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Data Delving Track

Washington DC

Wednesday, October 21

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Track Description:
Data mining, data diving and predictive analytics are now part and parcel of a marketer's tool set. Now that statisticians are part of the marketing team, it's your responsibility to understand what they do well enough to manage them. Managing your marketing by the numbers means having a good grasp of the ins and outs of data mining, data modeling, regression trees, and a whole host of statistical methods to make numbers reveal their secrets. But fear not, our team of experts use plain business language to explain how the data you collect from any source can be used to optimize your marketing.

Moderator: Marko Hurst, Colangelo

Wednesday, October 21 • 11:10- 12:00 pm • Data Delving 1

How to Use Multivariate Testing to Discover What Works (and What Doesn't!)


Paul Terry, Primedia, Inc.

Wondering how to get started in optimizing your website? Maybe you've dabbled in multivariate testing a little, but you are still not sure on how to proceed. Paul shares the top lessons learned from a career in web analytics. Learn from his experience in implementing tests, interpreting results and selecting the right solution for your needs. Wherever you are in the testing spectrum, you'll come away from this session with a deep appreciation of what it takes to succeed in website optimization.

Wednesday, October 21 • 2:10 - 3:00 pm • Data Delving 2

Event Driven Architecture Drives Sallie Mae


Eric Bruner, Sallie Mae

Whether it's dynamic marketing, website performance, fraud detection or just plain old customer service, event-driven architecture can be used to promote the production, detection, consumption of and reaction to events. Eric shares his years of experience in IT and his experience in marketing, integrating a wide variety of data. He has melded customer experience information, website performance monitoring statistics, promotion attribution calculations, and customer opinion data into a complex event processing engine enabling data to be correlated on and acted upon in real-time. Why? When you're processing thousands of loans an hour, you need to be able to react quickly.

Wednesday, October 21 • 4:15 - 5:00 pm • Data Delving 3

Tell Me Something I Don't Know: Data Discovery


Neil Mason, Foviance

This is the assignment Neil once got from a client. "Tell me something that I don't know" is the definition of data mining - discovering unexpected patterns and relationships in data. In this session Neil explores the approach to insight generation through data mining and predictive analytical technologies. Using real world case studies he covers the ins and outs of data mining analytics on digital data, which types of techniques can be used to solve which kinds of problems and some of the challenges that you will inevitable face along the way. Discover what your data can tell you if you ask it the right questions.

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