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Co-Marketing Opportunities

Thank you for sponsoring The eMetrics Summit! We are excited to have your support and want to make sure that your sponsorship is a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

We know that exhibiting at a conference can be stressful. As a sponsor you need to be focused on reaching the targeted group of professionals that The eMetrics Summit brings together. When you are exhibiting at the event, your priority is to have meaningful conversations with these people to collect quality leads.

The information on this page is here to help you easily promote your presence as a sponsor at The eMetrics Summit to your network and potential clients. If you have any other questions specifically regarding your sponsor guidelines, contracts, order forms or delivery instructions, you may contact Chrissie Cinquegrano at ccinquegrano [at] risingmedia [dot] com.

In order to make your life easier and ensure that the right attendees are stopping by your booth, we have put together a series of materials that you can use as a sponsor to help spread the word.

Drive Attendance to the Event and Be Rewarded!
Promote your discount code to your prospects and customers and be rewarded for your efforts. After only 2 registrations (using your discount code) your company will be rewarded $150 off per attendee. If your outreach returns 10 paid attendees, then your credit equals $1350! Credits can be used towards unpaid invoice balances, additional registrations, 2014 sponsorships, or additional sponsorship opportunities for current participating event.
Credits and refunds will not be applied to registrations or invoices that are currently paid in full.
*Registrations using your code must be paid and confirmed before February 10, 2014 to qualify for this contest.

Here’s how you can get started!

Here is a sampling of methods we have prepared for you to implement quickly and easily to reach your audience:

Remember that you can always think out-side of the box for other communication avenues that may better suit your target audience.

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Your email list is sure to contain a number of leads that you have yet to close. These people may be in attendance at The eMetrics Summit. Use this email piece to help direct email contacts to your booth so that you can have a one-on-one conversation with them.

Email Jill McGinnity at jmcginnity [at] risingmedia [dot] com to request your custom email HTML file.

Increase your reach! Deploy this co-branded email piece to your contact lists and be sure to customize your company information and dedicated discount code. The more of your contacts that register for The eMetrics Summit using your discount code, the bigger your reward!

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The twitter-verse is a massive place and eMetrics attendees are some of its most active tweeters! Many of your followers may be just one face-to-face conversation away from turning into hot leads. Use these sample tweets to gather them around your booth so you don’t miss the chance to connect with them.

Double your reach! Use our Twitter handle @emetrics in your tweets and we will re-tweet it to our followers.

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Facebook is the largest social network around and it’s full of eMetrics attendees for you to reach! Use these sample Facebook posts to alert your FB community that you will be exhibiting at eMetrics.

Double your reach! Tag our Facebook page, eMetrics Summit, in your post and we will re-share it on our page as well.

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Digital networking hub, Linked In, is a professional yet personal way to connect with your colleagues- and of course the eMetrics crowd! You can easily share the link to the eMetrics Summit event page through your own LinkedIn page. Add your own comments to the page to make sure Linked In connections will stop by your booth at eMetrics.

Don’t forget to click attending on the event page as well!

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Does your company have an official blog? If so, send us any entries relevant to eMetrics topicswhich are tied to your event presence and we’ll promote them for you via the eMetrics social media channels. Posts should be informational and insightful rather than strictly promotional.

Send all blog postings to Jill McGinnity at jmcginnity [at] risingmedia [dot] com for review. If approved, we’ll promote the post via eMetrics social media channels.

Double your reach! Once we promote your post on eMetrics social media channels, don’t forget to re-tweet or share with your communities!

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Logos, badges & banners

Use these images below to promote your presence at eMetrics to your audience.

Link the logos, badges & banners on your site using the images below. To use for your website, emails, and other communications, copy and paste the HTML and add to your site.

eMetrics Summit

eMetrics Summit

eMetrics Summit

eMetrics Summit

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If you have any questions about exhibitor marketing opportunities, contact Jill McGinnity at jmcginnity [at] risingmedia [dot] com.

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