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eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit
Optimizing Online Marketing Value

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Washington D.C. 2007 Tracks

Track Descriptions | Schedule at a Glance | Speakers

Marketing Optimization Management Track

R.E.A.L. Reporting for the Real World

Jennifer Veesenmeyer, Stratigent

How do you create reports that are Relevant, Engaging, Actionable and Lean? Back by popular demand from San Francisco, Jennifer shares advanced techniques for clear, compelling reports. Numerous before-and-after examples showcase the power of thinking strategically about what you want to communicate and how to do it most effectively. This fast-paced session covers Xcelsius dashboards, the science of color, persuasive messaging, decision-making styles, and more. Arm yourself with dozens of practical tips for creating reports that engage executives and drive action.

Monday - 11:15 am - Empire Room

Advancing the Impact of Web Analytics

Bill Gassman, Research Analyst Gartner

Just buying tools or services is never enough. Achieving an effective Web channel performance management program requires a variety of technology, dedicated people and disciplined processes. What should you expect from Web analytics tools? Why do some organizations succeed while others fail? This presentation explains the different stages of maturity that organizations go through when using Web analytics tools, reviews best practices and provides tips on selecting the right tools to improve the yield of an organization's Web site.

Monday - 1:30 pm - Empire Room

The Metrics Team Brand

Kristen Findley, Ameriprise Financial

Back by popular demand, Kristen focuses on the 10 brand elements to apply to your internal metrics team to define their role and position within the organization or project. Advertise your team as those who know the industry and know the tools, but take this a step further with best practices and drive to move things forward. The metrics team is in an interesting and sometimes difficult position within an organization so characteristics like diplomacy and neutrality also come in handy!

Monday - 5:00 pm - Empire Room

Danger! Pothole Ahead! Tips on Detecting and Steering Clear of Web Analytics Potholes

June Li, Managing Director, ClickInsight

"Web analytics is difficult," say many active web analytics practitioners. And it's not just because of tools or lack of analysis skill. Potholes in the journey of optimization are unavoidable. If you think web analytics is a "set it and forget it" venture, you are in for a big surprise. Learn how to detect potholes, avoid them and handle them. Learn how to look for and engage other allies within your organization to combat pothole proliferation. Hear how analysts have handled setbacks and returned to triumph. Take away tips for uncovering your next best bet pothole-free project win.

Tuesday - 11:15 am - Empire Room

Successful Career Management Strategies for Web Analytics Professionals

James Gardner, Aquent & June Dershewitz

If you're like most busy web analytics professionals, you don't give much thought to managing your career. And yet, knowing what you want and having a plan to get it are critical to your personal happiness and professional success. Meet representatives from both sides of the career equation: James, a staffing industry representative who deals with both employers and professionals, and June, a successful web analyst with interesting "real-world" insights. Together they will share strategies for defining your goals and assessing how to achieve them. Invest some time in yourself as James and June help you find and manage your career path as a web analytics professional!

Tuesday - 1:30 pm - Empire Room

It Takes a Village to do Web Analytics

Dylan Lewis, Intuit

Whether you are a team of one, or one of nine, building web analytics strength in an organization is a journey of a thousand steps. Dylan will share some of the paths he has traveled and expose some of the rocks he has tripped over. Enlisting volunteers, training a team, finding local like minded individuals, and building momentum are all required skills for building a web analytics community within your organization. Leave this session with two things you can take back and put into action right away to build your village.

Tuesday - 4:00 pm - Empire Room

Monetization & Prioritization

Jason Burby, Director of Web Analytics/Optimization, ZAAZ

Back by popular demand, Jason shares examples of monetization models to help overcome the age old analytics problem of a ton of data, but little action. Learn tips and tricks to get people excited about and see the value in the recommendations you uncover on your web site. Hear case studies about how companies have changed the way in which they act on data and prioritize opportunities. Their insights will make a serious difference when you return to your desk and put the process to work. Jason rolls out new case studies and goes deeper.

Tuesday - 5:00 pm - Empire Room

Get a Black Belt in Marketing Optimization and Increase Your Web Budget

Barbara Lewis, MarQuant Analytics

Advertising spend on the web in 2006 jumped nearly 20 percent to a whopping $10 billion, increasing the overall percentage of web media spend to over 6 percent as it seized share from traditional media. How can you get more budget in the web department? Barbara will kick off her marketing measurement presentation with an overview of how large corporations figure out what's working among the multitude of marketing activities and non-marketing factors both off and on the web and how they are interrelated. She'll slice through the econometrics jargon, so you'll understand the three foundational principles of marketing optimization. You'll learn five critical steps in the optimal marketing allocation calculation. Monday morning: you'll have the tools to kick up your web budget.

Wednesday - 11:10 am - Blue Prefunction Room

The Business Case for Web Analysts

Megan Burns, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research

To help companies decide whether or not to invest in full time Web analytics experts, we developed a model of the economic impact that these people have on an organization. Our research shows that hiring full-time Web analytics staff brings in enough incremental value to cover the extra costs several times over. This session will explain the ways in which dedicated Web analysts drive economic value in an organization, explain the model we developed to estimate that value for different scenarios, and provide advice on what skills and characteristics to look for when filling the analyst position.

Wednesday - 1:30 pm - Blue Prefunction Room

Don't Let Emetrics be the Only Metrics

Alex Eldemir

Most businesses operate in a world where online marketing is only part of the marketing mix and online transactions generate a relatively small percentage of revenue. Many companies are tempted to overemphasize emarketing because its closed loop nature simplifies measurement and accountability. Back by popular demand, Alex will provide frameworks and tips for measuring effectiveness and efficiency across the entire marketing portfolio so that emetrics are not carrying the burden of marketing accountability on their own.

Wednesday - 2:30 pm - Blue Prefunction Room

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