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Santa Barbara 2006


Archived Summit
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Jessica Baayen, Product Manager, Live.com

At Microsoft, Jessica has specialized in listening to the voice of the customer primarily through consumer feedback. She has worked with different companies, software solutions, and with internal Microsoft teams to develop a set of best practices in this space which she uses to guide product plans and development decisions. Jessica travelled all over the world in order to understand Internet user needs and behavior in markets as far flung as China, Japan, Germany, Brazil, and Australia.

Xavier Casanova, Founder/CEO, Perenety

Xavier founded Perenety in 2006, a new VC-backed Web 2.0 software startup located in Silicon Valley. Prior to founding Perenety, Xavier founded Fireclick in 1998, a premier Web analytics company acquired by Digital River in 2004 (NASD: DRIV). As the head of product, client services and support at Fireclick has worked with the largest online businesses in the world (Gap, RadioShack, Home Shopping Network, Hotels.com, etc.), created innovative tools (site overlay tools, online business benchmarking, real time data warehousing) and was awarded multiple patents. He also maintains a Weblog where he shares his insights on entrepreneurship, eCommerce and Web analytics: Coffee, Sun and Technology ( www.coffeesuntechnology.com).

Stacey Coopes, VP of Marketing, FordDirect.com

Since 2003, Stacey has led the online marketing efforts of FordDirect, a joint venture between Ford Motor Company and its dealers. FordDirect manages the configuration, inventory and quick quote functionality for the FordVehicles.com website. Over the past two years, Ford & FordDirect have made significant improvements in lead conversion and sales driven by advanced analytics on the site. Her current efforts focus on extending these learnings into the contextual marketing and paid search space.

Prior to joining FordDirect, Stacey served as a senior manager in Deloitte Consulting's Automotive Customer Relationship Management practice area. She provided consulting services to key automotive clients including General Motors and DaimlerChrysler.

Scott Fasser, Chief Digital Strategist, Brand Digital

Scott has over 15 years experience in building successful businesses in a variety of industries including: e-commerce (Amazon.com), Digital Marketing (Avenue A & Brand Digital, Inc.), Internet Entertainment (WON.net), Consumer Entertainment Software (Sierra) and Recycling/Solid Waste Management (Rabanco Recycling). Scott breathed life into the paid search program at RealNetworks, designed, executed & analyzed over 35 cross-selling tests while driving the on-site marketing of the Apparel channel launch on Amazon.com, and Launched the Customer Insight Group, Vital Signs Web Analytics product and Atlas Institute at Avenue A. Oh, and he's climbed Mount Rainer.

Steve Hall, Marketing Manager, ProSight

Steve is responsible for ProSight's corporate marketing activities, with a focus on ProSight's corporate marketing infrastructure and communications. Prior to joining ProSight, Steve served as a Marketing Manager for Opus Solutions, a leading marketing agency for technology organizations. In addition, Steve started his career with the Seattle Mariners as the director of the team's in-game promotional marketing efforts. Steve holds a BA Business Administration from the University of Puget Sound.

Clint Ivy, Manager, Performance Analysis, Disney Online

Since 2003, Clint has been responsible for web analytics at Disney Online. As Disney Online’s expert in web analytics, Clint oversees the integration of web analytics services into Disney Online’s websites, provides consulting to internal teams on the uses and best practices of web analytics and is the primary advocate for its use as a business tool within the organization. In 2005, he led the Walt Disney Internet Group to join the Web Analytics Association as a Founding Corporate Member. Prior to joining Disney in 2000 Clint worked at Gateway, Inc. as a Work Force Analyst.

Amanda Kahlow, Founder, Experient

For the past two years, Amanda has been the Senior Web Analytic and User Behavior Consultant to Cisco Systems. A recognized author on Web analytics and User Research, Amanda has been a strategic Web advisor to more than 20 Fortune 500 companies. She has special dispensation from Cisco to spill some very interesting beans.

Avinash Kaushik, Sr. Manager of Web Research & Analytics, Intuit

In his role at Intuit Avinash is responsible for the business, technical and strategic elements of the Web Research & Analytics platform that supports more than 50 Intuit websites. The “Trinity” platform empowers Intuit to drive for optimal Outcomes from Experience and Behavior analysis that is rooted in Customer Satisfaction.

Prior to joining Intuit in 2002 his professional career has focused on Decision Support Systems at Fortune 500 companies such as DirecTV Broadband, Silicon Graphics Inc & DHL in Asia, Middle East and the US.

Josh Manion, Founder, Stratigent

Josh runs a consulting firm that's focused exclusively on web analytics. He has lead web analytics efforts for dozens of leading online firms and Membership Co-Chair of the Web Analytics Association. Josh has a Management Science degree from MIT where he researched website usability & online trading optimization. Josh, an International Master, is currently ranked in the top 50 chess players in the US.

Igor Nesmyanovich, PhD, CISSP, Director, Business Intelligence, dthree Inc.

Igor joined dthree inc. in 2002 where he leads the research and development for the company's internet consumer intelligence service and is responsible for scalability, security and reliability. Igor began his career as a scientist working for the Soviet space exploration program. Since 1985 his area of expertise has been Information Technology. Igor’s career has included senior IT management roles in industries as diverse as banking as and multimedia. He built and managed the online technology team during the start-up of e-commerce at Dell Canada. Igor graduated from Kiev University in 1978 and received his Ph.D. in physics and mathematics from the Academy of Science USSR in 1985.

Jim Novo, Owner, The Drilling Down Project

Jim is an interactive customer retention, defection, and loyalty expert with nearly 20 years of experience generating exceptional returns on customer marketing program investments. His professional career has been focused on introducing Data-Driven marketing to new industries from cable television in the 80s to TV shopping in the 90s and now to the Internet.

Bob Page, Sr. Director, Yahoo! Analytical Products

Since 2004, Bob has been with Yahoo!'s Strategic Data Solutions group, a team that provides web analytics technology and services to Yahoo!'s many web properties and partners. Currently he manages a team developing products for analysts and decision makers. Prior to Yahoo, Bob was CTO and co-founder of Accrue Software, a pioneer in large-scale web analytics.

John Quarto-vonTivadar, Chief Technology Officer of Future Now, Inc.

A former rocket scientist literally with NASA, John Quarto-vonTivadar is the author of a quarter-dozen books on technology. John is Chief Technology Officer of Future Now, Inc., and co-Chair of the Web Analytics Association Research Committee, which recently publicized his latest white paper “AB Testing: Too Little, Too Early?” His upcoming book, “Persuasion Architecture” will be available this summer.

Jim Sterne, President, Target Marketing

Since 1994, Jim Sterne has devoted all of his attention to the Internet as a marketing medium. A consultant to Fortune 500 companies and Internet entrepreneurs, Jim focuses his twenty five years in sales and marketing on measuring the value of a website as a medium for creating and strengthening customer relationships. His is the author of six books including Web Metrics, Proven methods for Measuring Web Site Success, the producer of the Emetrics Summit and the Founding President of the Web Analytics Association.

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Every delegate received a copy of Eric T. Peterson's latest books: Web Site Measurement Hacks and The Big Book of Key Performance Indicators.

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