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eMetrics Walk-In Clinics

Washington DC

Tuesday, October 20

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Track Description:
Attend one of three clinics, depending on your ailment of the moment. Bring your aches, your pains, your boils and bunions - the Doctor is IN. These are not presentations, but real-time, straight from the horse's mouth, best practices advice on how to conquer the demons that possess you. Choose from:

Wednesday, October 21 • 3:20 - 4:10 pm • eMetrics Clinic 1

The Business of "Doing" Digital Analytics Clinic

Plaza B&C

Eric T. Peterson, Web Analytics Demystified

A wise man once said "it's not the tool, it's how you use it" and if he wasn't thinking of web analytics he certainly should have been.  Time and time again practitioners and business owners alike are dismayed by the lack of results delivered by software alone, but software alone doesn't get the job done.  The business of "doing" digital analytics depends on having the right tool in the right hands with the right plan. Bring your organizational, systemic and personnel issues to this clinic for Eric's advice on using analytics for competitive advantage.

Wednesday, October 21 • 3:20 - 4:10 pm • eMetrics Clinic 2

Optimizing the Non-Ecommerce Website

Plaza A

Alex Langshur, PublicInsite

Vicky Brock, Highland Business Research

If you don't have a "shopping cart" on your website... If you don't have "customers"... If you hear one more person offer advice about how to increase your conversion rate, you're going to Tweet them in the Facebook until they Bing... then this Clinic is for you. Alex and Vicky are on hand with remedies for your ailments and advice on curing what ails you, soothing the pain and planning on a speedy recovery. Your goals may be as varied as shareholder satisfaction, offline print cost reduction, information provision or public service. Alex and Vicky focus their experience and wisdom on your unique goals to find appropriate success measures. They stand ready to consider your condition in regards to web analytics, search engine optimization and help translate the dialogue between your visitors and your site. This is the place for valuable and easy-to-understand information that you can use to turn this knowledge into action.

Wednesday, October 21 • 3:20 - 4:10 pm • eMetrics Clinic 3

Conversion Clinic


Bryan Eisenberg, Future Now, Inc.

Want to improve the results on the business end of your website? In the blink of an eye, Bryan Eisenberg can tell you six ways your website is hurting your sales efforts. Author of a series of best sellers, Bryan invented "persuasion architecture" which creates a methodology around the forehead-slappingly obvious dictum that you should build websites for the people who visit them. If your ad, landing page, navigation and shopping cart have any bumps that keep people from buying, Bryan can find them and tell you the simplest way to test new possibilities. Help your tired, poor, huddled masses of visitors by following Bryan's advice. The results are always revenue enhancing.

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