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eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit
Optimizing Online Marketing Value

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Washington D.C. 2007 Tracks

Track Descriptions | Schedule at a Glance | Speakers

Website Optimization Track

Report From the Front Line at Charles Schwab

Risa Dimacali, Charles Schwab & Co.

Charles Schwab Investor Services serves millions of individual investors, savers and borrowers through the schwab.com website, phone services and more than 300 U.S. branch offices, plus international and multicultural services. Schwab has faced many of the same issues you have in implementing a web analytics program across a large site serving multiple stakeholders. Risa Dimacali, head of Schwab.com's public site, will walk us through how Schwab applies a common framework and language to overcome usability, design, marketing and organizational challenges. Providing insights for beginners and tips for the advanced, Risa will share the methodology that drives Schwab.com's metrics to evaluate marketing programs, target improvement efforts, and measure performance results.

Monday - 11:15 am - Palladian Room

Do It Yourself Usability Studies

Braden Hoeppner, Coastal Contacts Inc.

As part of any Web Business Intelligence program, usability studies &qualitative data can provide insights into the design process and compliment data collected through web analytics. This presentation will cover the basics of Do-it-Yourself usability testing and will answer questions on test design, recruitment, actionability of the data and the nuts and bolt of running usability studies in-house. Braden will also look at how web analytics data and usability study data can be leveraged together.

Monday - 1:30 pm - Palladian Room

Quantifying and Optimizing the Human Side of Online Marketing
An eMetrics Summit Case Study

Joseph Carrabis, NextStage Evolution

Joseph measures human intent. Based on his knowledge of cultural anthropology, database technology, education theory, psycholinguistic modeling and the flying of giant kites, Joseph can find the handful of words, the image, the link, the video or audio podcast on your website that is sending your customers away then explain how to bring them back and others in. Back by popular demand (people stayed an extra half an hour in San Francisco), Joseph is not a marketer - he is a research scientist who's taught psycholinguistics, cultural anthropology and information mechanics internationally and uses that training to analyze how consumers respond to information. He doesn't depend on "Oh, we tried that and it didn't work" - he depends on 16 years of real world practice putting digital information in front of consumers. Skeptical? Come hear Joseph explain how his techniques brought more people deeper into the Emetrics Summit website and into the conference itself. Even you.

Monday - 5:00 pm - Palladian Room

Should Your Marketing Stink?

Bryan Eisenberg, Future Now Inc.

It should! Planning for “scent” will improve your marketing. As marketers venture into new unfamiliar territories, juggle multi-channel strategies, allocate ad dollars among media, and try to maximize new technologies--consumers seem to find it easier than ever to bypass and ignore those efforts. The answer can't be to A/B test everything and see what sticks. Even with an infinite budget, nobody wants to simply throw everything up against the wall to see what sticks. With countless marketing allocation and messaging choices, businesses require a methodology for modeling customer behavior if they're to maintain an edge.

Tuesday - 11:15 am - Palladian Room

The Web Analytics Ecosystem

Aurélie Pols, OX2

If you are thinking about sending out an RFI or RFP for a web analytics tool, what should you consider in order to assure long term evolution? If you already have a solution in place, how should it be sustained? Different aspects of a web analytics project call for different tools. Aurélie puts web analytics into context for your organization and gets into integrations of tools, while covering specific issues such as Web 2.0 measurement and tagging as well as optimization and multivariate testing. She will describe how to prioritize opportunities in order to allocate resources efficiently, and make this data actionable. Aurélie will also focus on Web Analytics integration on a human resources perspective in order to support a company philosophy based upon accountability.

Tuesday - 1:30 pm - Palladian Room

Comcast Embraces Analytics to Enhance the Customer Experience

David McBride, Senior Manager, Business Intelligence, Comcast Interactive Media

Although the role of business intelligence may sound company facing, David McBride, senior manager of Business Intelligence at Comcast, knows that his real focus is the customers. With more than 200M visits per month, the Comcast.net customer portal is using analytics to become one of the web's most popular destinations. By leveraging more insights than ever before, Comcast is optimizing online real estate and providing value to the company's number one asset: its customers. David will provide a peek inside Comcast's process of embracing analytics from selecting the right business partners to identifying the best analytics solution and ultimately enhancing the customer experience.

Tuesday - 4:00 pm - Palladian Room

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