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Emetrics Summit: The Big Picture

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Marketing Optimization Track

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Marketing is not a brochure - it's a series of customer processes. So many processes, so little time:

  • Acquisition Optimization
  • Navigation Optimization
  • Persuasion Optimization
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Loyalty Optimization
  • ROI Optimization

Marketing Optimization 1: SEO & SEM & On-Site Search Panel

Dan Perry, Career Education Corporation
Trey Robinson, Charles Schwab

Analyzing the search engine traffic gives important insight into the ways web visitors find websites. Once at the site, many of them rely on the site search to find the relevant information within the site. Putting the analysis of the two types of search traffic together from search engines and from site search can help optimize a site holistically by improving the user experience while focusing on achieving the site's business goals.

How do you analyze current site conversion patterns, revamp the conversion process to lift potential ROI, and retest paid search ads? This is the session to find out.

Marketing Optimization 2: Multivariate Panel

Eelco van Kuik, Arroba Web Analyse
Regis Hadiaris, Quicken Loans
Rathin Sinha,

Getting the most out of multivariate testing means knowing the ropes: fractional design, Taguchi method, predictive analysis, landing page optimization, AdWord optimization, conversion optimization, segment identification - it's a big subject. Poor experimental design and impractical implementation issues can negate all that hard work. Our panel is made up of professionals who have made the most of a variety of tools to optimize each step of the conversion process.

Marketing Optimization 3: Front Line Reports

A. Website Optimization: The Next Frontier in Driving Revenue Growth and ROI

Roger Anderson, Monster Worldwide

Millions of dollars, both online and offline, are invested to generate demand and get visitors to your site. Dramatic revenue and profit gains can be achieved from website optimization activities and these companies reveal how the applied leading-edge ideas, techniques, and technologies to optimize traffic and conversion rates, drive incremental revenue, and drive down the cost per action.

B. Measuring ROI to Generate New Rx Prescriptions

John Glascott, RealAge Inc

Pharmaceutical prescriptions have a very long/complex sales cycle involving condition education, doctor visits, and who pays (insurance or patient). Many aspects of online marketing are measurable, but not to the new prescription level. Permission based email delivers hand-raisers seeking additional information about specific conditions with 100% target composition and is measurable to the new prescription level. Sequential weekly condition education email series have been clinically shown to motivate health behavior changes (peer reviewed academic journal article).

Marketing Optimization 4: Deep Number Panel - Using Advanced Analytics to Optimize Acquisition

Sonia Chung, Digitas
Saqib Mausoof,

Presentation will include a summary of advanced analytics techniques to use for online acquisition. Examples from a wireless company to include:

  • Fractional factorial testing to optimize Search
  • CHAID analysis to select keywords
  • Regression analysis to identify drivers of acquisition
  • Value based metrics to select websites for banner placement
  • Ongoing test and learn

Marketing Optimization 5: Beyond Email Opens and Clicks. Using "Customer Engagement Metrics"

Joel Book, ExactTarget, Inc.

In its recently published report, "The Top Marketing Technologies in 2005," Forrester Research noted that "CRM is reemerging as a basic business enabler for revenue acceleration and retention management, and email is the core enabling technology." As email becomes an increasingly more valuable tool for customer acquisition, growth, and retention, marketers need an expanded set of metrics to measure and manage their customer portfolio.

  • What are "Customer Engagement Metrics" and how to calculate them?
  • How do you apply Customer Engagement Metrics for advanced segmentation and targeting?
  • Who is using Customer Engagement Metrics to drive sales and loyalty?

Marketing Optimization 6: An Olympic Effort

Tom Masterman, Internet Broadcasting

For two weeks every two years, one web site becomes the world's largest sporting site overnight. Learn about the best practices in implementation and analytics processes that allowed Internet Broadcasting to help and its 200+ local TV affiliates' web sites go for the gold. From tagging taxonomies and metrics definitions, to rollups, scorecards, executive reporting and SWAT teams, you'll hear about the lessons learned that can help you plan for any site's success.

Marketing Optimization 7: Waiting For Your Cat to Bark?: Persuading Customers When They Ignore Marketing

Bryan Eisenberg, Future Now Inc.

Analysts and Business Owners frequently have trouble separating the noise from the signal in their data. They often hit glass ceilings optimizing for conversion rates. A Conversion Marketing Expert and the inventor of Persuasion Architecture (TM) guides you through the full vernacular of funnel metrics, developing personas for persuasion, persuasive scenario design and how to get your customers to respond to your marketing efforts.

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