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Toronto, April 26-29, 2011

Wednesday April 27th

A BIG Picture Look How Media Companies Must Evolve

Colin Coleman, Ph.D., Senior Director Data Strategy, Turner Broadcasting System

Since the invention of the printing press, radio, motion pictures and television media companies have had to respond and evolve to meet the ever changing demands of their audience and the advertising marketplace. Today, those changes include new cross-platform business models and advertising currencies, rapidly changing technologies, as well as a multitude of technologies used to create, distribute and measure content across a number of delivery channels. In addition to these challenges, media companies are maturing in their use of data to drive the business and the internal capabilities required to support this. This Keynote presentation provides a BIG picture look at how media companies of today are moving from “traditional” to “new media” modes of engagement.

Colin Coleman, Ph.D., Senior Director Data Strategy, Turner Broadcasting System and co-Chair of the WAA Media Analytics Special Interest Group. At 5:00 PM the Summit officially opens with this keynote and panel discussion Then we’ll mix it up at the Mad Men (and Women) Reception until 7:30 PM and yes, Mad Men attire is encouraged.

Thursday April 28th

The Human Side of Marketing Analytics

Jim Sterne, eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit

We have more data than we can integrate and more tools than we can manage. The raw material and the technology are abundant. But what about the human side of leveraging customer interaction information? How does an analyst start with customer data and end up with customer insights? Jim offers some thinking about thinking, some insights into the creation of insights and some practical advice about applying yourself and managing others in this data-driven but highly creative world.

Managing Marketing Metrics at eBay

Bob Page, VP Analytics, eBay

What does it mean and what does it take to become data-driven? Processes, people, tools? A successful analytics program requires more than asking what happened, but also why, and what to do about it. Bob provides a peek inside the world's largest online marketplace for how big data is managed. He delivers some of the insights uncovered, lessons learned, and some thoughts on what lies ahead, both for eBay and the analytics industry. Bob’s 15 years experience and full understanding of the power of data will help you better understand the impact that analytics could have on the success of your business.

Thursday will wrap up with more networking at the Web Analytics Wednesday on Thursday Reception from 6:00 to 7:30 PM, followed by our traditional gathering of night owls who just can’t stop talking shop in the lobby bar.

Friday April 29th

Bringing it all together

Shari Cleary, Vice President, Digital Media Research, MTV Networks

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