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eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit
Washington DC, October 21-23, 2008

Conversion Track - Plaza Ballroom

Industry Experts take you to the next level

Tuesday, 11:10 - 12:00
Competing on Web Analytics

Eric Peterson, Web Analytics Demystified

A few years ago companies created a competitive advantage simply by being online and having a presence in the digital realm.  Unfortunately, the first-mover advantage has largely evaporated in most sectors, forcing companies to look elsewhere for strategies to make better decisions and maximize the value of the online channel.  In 2007, in the best-selling Competing on Analytics: The New Science of Winning, Tom Davenport and Jeanne Harris described how great organizations like Harrah's, Netflix, Best Buy, and the Boston Red Sox used analytics to trump their rivals.  Now, in 2008, Eric T. Peterson of Web Analytics Demystified is extending Tom and Jeanne's work into the online channel with his groundbreaking presentation, Competing on Web Analytics.  Based on a combination of his 2005 JupiterResearch report Web Analytics: Framework for Using Data to Drive Business Success, his strategic consulting practice, and over a decade of work in the digital measurement industry, Mr. Peterson will outline how people, process, and technology should be leveraged to create a competitive advantage in the increasingly fragmented online world.

If you've ever struggled with your digital measurement efforts, either because you didn't trust the data, didn't understand the data, couldn't get the data you actually needed, or couldn't use the data you had been given, come see Competing on Web Analytics.  You'll learn how you can transform your current use of web analytics data by creating a digital measurement roadmap, you'll hear first-hand about the successes your peers and competitors are already reporting, and you'll gain valuable insights into how to deploy the best technology, hire the best people, and create the best business processes designed to improve your ability to compete in the online channel.

C02 Tuesday, 1:05 - 1:55
Monetizing Site Behaviors - Overview & Getting Started

Jason Burby, ZAAZ
Jason Carmel, ZAAZ

It’s all about the money. For many businesses, the only "action" that matters is driving revenue into the company and profit to the bottom line. Fortunately, web analytics can have a significant impact on monetization of online initiatives. Instead of trying to guess how valuable a change to the site will be, monetization models show you exactly what will happen. When someone in the organization says "show me the money!" you’ll have the data you need. Jason and Jason deliver the basics and give some real life examples. This is a great intro and will help you overcome the lack of action that most companies struggle with.

C03 Tuesday, 4:20 - 5:05
Effectively Using Kittens for Optimization and Usability

Jason Carmel, ZAAZ

Is a KPI-driven optimization program mutually exclusive from usability best practices? In this session, Jason will explore how the well-ordered paths and hierarchies designed by User Experience Architects and the norm-shattering (and often unpredictable) results obtained by Optimization Test Designers can not only co-exist, but actually support each other to improve both disciplines. And yes, kittens are involved.

C04 Tuesday, 5:10 - 6:00
CSI: Conversion Scene Investigation

June Li, Managing Director, ClickInsight

Best practice analytics process promotes designing metrics collection, event tagging and KPIs into marketing before launch. But what do you do when you, the analyst, have not been involved and you’re now asked to provide conversion insight or success evaluation after the campaign is launched or over? What can you say about conversion? Can you help? Yes, you can! Learn key questions to ask in a variety of campaign situations. And why you should never turn your back on such a request, no matter how impossible an analysis might seem at first glance.

C05 Wednesday, 11:10 - 12:00
Always Be Testing

Bryan Eisenberg, FutureNow, Inc.

Bryan, who lead the way with “Persuasion Architecture” and “Call to Action” is now exhorting us to “Always Be Testing.” Companies realize how hard it is to drive more and more traffic to their websites. The rising costs of traffic places tremendous pressure on the landing page to convince visitors to take a desired action. Improving landing page conversion rates has become a key focus because even a slight improvement can dramatically boost profits. A/B or Multivariate testing has become a technical darling, but where do you begin? What exactly should you test? How do you get corporate buy-in? How do you maximize returns on testing investment? How do you go from a culture of having to “always be right” to “always be testing?”

C06 Wednesday, 1:05 - 1:55
High Impact Data Analysis for Marketers

Jim Novo, The Drilling Down Project

Improving conversion means taking action on the data. Jim, whose database marketing epiphany came at the age of 12, looks at actionable testing and reporting even a manager could love. You have new technology platforms on the site, new sources of traffic, and multi-channel concerns to deal with. How do you sort this all out, report on it in an actionable way, and still make sure people understand what the heck you are talking about? Find out about a new way to get management's attention and two specific ideas for taking advantage of this new data opportunity by carefully straddling the cultural and process chasm between new online tools and techniques and classical, direct, database marketing wisdom.

C07 Wednesday, 3:25 - 4:15
Multivariate Testing Panel

Jon Diorio, Google (moderator)
Tim Ash,
Steve Daigneault, Amnesty International
Bryan Eisenberg, FutureNow Inc.
Aaron Graham, McAfee

Instead of dreaming up the very best combination of headline, photo, body copy and call to action on a landing page, you can let the computer do the dirty work and simply tell you what the winning combination really is. Multiple variables can now be tested at the same time. Some have been experimenting with multivariate testing tools. Some swear by them. Some say A/B split testing is enough. We’ve asked each of them to participate in this panel exploring the good, the bad and the ugly about this method of automating the creative process to increase conversions.

C08 Wednesday, 4:20 - 5:10
The Online Marketing Optimization and Automation Landscape

Bill Gassman, Gartner Research
John Lovett, JupiterResearch

The marketing optimization industry is growing, the technology is advancing and end user needs are changing. Between IPO’s, acquisitions and mergers, it’s hard to tell the players without a program. What tools are available? How quickly are they being adopted by main stream businesses? How are companies changing given these new competencies? The top industry research firms gather to compare notes and answer questions. Take a look at the industry and its future through the eyes for those with their fingers on the pulse and data to back up their opinions. Come get the latest thinking from those in the know.

C09 Thursday, 11:15 - 12:05
Using Behavior Data to Target Email

Angel Morales, LightsOut Marketing, LLC

The thrust of this vendor agnostic presentation is focused around extending the value of data harvested by web analytics platforms. The presentation opens with juxtaposition between traditional "actionable insight" and "insight driven action" illustrating the role of analytics as more than simply analysis, but as a platform for automated marketing/merchandising. Angel continues with a collection of specific examples (primarily retail), culminating in a case study using engagement based behavioral data to target products into an email. He wraps up with a a look at how to assess the value of insight driven action in your company.

C10 Thursday, 1:15 - 2:05
Public Sector Conversion: a Critical Necessity

Tim Evans, U.S. Social Security Administration

Ecommerce websites would be thrilled with a 55% conversion rate. But as the wave of Baby Boomers about to retire starts to break over the Social Security Administration website, even that conversion rate is not going to allow the SSA to keep up with the workload. Assuming that a captive audience will put up with anything is no longer germane, even in the Government. The pressure is on to shoulder the burden of first-time retirement application completion and lower the cost of the call center. How do you manage once-in-a-lifetime interactions where your site visitors are highly motivated to convert? A tight focus on completion rates, usability and customer satisfaction are among the tools Tim will discuss as well as the SSA's B2B relationship with millions of employers who use the Internet to research job applicants and upload W2 data.

C11 Thursday, 2:10 - 3:00
Cultivating Website Conversions in a Web 2.0 world: Testing and Optimization Best Practices

Sam Ee, Miva Direct

MIVA Direct, Inc., the content and toolbar division of a global digital media company uses SEM extensively to drive downloads of its toolbar application. MIVA Direct maximizes downloads of its Weather toolbar applet, which provides consumers with local weather forecasts and conditions. Come hear how multivariate testing was successfully used to strengthen the linkage between SEM and landing pages and optimize the performance of the entire campaign. This session will focus on the step-by-step strategies and tactics employed by MIVA, which doubled the average conversion rate over a two-week period. You know why this is important and have a good idea about how it works - now it's time to learn how to work with it. Sam shares key insights and surprise results.


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