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eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit
Optimizing Online Marketing Value

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Washington D.C. 2007 Tracks

Track Descriptions | Schedule at a Glance | Speakers

Vendor Showcase & Demo Track

You’ll be meeting the experts and sharing with your peers. You will also be learning about the latest tools and services directly from the vendors. Yes, you can still collect an inflatable this and a light-up that in the exhibit hall, but the Vendor Showcase & Demo Track is the place for a sit-down demo. What do these products look like? How do they work? You’ll walk away with a clear picture of which tools and services can help you.

Consumers Take Control: Transforming the Four P’s of Marketing to the Four R’s

Greg Drew, WebTrends

With brands in the hands of consumers, it’s vital to approach customer engagement and acquisition in a whole new way. Find out how the traditional Four P’s of marketing (Product, Price, Place and Promotion) are transforming into the Four R’s of marketing communications (Reveal, Reward, Respect and Retain). Learn from Greg Drew how marketers can turn vast, disparate data into information and insight to take targeted action. Discover how you can make connections with customers on their terms, and find out how to use in-depth marketing intelligence to build trust, loyalty and long-term engagement.

Monday - 10:00 am - Regency Ballroom

Microsoft Gatineau beta Preview

Ian Thomas, Microsoft

Microsoft will be launching the first beta of its new web analytics product, codenamed “Gatineau“, later this year. In this session, you’ll have the opportunity to see a preview of Gatineau for yourself, as well as hear about the future direction of the product and see some of the stuff we’re working on for the next beta.

Monday - 10:30 am - Regency Ballroom

Where Optimization Matters: Applying It to Varied Initiatives Across Your Company

Scott Simonelli, Optimost

Presentation by Scott Simonelli was presented by Andrew Eisner.

Monday - 11:15 am - Ambassador Room

Visibility, Insight, Answers: Optimizing Customer Experience

John Berkley, Tealeaf

For the third year in a row, 9 out of 10 consumers surveyed by Harris Interactive experienced a problem trying to complete on transaction online. The impact of these issues can be enormous  -  as according to the same survey, 42% of people who run into issues online will switch to a competitor’s site or abandon the purchase entirely. The primary reasons for these conditions stem from the fact that companies rarely have sufficient visibility into their online customers’ experience  -  especially when customers run into problems. When the site is not performing to expectations, it is too hard to know why. It does not need to be like this, however. There are a number of steps that companies should take to ensure that the customer experience is well understood, and that adjustments can be made in accordance to the reality of what is working and what is not  -  for ALL customers. Leading companies that have put such processes into place are already seeing tremendous business benefits, measured by improved conversion rates, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction

Monday - 1:30 pm - Ambassador Room

Rich Media Case Study: Optimization for Brand Advertisers

Brad Bender, DoubleClick

For marketers and agencies looking to drive leads and conversions, automated campaign optimization tools have proven effective in boosting response. But what about brand advertisers more interested in driving campaign engagement and interaction to influence offline purchasing? With the increasing ability of rich media creative to deliver a site-like experience, it is important to think beyond the click-through for this segment of online advertisers. Guaranteed to make you think differently about optimization, this case study presentation will explain how automated optimization technology helped to significantly increase rich media interactions for a leading packaged goods advertiser.

Monday - 4:50 pm - Regency Ballroom

Multichannel analytics for a web 2.0 world

Akin Arikan, Unica Corporation

How do you overcome cross-channel marketing challenges? What are ways of incorporating Web 2.0 into your multichannel marketing mix? What’s important to measure and what are the best ways to take action on your multichannel analytics data?

Monday - 5:00 pm - Ambassador Room

Stop Painting over Dirt: How to stop worrying and start having confidence in the quality of your analytics data

Debbie Pascoe, MAXAMINE, Inc.

Five myths  -  we call them “myth-understandings” are prevalent in today’s web analytics market place. We’ll help you understand what is myth and what is reality, and how MAXAMINE’s High Performance Site Analytics solution will enable you to control your environment and have more confidence in your data and the decisions you make as a result.

Monday - 5:25 pm - Ambassador Room

Optimost Client Success Story

Mark Wachen, Optimost

A Client Success Story using Optimost.

Tuesday - 10:00 am - Regency Ballroom

What’s new with Google Analytics?

Brett Crosby, Google Analytics

Google Analytics is constantly evolving to improve the value users get from the reports. Come hear about some of the many of the improvements since the launch of the new interface at Emetrics Summit in San Francisco. You wont want to miss this one.

Tuesday - 10:30 am - Regency Ballroom

Campaign Optimization: How to Create Win-Win outcomes for both Media Buyers and Sellers

Brad Bender, DoubleClick

What’s the definition of campaign optimization? Probably broader than you think. For media buyers it’s about maximizing the media dollar and driving results across a broad spectrum of possible objectives. For media sellers it’s about maximizing yield, while driving immediate results for buyers, whatever their objectives. The right advertising technology solution creates a win-win situation for buyers and sellers by providing the flexibility and efficiency needed to address a breadth of campaign goals. Brad Bender, DoubleClick’s Vice President of Optimization Solutions, will deliver case studies and insights from the unique perspective of an advertising technology company that sits at the intersection between media buyers and sellers.

Tuesday - 11:15 am - Ambassador Room

Helping the Elephant to Dance

Terry Lund, Visual Sciences

Do you have any difficulties getting key decision makers and business owners to take action with your customer data? Do you ever seem to drown data for the sake of data as you are trying to get the long list of numbers needed by your boss’s boss in two hours? Does your organization understand the difference between doing reporting and doing ad-hoc analysis, and the benefits and strengths to each approach with your customer data?

Each of these situations will be discussed with specific suggestions and tips for getting better organizational alignment and driving better business results using customer data. Specific suggestions and examples will be covered, and you will learn how to utilize a single, specific question with the folks making requests for data, and reports and analysis.

Tuesday - 11:40 am - Ambassador Room

Why are so many Fortune 500 companies using Google Analytics?

Brett Crosby, Google Analytics

Learn why so many F500 companies are using Google Analytics. This isn’t a sales pitch, it is an exploration of how usage of Web Analytics is changing within even the largest organizations. Our industry has made the leap from the back room to the boardroom and now everyone wants insights from Web Analytics data. Why are they turning to Google Analytics? The answers may surprise you.

Tuesday - 1:30 pm - Ambassador Room

Increase marketing ROI by integrating Web analytics with all your marketing applications

Aaron Watson, Omniture

This session will cover the how-to’s of integrating Web analytics with other marketing applications in a simple “plug and play” environment, so you can optimize and measure performance across marketing applications including CRM, search marketing, email, site search, and the results from online surveys, behavioral targeting, and multivariate testing. This session will cover the numerous benefits of marketing integration, such as the ability to remarket to interested prospects to increase conversions. Undercover customer needs and optimize your site by deriving new insights from behavioral and attitudinal data.

Tuesday - 1:55 pm - Ambassador Room

Gold Sponsor Presentation: Next Generation Testing: Predicting Conversions

Pete Affeld, Numeric Analytics

The conventional use of A/B and multivariate testing might be cutting conversions short. Adopted from the direct mail world, where the test objective is to find the single best ad to mail to each household on a filtered list, these methods (and the associated math) don’t take advantage of frequent visitation.

This session discusses a new analytic method that produces lift over and above conventional A/B and MulitVariate testing in a way that compliments behavioral targeting and other optimization techniques.

Tuesday - 3:20 pm - Regency Ballroom

Empowering Marketers via Closed Loop Optimization

Tom Wentworth, Interwoven

As the Web becomes an organization’s primary sales channel, marketers must quickly shift greater amounts of their investments online. With rapidly changing consumer preferences and expectations, marketers can no longer treat their Website as simply a destination. They must develop an agile, adaptive, and interactive online presence that engages their customers at every opportunity. To add to these challenges, marketers often lack the processes and technology to optimize and manage the critical cycle of delivering the right content to the right customer at the right time.

To succeed, enterprises need to deliver a dynamic, contextual, and targeted online experience. This session will discuss new solutions to empower marketers to create segments and publish targeted content (and analyze and act on the results in real-time) in order to differentiate their brands and accelerate customer conversions and transactions.

Tuesday - 4:00 pm - Embassy Room

How “Embedded” Analytics Makes Marketers More Effective

J.D. Peterson, Lyris

The value of analytics is not the numbers themselves, but the information they give marketers and others to do things differently. Analytics without action is analytics wasted. Unfortunately, despite its importance, too often analytic data lives in isolation, not connected to the tasks at hand and not easily accessible in the places (or the applications!) where a marketer needs it. Sure product integration exist, but can separate vendors and systems really provide the kind of analytics that today’s marketers need?

Today’s marketers need to know if the search keywords they are buying are leading to website conversions. Are they targeting email marketing efforts to the right audience? How are website changes effecting leads and conversions?

Come see the future of online marketing as envisioned by Lyris. Take a look at a day in the life of Jane Marketer. See how she uses analytics that are embedded directly in the workflows of all her online marketing activities and how the accessibility of these analytics makes her job easier and makes her more effective.

Tuesday - 4:25 pm - Embassy Room

Know Satisfaction?

Jonathan Levitt, iPerceptions Inc.

iPerceptions’ webValidator Continuous Listening Solution and the iPerceptions Satisfaction Index (iPSI) are changing the way many of North America’s leading marketers are ensuring they “know satisfaction”. In this session Jonathan will illustrate how by using a perceptual framework to evaluate key elements of the visitor experience as well as predictive algorithms and modeling to identify those attributes that drive satisfaction, organizations like Reebok, InterContinental Hotels, Panasonic and Dell turn customer feedback and satisfaction scores into actionable decision support to move the satisfaction needle upwards.

Learn how to collect and use the voice of the customer to understand and benchmark:

Tuesday - 5:00 pm - Ambassador Room

Why Scorecards and Dashboards Fall Short: the Case for Automated Exception Analysis

David Millrod, Technology Leaders

Once an organization has thoroughly instrumented its web sites it is not unusual for millions of data points to be collected monthly. While scorecards and dashboards can be invaluable, they are intrinsically weak at discovering some types of critical events. We will explore the types of events that are most often missed and the potential of automated exception analysis as the solution. Real-life scenarios experienced by Technology Leaders clients will illustrate the benefits of robust exception analysis.

Tuesday - 5:25 pm - Ambassador Room

Platinum Sponsor Presentation: Benchmarking for Success: The Key Metrics Media and Content Sites Should Use to Improve Online Performance

Shari Cleary, Visual Sciences

One of Visual Sciences’ leading media experts will share best practices in performance benchmarking for Media and Content sites. Learn what key metrics you should be paying attention to and how you should interpret those metrics to optimize your sites. See where you stack up against others in your space as Shari discusses the results from Visual Sciences’ Quarterly Media Benchmark report.

Wednesday - 10:00 am - Regency Ballroom

Gold Sponsor Presentation: Online Customer Experience: Understanding Why

Geoff Galat, Tealeaf

The results of a newly released consumer survey commissioned by Tealeaf, and conducted by Harris Interactive reveals waves of consumer frustration with issues they are encountering when using ecommerce websites. For the third consecutive year, about nine out of 10 consumers conducting transactions online (87%) have experienced problems.

This year’s survey highlights online consumer intolerance, as 42% of those who have experienced problems when conducting online transactions have switched to a competitor or abandoned the transaction entirely, and another 52% who have experienced bad customer service from a company’s contact center, following an online issue, have completely stopped doing business with the company.

With the right tools in place, you can capitalize on small changes that have a large revenue impact instead of throwing away advertising and marketing spend that might just be driving customers to your competitors.

Wednesday - 10:30 am - Regency Ballroom

Integrating Attitudinal and Behavioral Data, High Impact Strategies to Boost Your KPIs

Bryan Austin, OpinionLab
Bill Bruno, Stratigent, LLC

Attend this exciting session to learn how to successfully integrate attitudinal and behavioral data to significantly impact your KPIs. Real life examples include how one organization used this strategy to double leads from its website. Another used it to track promoters and detractors as part of an over-all Net Promotor Score strategy.

These are just a few examples! Whether you track shopping cart conversion, form completion conversion rate, percent of visitors who visited certain content areas, or other KPIs, integrating this data will help your program succeed.

Join us to learn:

A joint presentation by OpinionLab and Stratigent.

Wednesday - 11:10 am - Embassy Room

Run Successful Tests! (By Avoiding These Five Tactical Errors)

Eric J. Hansen, SiteSpect

You’ve read the articles about multivariate testing, attended the presentations, and grasp the key concepts. Maybe you’ve already run a handful of tests, and now you’re ready to make testing a staple of your site optimization strategy. Testing can and should play a role in improving your conversions, retention and engagement, but a variety of common mistakes can hamper your success, leaving you with lackluster results.

In this session, Eric will discuss five types of errors that marketers often make as they learn the ins and outs of testing. The names will be (mostly) withheld to protect the innocent, but through this presentation you’ll benefit from the lessons that they learned along the way.

Wednesday - 11:35 am - Embassy Room

Three Critical E-Commerce Metrics Every Site Must Measure

Brian Koma, Vovici

Improving conversions on your e-commerce site are directly related to being able to answer three important questions:

The catch is that the answers to these questions are not something that that web analytics solutions can readily provide. In this session, you will learn how to effectively get the answers to these critical questions and how the answers can dramatically improve your overall conversion rate and drive increased registrations on your site.

Wednesday - 1:30 pm - Embassy Room

Strategies to Make Search More Effective

Ethan Hagerty, Impaqt

Wouldn’t it be great to spend less money on a Paid Search campaign and still have the same or greater amount of conversions? Ethan Hagerty, Director of Paid Media at IMPAQT, will discuss how this can be achieved. This session will focus on innovative, cost-saving and performance-optimizing strategies for Paid Search campaigns. Learn new, effective Paid Search tactics that will yield a better ROI for you and your clients.

Wednesday - 1:55 pm - Embassy Room

Combining “why” with “what” adds value to analytics data

Jayson Webb, LEOtrace

Is it enough to know what happened in an A/B or multivariate test of website designs? Would diagnostic information about why customers prefer certain design elements add power to your projects? Would insight into the “why” behind customer success, satisfaction, loyalty and conversion improve strategic goal setting? Would it help to have information about how people user your competitors’ sites?

LEOtrace provides both “why” and “what” data for deeper insight into your analytics. Understanding the reasons behind the phenomena tracked by web analytics makes that information more actionable. Understanding what separates (or doesn’t separate) you from competitors is vital.

Wednesday - 2:30 pm - Embassy Room

Customer Satisfaction Analytics that Drive Financial Results

ForeSee Results

Voice of customer metrics are an essential part of the web optimization ecosystem, and while there are many ways to gather voice of customer data, there is only one that can link customer satisfaction to financial results, both online and offline. ForeSee Results applies the proven, scientific methodology of the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) to create a comprehensive measurement system that:

Over 350 websites (including Best Buy, Borders, Intuit, Whirlpool and Social Security Administration) employ ForeSee Results’ customer satisfaction analytics.

Wednesday - 2:55 pm - Embassy Room

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