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eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit
Optimizing Online Marketing Value

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Washington D.C. 2007 Tracks

Track Descriptions | Schedule at a Glance | Speakers

Public Sector Online Success Track

What do Culture, Non-Humans and Aliens Have in Common?

Alex Langshur, Public Insite

Culture, language, aliens (or international visitors) and non-humans--should you care? The answer is yes. As more sites add multilingual content (especially Spanish language versions), expand their reach and grow in size it becomes increasingly important to understand the impact each visitor type has on the site. Using real life examples, Alex will show how cultural-, origin- and nature-based analysis can lead to unexpected visitor insights, avoid mistaken conclusions and lead to better outcomes. He’ll also demonstrate tools and techniques to present all this in a visually compelling way.

Tuesday - 1:30 pm - Executive Room

Measuring for Growth in a Non-Profit

Sue M.Citro, The Nature Conservancy

Each fiscal year, The Nature Conservancy's Digital Membership team creates a rigorous test plan for its web revenue program & all aimed at driving more web donations and a higher average gift. From employing and analyzing a variety of e-metrics, the online program boasts a three-figure average gift and continues to sustain annual growth over 55%. E-metrics critical to The Nature Conservancy's success include the utilization of:

Tuesday - 4:00 pm - Executive Room

Following the Social Butterfly in Metrics: Social Networking and Site Awareness

Joe Pagano, Library of Congress

Social networking can have a significant effect on traffic to content sites. What is the nature of that effect? How can it be tracked and measured? This session will give real life examples of how social networking has affected user traffic to content destinations outside of the social network realm. Some of real life experiences that will be shared and examined are: the *DIGG* effect; blog and email activity when introducing a new website; RSS as a traffic driver for content.

Tuesday - 5:00 pm - Executive Room

Measuring & Using Web 2.0 in non-profits & the public sector

Carie Lewis, The Humane Society of the United States

Although basic online advertising techniques are still around and have been proven effective, we're all seeing that we can't afford to ignore Web 2.0. But what is it, how do you use it, and how do you know if it's worth your time? Observe case studies from The Humane Society of the United States on how they implement web 2.0 campaigns, then measure their success and make decisions based on results. You'll walk away with an understanding of:

Tuesday - 5:00 pm - Executive Room

Measuring and Improving Customer Satisfaction with Social Security's FAQ's eService

Tim Evans U.S. Social Security Administration

Gilbert Guillen U.S. Social Security Administration

The Social Security Administration (SSA) receives over just under 7 million visits per month and over 1.2 million visitors per month end up using our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) eService. The FAQ therefore has a critical role in helping to deflect high-cost contacts to the web channel. Come find out how the SSA mines FAQ usage statistics, customer segmentation models and customer intention and behavior monitoring to improve overall site satisfaction, drive down costs and track ROI.

Wednesday - 11:10 am - Executive Room

Treating Customers Differently Using Advanced Segmentation Techniques

Jeff Wynne, Blue Beacon Consulting

There is a lot of customer information scattered across different data sources. Web logs, emails, call centers, surveys, third party data sources, legacy systems, all of these can contain valuable data that can be used to generate a fuller picture of your customer. But how do you normalize this information to be sure your comparing “apples to apples”? And how do you leverage this data to understand needs based customer segments? Jeff will share some of his real-life insights on how using customer segmentation has lead to improved the customer experience and had a positive impact across key operational metrics.

Wednesday - 11:10 am - Executive Room

Using Analytics to Build Support for and Promote a Social Media Strategy in the Public Sector

Pierre Wielezynski, The World Bank

By now we all have a good handle on site metrics. We track page views, conversions, uniques etc...but is that the full picture? What about what's happening outside or your site? Do you know if the blogs, social networks and other media sharing sites are talking about your brand, your programs or the issues that matter to you? How do you factor them in your web strategy and, more broadly, in the organization's strategy? What are the tools, methodologies and practices you can put in place to get your organization up to speed? What are the barriers you must overcome? What are some of the indicators you must pay attention to? Pierre Guillaume Wielezynski will share his experience at the World Bank and will present the BuzzMonitor, an open source social media aggregator designed to facilitate adoption of social media. The presentation will be followed by a discussion amongst public sector officials.

Wednesday - 1:30 pm - Executive Room

Non-Transactional Website Success by the Numbers: How the Scottish Government Measured the World to get Scots and Scotland Enthusiasts to "Come Home to Scotland"

Vicky Brock, Highland Business Research

Using online measurement to identify and count the Scottish diaspora and "AffinityScots" worldwide, using social network analysis based on online cross referral patterns to identify the key connectors and influencers and using primary online and qualitative research to understand what they feel about Scotland and what would trigger them to visit, the Scottish Government is trying to lure as many as possible to "Come Home to Scotland" in 2009. Vicky will share how they used Touchgraphs based on Google connections, and Alexa, Quantcast and Hitwise to understand comparative traffic levels. By factoring in propensity-to-travel scores gained from the qualitative research, they reduced their communication field down from 30 million unknowns, to 500 named influencers for targeting. And then on Tuesday....

Wednesday - 2:30 pm - Executive Room

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