 Breakfast - GRAND BALLROOM SALON C/D FOYER

8:30 - 9:15 Keynote - GRAND BALLROOM SALON C/D

General Session - Data at the Edge: Optimizing Customer Data

Seth Romanow, Senior Director, Customer Intelligence and Analytics, Platforms and Solutions (MXPS)

Updating his bravura keynote presentation in San Francisco last year, Seth will describe how Microsoft monitors online behaviour to optimize dynamic content offers while still honoring privacy. Learn how Microsoft uses customer profiles and anonymous customer information to create targeted web real time. The goal is to deliver content that’s timely and relevant to the customer and improve content quality, visitor satisfaction, and desired outcomes. Customer experience scenarios illustrate the value of actively engaging customers throughout their visit to the site. From philosophy to technology, Seth brings his years of marketing and data management experience to bear on making the most of online customer intelligence.

9:15 - 9:45 Sponsor Presentation - GRAND BALLROOM SALON C/D


Omniture is a leading provider of online business optimization software, enabling customers to manage and enhance online, offline and multi-channel business initiatives. Omniture tools and professional services enable organizations gain critical business insights into the performance and efficiency of marketing and sales initiatives and other business processes.

Sophie Des Roches, Associate Director, Performance of

9:45 - 10:35 Delegates may choose to attend either session at this time.

Optimization for Content-Rich and Mission Driven Sites - GRAND BALLROOM SALON C/D
[OCMD-1] measuring the success of non-commerce websites

Alex Langshur, President and Co-founder PublicInsite

Foundations, non-profits, the public sector and academic institutions have all made significant investments in their online communications. But what constitutes success and how do you measure the impact of your website when sales aren’t the goal? And how do you convince management of the need to invest more in the web when metrics like shopping cart conversion don’t apply? Alex will look at some of the leading innovations for measuring success of non-commerce sites.

Campaign Optimization Track - YORK ROOM
[CO-1] Defining acquisition events, KPIs and processes for campaign improvement

Mark Ryan, Vice President Client Services, Extractable

As a company’s website becomes the hub of customer communications, how well you attract the right visitors is crucial. Are you monitoring the quantity and quality of the visitors your campaigns attract? Do you track the results of those visits and sessions? Identify the critical first steps towards campaign optimization - defining business objectives, conversion events and key performance indicators (KPI). Learn how to measure cross-campaign results and gain insight into the processes and tools for improving your email, search and online ad campaigns.

10:35 - 11:00 Break - Exhibit Hall Open - TRINITY BALLROOM

11:00 - 11:45 Delegates may choose to attend either session at this time.

Optimization for Content-Rich and Mission Driven Sites - GRAND BALLROOM SALON C/D
[OCMD-2] Meaningful Measures Behind Web 2.0: The Media is the Message, But How Should We Measure It?

Simon Rivard, Vice President Marketing, Quebecor Media-Canoe
Mike Sukmanowsky, Web Analytics Specialist, Rogers Media

Content and media based sites measure success differently than lead generation, marketing and e-commerce sites. Those that try to apply the standard “conversion event” techniques proven successful for e-commerce sites end up feeling as though there's something missing. In this session, Mike (from Rogers Media) and Simon (from Canoe) will explore simple but effective analytics strategies that they have designed and implemented to generate growth, loyalty and engagement. Using this simple framework you will learn how to prioritize the many online initiatives often on the go in a media organization, and gain support from senior management. Use this strategy to introduce the concept of a data-driven media organization!

Campaign Optimization Track - YORK ROOM
[CO-2] Panel: Campaign Optimization Case Studies

Carolyn Gardner, Director Customer Experience, Sitebrand
John Hossack, Partner, VKI Studios
Simon Rodrigue, Senior Manager eCommerce/Interactive Marketing, Home Depot Canada

The top web marketing agencies, practitioners and consultants will share case studies showcasing the use of behavioural, A/B or multi-variate testing for optimization of email, search or online advertising campaigns. This is where the smartest marketing people meet the latest tools. What they’ve learned along the way can help you become more successful faster.

11:45 - 12: 35 Delegates may choose to attend either session at this time.

Optimization for Content-Rich and Mission Driven Sites - GRAND BALLROOM SALON C/D
[OCMD-3] User Generated Content - Measuring the Voice of the Customer

Part I

Sibel Satiroglu, Interactive Marketing, Hewlett Packard

“What do you have to say?” is the HP Imaging & Printing Group’s global, integrated campaign to engage customers in the Print 2.0 revolution. IPG Interactive Marketing developed a web metrics framework to track and measure the “conversation of printing” across all regions and segments. Everybody has something to say. It’s our stories that define us and what we share. What was the story our metrics told us. Sibel invites you to hear her story of how the HP team identified and targeted segments and built a measurement framework. She’ll share insight into some of the tools used, the metrics tracked, how those metrics stacked up and what they learned.

Part II

Daniel Waisberg, easynet Search Marketing

User Generated Content (UGC) is a growing strategy for increasing the content of websites. But how can you measure it and decide if it works for you? Learn about three important categories of analysis: content quantity (increased food for spiders), content linkability (for increased engagement), and content strength (targeted keywords to improve SEO). Adding content is not enough—it is essential to analyze how it influences SEO, site engagement, and brand awareness. This presentation will show different applications of UGC, its consequences, audience, and financial aspects. Two case studies will be presented on how to measure UGC using text mining tools.

Campaign Optimization Track - YORK ROOM
[CO-3] Search Analytics - An Inside Look

Barbara Coll, President, and Founding Director,
Pat Stroh, Vice President Analysis Decision & Support, IMPAQT

Searchers come in all shapes and sizes but they have one thing in common—they are looking for you; your products or your services. Attracting searchers requires an integrated search marketing strategy and heavy optimization based on analysis of return on investment. Topics for discussion include different methods of budgeting, bid optimization, content optimization, conversion tracking, landing page testing, and search engine results analysis. Attendees will leave the session with a sense of how to evaluate their own progress toward optimization for paid, organic and ‘blended’ search; and a sense of next steps to take their strategy and tactics to the next level.

12:35 - 1:45 LUNCH - NETWORKING LUNCH - Exhibit Hall in the Trinity Ballroom



Moderator: Alex Langshur, President and Co-founder, Public Insite
Joseph Carrabis, NextStage Evolution
Stephane Hamel,
Simon Rivard,

People from different cultures use websites in different ways. Analysis of web data requires sensitivity to these cultural differences. Mouse movements, navigation habits, and language nuances require “localization” rather than mere translation. Learn how cultural segmentation will yield better results and an improved customer experience.


Taking the Measure of the Web Analytics Association

The WAA has been growing by leaps and bounds and gaining momentum. Three members of the Board of Directors will share the progress and achievements of this young-yet-powerful organization. Ten minutes to catch up on a year's worth of triumphs.

Andrea Hadley, Conference Director
Seth Romanow, Senior Director, Customer Intelligence and Analytics, Platforms and Solutions (MXPS)
Jim Sterne, Chairman eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit

2:45 - 3:30 Delegates may choose to attend either session at this time.

Optimization for Content-Rich and Mission Driven Sites - GRAND BALLROOM SALON C/D
[OCMD-4] You’ve driven them to your site, now what? Leveraging the online channel for mission-driven organizations

Peter Levick, Director General of Communications, Library Archives Canada (LAC)

Ever wondered about your roots, or thought about doing a little research into your family tree? Library and Archives Canada (LAC) has one of the most extensive online genealogy datasets in the country, which is a testament to their success in fulfilling their mission as keepers of Canada’s documentary heritage. LAC partnered with CBC to make its collections known through the development of the “Who Do You Think You Are?” TV series, in which well known Canadians discovered their roots. The result: one of the most successful drive to site campaigns ever for a government department.  Find out how LAC used sophisticated measurement techniques to track engagement, optimize content and resources, and demonstrate the value of the online channel in supporting the mission of the organization.

Campaign Optimization Track - YORK ROOM
[CO-4] Should Your Marketing Stink?

Bryan Eisenberg, Future Now Inc.

It should! Planning for “scent” will improve your marketing. As marketers venture into new unfamiliar territories, juggle multi-channel strategies, allocate ad dollars among media, and try to maximize new technologies--consumers seem to find it easier than ever to bypass and ignore those efforts. The answer can’t be to A/B test everything and see what sticks. Even with an infinite budget, nobody wants to simply throw everything up against the wall to see what sticks. With countless marketing allocation and messaging choices, businesses require a methodology for modeling customer behavior if they’re to maintain an edge.

3:30 - 3:50 Break - Exhibit Hall Open - TRINITY BALLROOM

3:50 - 4:40 Delegates may choose to attend either session at this time.

Optimization for Content-Rich and Mission Driven Sites - GRAND BALLROOM SALON C/D
[OCMD-5] Panel: Facilitating Engagement on Media and Content-Rich Sites

Moderator: Mitch Joel, President, Twist Image
Judah Phillips, Reed Business Interactive
Sibel Satiroglu, Interactive Marketing, Hewlett Packard
Mike Sukmanowsky, Web Analytics Specialist, Rogers Media

Analysis of audience behavior and engagement levels on media and content sites is very different than on ecommerce or transactional sites. Revenue generating behavior is harder to quantify. Goal-based conversion must be thought of in alternative ways. New Key Performance Indicators are necessary. Come hear this panel to learn helpful tips and useful practices for facilitating “engagement” based on understanding strategic site objectives. Find out how analysis informs tactical decision making, which in turn drives strategy (and analysis and decision making and strategy again). This panel will share insights improving non-transactional online business performance in a Web 2.0 world.

Campaign Optimization Track - YORK ROOM
[CO-5] email analytics

James Connell, Director, e-Commerce, Digital Marketing & New Media, Roots Canada
Mayer Gniwisch, President and

There are dozens of books on email marketing and they will all tell you about double-opt-in list management, to deliver valuable content and how to get your message delivered. But very few take a long, hard look at what to measure and how to use those numbers to make your email marketing as successful as it can be. Learn about personalization and segmenting; responses to those who abandon the shopping cart and statistically prove how well email is increasing awareness, building interest, populating your sales cycle, and generating revenue.


General Session
results of 3 outcomes and conference wrap up

Jim Sterne, Chairman of eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit

Jim Sterne along with facilitators of the 3 Outcomes Round Table Discussions will reveal what people have accomplished at the conference and what they plan to accomplish as a result.

Predictive Analytics Training - Thursday & Friday, 3-4 April

9:00 - 5:00 — Both Days.
Including one-hour lunch break and two 20-minute coffee breaks
Thursday, 3 April - SIMCOE ROOM

Business metrics do a great job summarizing the past. But if you want to predict how customers will respond in the future, there is one place to turn: Predictive analytics. By learning from your abundant historical data, predictive analytics provides the marketer something beyond standard business reports and sales forecasts: actionable predictions for each customer. Attendees receive a course materials book and an official Prediction Impact certificate of completion at the conclusion of the Predictive Analytics for Business, Marketing and Web training program. See details and register here.


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