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Washington DC 2009

Tuesday, October 20 • 9:45 - 10:15 am • Presentation 1

Accelerated Darwinism Online and the Evolution of Web Metrics

Plaza B&C

Larry Freed, President and CEO, ForeSee Results

Have your metrics kept up with the lightning-quick pace of online evolution during a recession? The web is no longer a place where success comes easily; it’s an ultra-competitive environment where only the strong survive. The good news is that the right complement of online metrics can help you make decisions that will keep your business healthy and able to keep pace, IF you know what they are and how to use them. Join Larry Freed to learn more.

Tuesday, October 20 • 10:15 - 10:30 am • Presentation 2

Exploiting Emerging Business Opportunities with Meaning Based Marketing

Plaza B&C

Andy Jenks, CEO, Autonomy Optimost

The more you understand your customers and their behavior, the better you can market to them. However, most approaches to understanding online customers are limiting, as data is analyzed long after the initial touch point when the opportunity has already vanished. This session will show how you can use Meaning Based Marketing to automatically understand customer behavior and information, uncover new trends, and capitalize on profitable business opportunities at the speed you need to stay competitive. You will learn how to discover and generate new customer segments, identify emerging keywords to optimize against, and determine the best way to market to your customers using multivariable testing and adaptive targeting. Examples of how companies are doing this today will be shared during this session.

Tuesday, October 20 • 1:50 - 2:00 pm • Presentation 3

Breaking Down Silos: Correlating Visitor Behavior with Site Response Time

Plaza B&C

David Millrod, Managing Partner, Technology Leaders

Using products like SiteCatalyst, Google Analytics, and WebTrends you can get great information on what visitors are doing on your site. When visitors abandon or fail to convert however, these products can rarely answer the key question, “Why?” An estimated one-third of the time the answer is basic: slow response time. Learn about how Technology Leaders has integrated site response time metrics into the leading web analytics platforms as a powerful way to reduce abandonment and increase conversion.

Tuesday, October 20 • 2:30 - 3:00 pm • Presentation 4

Google Gold Sponsor Presentation

Plaza B&C

Description TBA

Wednesday, October 21 • 9:50 - 10:20 am • Presentation 5

Socialize Your Marketing

Plaza B&C

Aseem Chandra, Senior VP of Product Marketing, Omniture

As emerging customer interaction channels - such as mobile, video and social media - continue to proliferate, the marketer's view of the customer continues to fragment. Customers expect to be able to interact with your business via the channel that is most convenient to them. At the same time, marketers are being held accountable for not just the initial touch, but for the end-to-end customer experience. This session highlights the challenges marketers face in engaging customers across multiple interaction channels, and discusses several case studies of customers that have successfully overcome these challenges.

Wednesday, October 21 • 1:50 - 2:00 pm • Presentation 6

New Developments in Interactive Marketing

Plaza B&C

Andrew Hally, Vice President of Product Marketing, Unica Corporation

As visitors and customers interact with your web site and react to your marketing programs, they’re telling you a lot about their individual interests and needs. Listening and responding with web content and email that are relevant to them individually can make your marketing more personal, engaging and effective. But many marketers have been held back by the cost, complexity, and time for integrating their different vendors together via APIs and custom integration. In this session, Unica will introduce an exciting new product that overcomes the barriers to more personalized marketing.

Wednesday, October 21 • 5:50 - 6:00 pm • Presentation 7

Does Your Audience Wear a Tie, a Blouse or Knickers?

Plaza B&C

René Dechamps Otamendi, CEO, NextStage Analytics

Is your marketing material geared to men or women? Young or Old? College educated or high school dropout? Hispanic or Asian-American? And can you prove it? Be one of the first to see NextStage's Advertising Intelligence tool. In about 30 seconds NextStage Advertising Intelligence can tell you who your material will impact and how strongly.

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