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Media Analytics and Optimization [Media]

Toronto, April 26-29, 2011

Video, web TV, social media, mobile web and mobile apps are just a few new media and platforms offering today’s now-generation of new-media consumers a rich playground for participation, interaction, or simple passive consumption giving way to a new era of audience and advertising measures.

Just as human ingenuity is fueling the unbundling of “old media”, it’s also fueling the rise of a new media discipline – media analytics and optimization.

Media Analytics is an evolving discipline focused on the collection, measurement and evaluation of data resulting from cross-media, multi-platform experiences and transactions. Its goals not only include the understanding of media usage, but also the value of usage from advertising consumed and revenues produced. Members of the Web Analytics Association Media Special Interest Group act as program advisors to this track.

Join the Media Analytics and Optimization LinkedIn Group
Join the Media Analytics and Optimization LinkedIn Group Join the Media Analytics and Optimization LinkedIn Group.

Wednesday, April 27th • 5:00 – 6:40pm • Media Analytics

5:10 – 5:45 Keynote

A Big Picture Look How Media Companies Must Evolve

Colin Coleman, Sr Director Data Strategy, Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc.

Since the invention of the printing press, radio, motion pictures and television media companies have had to respond and evolve to meet the ever changing demands of their audience and the advertising marketplace. Today, those changes include new cross-platform business models and currencies, rapidly changing technologies, as well as a multitude of technologies used to create, distribute and measure content across a number of delivery channels. In addition to these challenges, media companies are maturing in their use of data to drive the business and the internal capabilities required to support this. This Keynote presentation provides a BIG picture look at how media companies of today are moving from “traditional” to “new media” modes of engagement.

5:50 – 6:40 General Session Panel

Convergence and the State of Audience Measurement

Moderated by: Jim Sterne, Founder, eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit
Mark Dykeman, Manager, Digital Research, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Bryan Segal, VP Sales, comScore, Inc

The advertising business used to change frequently, now it changes in the blink of an eye. If you are selling ads, buying ads, calculating audience size, gauging audience response or have any other role in this reeling realm of digital campaign development and deployment, this session will help you get a handle on combining the variety of advertising measurement methods.

Thursday, April 28th • Media Analytics

1:15 – 2:10

[Media-a1] Governance and Organizational Structure

Moderated by: Jim Sterne, eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit
Shari Cleary, VP of Digital Media Research, MTVN Entertainment & Games
David McBride, Director Business Intelligence, Comcast Interactive Media

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. But how do you manage the people who are measuring your online media? A wide variety of data calls for a wide variety of skills and people. Who owns the numbers? Who determines priorities? Who administers the budget? Who controls the flow of information? This session looks at how companies are setting up processes and procedures to manage the measurement, set the guidelines and share the lessons learned.

2:15 – 3:00

[Media-a2] The Value of Data

Moderated by: Colin Coleman, Sr. Director Data Strategy, Turner Broadcasting
Valerie Rome Heys, Director of Analytics, SRDS
Colin Coleman, Sr. Director Data Strategy, Turner Broadcasting
Laura Evans, Director, Research and Analytics, The Washington Post

Audience data is swiftly transforming from a resource for consideration to an enterprise asset. More abundant than ever, data is produced at each touch point across multiple platforms providing new opportunities for segmenting, targeting and re-targeting. Media groups are experimenting with new revenue models for monetizing data. But what is the value of the data itself? While there are short term benefits of buying/selling data today, what is the long term impact on the value of the organization? Attend this session to get first-hand insight into how the value of data is evolving in media organizations today and how to manage this new corporate asset.

Friday, April 29th • Media Analytics

9:40 – 10:30

[Media-b1] Managing Multiple Measurement Technologies

Moderated by: Mike Sukmanowsky, Manager, Digital Analytics,
Mike Sukmanowsky, Manager, Digital Analytics,
Jim Olstrom, VP Digital Analytics – Kids & Family, MTV Networks Inc
Melaine Fuentes, Business Metrics Manager, The Huffington Post

All of those measurement technologies are the outcome of so many measurement methods. This is where the demands of the marketing research department and the supply of the IT department rub up against each other – and often the friction becomes heated. How does an organization keep up with the ever changing technologies used to measure media or deliver content and the variety of measurement systems used to track that content across various platforms? How many tags, beacons and heartbeat systems can an organization feasibly deploy and maintain within the realms of fixed budgets, headcount and time? Are there any tricks to minimizing the impact of each new tracking system, or does each new measurement system incrementally increase workload? Come hear how some organizations are prioritizing and deploying their resources and technologies to handle the increasing demands placed upon them.

11:00 – 12:00

[Media-b2] Video: Internal, Syndicated and Distributed

Moderated by: Shari Cleary, VP of Digital Media Research, MTVN Entertainment & Games
Amy Sample, Director of Web Analytics, Public Broadcasting Systems (PBS)
Shari Cleary, VP of Digital Media Research, MTVN Entertainment & Games
Jeff Whatcott, VP Marketing, Brightcove

Mobile marketing metrics are hot, but video is where the money is at the moment. And where there's money, there's a serious need to track the return on investment. Videos take money to make and to distribute. Promoting them requires talent, time and, yes, more money. So the discussion about measuring the impact of video is boisterous. Reach, impact, campaign performance and audience identification are all on the table. How do you get an apples-to-apples comparison of one video across multiple platforms? Join us for some hope, some disappointments and some surprises.

1:15 – 2:05

[Media-b3] Customer Segmentation

Moderated by: David McBride, Director Business Intelligence, Comcast Interactive Media
Sina Zapfe, Research Officer, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Paul Street, Senior Director of Research, CTV Television Inc.

In a world of three television channels, the hardest decision was choosing which day part to run your ad. Now, the art of strategic audience segmentation involves a myriad of data sets to slice and dice. This session reviews the best ways and means for finely targeting audiences without stumbling into data overload or analysis paralysis. How much data is too much? How important is demographics when behavioral targeting can ignore postal codes? What are the best practices for designing a methodology of segmentation?

2:10 – 3:00

[Media-b4] Transmedia and Multi-Channel Media Experiences

Moderated by: Maura Hanley, President, BigReach Learning
Jeff Adelson-Yan, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Levelwing
Guinevere Orvis, Senior Producer, Interactive Media, CBC Revenue Group

Transmedia is the art of using different channels to tell different parts of your story, be it brand, game or pure artistry. Entice them on television, hook them on YouTube, interact through the website, have your characters communicate directly through a character blog, engaging them in deeper levels of fandom through each medium. This revolution will be Tweeted, and then some. But how do you measure success? This panel shares how they combine metrics from a variety of platforms for measuring the non-linear, cross-media content and campaigns.

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