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eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit

Washington DC 2008 - Sponsors

TagMan - www.positivefeedback.com

TagManTagMan is the world's first independent tag management solution. It allows companies to plug all their page tags into one system, which they can manage themselves or give to their agencies. TagMan enables many things, including path to conversion tracking across all online channels and real-time CPA de-duplication.

TagMan's brilliance is its ease of use. Once blank TagMan tags are installed on the site they can be configured to deploy any type of tag into the page, including those that require data to be coded in dynamically from the page. Adding, editing and removing tags can be done literally in minutes. This means no more waiting for site development cycles to come round to edit existing tags or install new ones.

Unlike the free ad server piggy-back tag solutions like Atlas UAT and Doubleclick Floodlight, TagMan can be used to deploy virtually any type of tag, including those for Web Analytics, Surveys and Multi-variant testing. Better still if these systems can share data captured from the page and by TagMan for maximum efficiency and better integration.

Best of all TagMan can save companies thousands of wasted CPA. TagMan can track all forms of online marketing including display and natural search and can allow tags to be loaded based on the prior marketing activity. This enables companies to deploy solutions to help improve conversion for traffic responding to specific marketing campaigns as well as enabling CPA de-duplication. By only serving the tag for the company that generated the sale TagMan prevents two different CPA partners thinking they've generated the same sale making commission duplication a thing of the past.

TagMan makes installing new online marketing software easy. Let us enable you to take control of your online marketing performance.

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