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eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit
San Francisco, May 4-7, 2008

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Marketing Optimization Management Track - SEA CLIFF

Choosing vendors, managing your career, dashboarding, monetization, operations

Track Descriptions | Keynotes | Schedule at a Glance | Speakers

MOM-1 Monday, 11:15 - 12:05
Creating a Web Optimization Culture

Kristen Findley, Ameriprise Financial
Judith Pascual, ZAAZ

So your analytics tool is in place. You are collecting data - lots of it! But designers, architects, editors and project managers really don’t understand what you can do. Come learn about the evolution of the metrics team from Kristen and how to get analytics into the project plan. She’ll talk about what milestones to set on the timeline, what deliverables to promise and how your analysis can take the group to the next level of optimization.

Then, Judith reveals how to help the organization fully leverage these new capabilities. Since this is often a complete paradigm change in some organizations, it’s easier said than done. It takes a deep understanding of the organizational (and personal) dynamics in an established, siloed organization. Judith will share 5 proven methods and techniques used by experienced consultants to integrate analysis into an organization and influence the underlying culture. Learn how to create champions and facilitate a continuous improvement process. And that’s just the beginning.

MOM-2 Monday, 1:30 - 2:30
A Hands-on Measurement Plan at O’Reilly Publishing and a Plan for Optimizing Marketing Operations

Nancy Abila, O’Reilly Media Inc.
Gary Angel, Semphonic
Gary Katz, Marketing Operations Partners

Gary Angel and Nancy walk through a case study at a company with a complex mix of web properties that include traditional eCommerce sites, Content-based sites, and community sites. How did O’Reilly construct a comprehensive plan for measurement and analytics? Come see for yourself.

Then Gary Katz focuses on leveraging processes, technology, guidance and metrics to run the Marketing function as a profit center and fully-accountable business. Gary will explain how to combine marketing strategy and tactics with a scalable and sustainable infrastructure, and nurture a healthy, collaborative ecosystem, both within and outside the Marketing department, to drive achievement of enterprise objectives.

MOM-3 Monday, 5:00 - 6:00
Fuzzy Science and Hard Numbers
Market Research for Web Analysts and Higher Mathematics for English Majors

Vicky Brock, Highland Business Research
Stephen Budd, Highland Business Research

Vicky starts this session by introducing What and How to Why. She looks at finding common vocabularies, interests & methodologies that will help break down the silos between market research and web analytics. Market researchers - why you need the great data these web analysts are holding, (even if it does sound a little suspect). Web analysts - how these research guys can help you get a little more touchy and feely, to track down that holy grail of ’why’.

Next, Stephan describes serious calculations in terms we can all understand. Can you raise prices without losing customers? Can you more accurately predict future sales or traffic? And with only an excel spreadsheet and without a degree in math? Stephan looks at some of the simple ways economics and statistics can offer deep customer insight and contribute to your business. Practical demonstrations of price elasticity and regression analysis will be covered - with an emphasis on how mere mortals can do it and why it’s important.

MOM-4 Tuesday, 11:15 - 12:05
How to Make Marketing Accountability Pay Off

Ed See, MMA
John Nardone, [x+1]

Marketers today are struggling to establish an apples to apples comparison of digital marketing versus offline marketing (TV, print, sponsorships, etc.). Ed See and John Nardone will discuss how some leading marketers have addressed this challenge through the use of advanced analytics and processes that are part of a marketing accountability program. They will share lessons learned and best practices of leading marketers who have overcome these challenges.

Attendees will learn:

MOM-5 Tuesday, 1:30 - 2:30
High-Impact Data Analysis for Marketers

Jennifer Veesenmeyer, Stratigent
Jim Novo, The Drilling Down Project

More. Better. Faster. Learn some of the techniques used by top web analysts to gain the most insight in the least time. While we acknowledge there are no magic bullets we’ll introduce process and tools that can add rigor and speed to your analysis. Whether you’re new to the discipline of web analytics or an experienced analyst looking for new ways to train business users to understand their data, Jennifer will make sure you are armed with practical tips for achieving actionable (and accurate) insight.

Next, Jim Novo offers up advice on the broader perspective of gaining momentum in your organization. Jim, whose database marketing epiphany came at the age of 12, looks at actionable testing and reporting even a manager could love. You have new technology platforms on the site, new sources of traffic, and multi-channel concerns to deal with. How do you sort this all out, report on it in an actionable way, and still make sure people understand what the heck you are talking about? Find out about a new way to get management's attention and two specific ideas for taking advantage of this new data opportunity by carefully straddling the cultural and process chasm between new online tools and techniques and classical, direct, database marketing wisdom.

MOM-6 Tuesday, 4:00 - 4:50
The Analysis Marketplace

Suresh Vittal, Forrester
John Lovett, Jupiter Research

Web analytics, business intelligence, marketing optimization, call it what you will, this growing sector of the technology world is rife with new tools, new technologies and new challenges. These two industry analysts have been keeping any eye on things for years and are still working hard at keeping up. What tools are available? How quickly are they being adopted by main stream businesses? How are companies changing given these new competencies? Come get the latest thinking from those in the know.

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