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eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit
Washington DC, October 21-23, 2008

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Industry Experts take you to the next level

S01 Tuesday, 11:10 - 12:00
Social Network Analysis

Fred Türling, SHS Viveon AG

Internet based communities have been widely discussed since the arrival of the concept Web 2.0. So far, opportunities and risks of business models based on such user groups are not fully clear. Therefore a more fundamental understanding of community-based social structures is needed. How can web analytics and social network analytics help to analyze communities? Is it possible to create segments within the user base? How can we address attractive groups like multipliers and furthermore is it possible to describe special profiles like expert, salesperson, spreader, etc.? During the session Fred Türling will discuss these topics and show first results for two top forums and one collaboration network. Fred was invited over from Germany after his presentation was so well received at the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit in Munich.

S02 Tuesday, 1:05 - 1:55
Reputation Management in a Social Media World

Katie Delahaye Paine, KDPaine Partners

Social media has turned communications on its head. HITS stand for How Idiots Track Success and even unique visitors no longer have credibility. What’s a communicator to do? Measure the true impact of social media on the business, on your reputation. A classically trained PR authority, Katie is back by popular demand to give you seven simple steps to measure your social media program in a credible, actionable way.

S03 Tuesday, 4:20 - 5:05
Social Media Metrics

Jason Burby, ZAAZ
Ryan Turner, ZAAZ

Both brand perception and shopping have always had a social context. Three years ago we accessed the opinions of 5 friends in the consideration process, today we can access the opinions of 5 million fellow customers. Measurement on the social web presents analysts with new challenges: How do you measure word of mouth? Can you model the relationships between online research and offline purchase? What is the value of a comment on a blog post? A connection in a social network? A question in a support forum? A tag on YouTube? How does engagement affect lifetime customer value? Jason Burby and Ryan Turner of ZAAZ will present some insights from their experiences grappling with these issues, and they’ll put forward some ideas about where businesses need to focus as the social web grows in importance over the coming years.

S04 Tuesday, 5:10 - 6:00
Followers, Friends, and Fans: Expanding Your Online Community

Jonathon D. Colman, The Nature Conservancy
Laura Lee Dooley, World Resources Institute
Beth Kanter, How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

If you aren't on facebook, twitter, friendfeed, technorati, and delicious, should you be? And once you jump into social media, how do you track and measure success? Tips, tools and stories from the trenches from three people who focus on online engagement and have more links, friends and followers than some small countries have citizens.

Laura Lee on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

S05 Wednesday, 11:10 - 12:00
Making Marketing Analytics Work in a Web 2.0 World

Douglas Brooks, MMA

While research in the area of social networks is considered leading edge today, it will become required research for savvy brands in the very near future. As marketers continue to discover new sources of information that get them closer to their customers in near-real time, the need becomes even more critical for creative solutions combining new data sources with advanced analytics. Being ahead of the curve in this area will lead to valuable insights and a competitive advantage for those who establish the capability early. In his presentation, Doug Brooks will discuss how some industry leaders are using advanced analytics to translate actionable customer data into business results.

Attendees of this presentation will learn how marketers are using this new data and analytic tools to:

  • Understand the impact of WOM/buzz on their brands
  • Track for leading indicators and trends
  • Inform innovation and product development
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of a brand, as well as those of competitor brands

S06 Wednesday, 1:05 - 1:55
Voice of the Customer Panel

Mark Brooks, The Motley Fool, Inc.
John C. Fernandez, Twing
Lance Jones, Intuit Global Division

Are you really listening? If you don’t listen to your customers to measure satisfaction and loyalty, you’re missing half the picture. How do you manage customer feedback and consumer generated content? Learn from those who have mastered the tools and proven the techniques of qualitative research.

S07 Wednesday, 3:25 - 4:15
Word of Mouth Marketing Metrics Panel

Ann Green, Millward Brown
Sandra Ponce de Leon, BuzzLogic, Inc.

The voice of the customer is very valuable for learning what your customers think. But they are not just telling you what they think, they are talking to each other. The voice of the customer can also be a powerful outbound communication tool if you tap into it as a marketing instrument. How do you measure the impact you can have on the discussion about your products and services that happens in the wild? This panel describes their efforts to compute how receptive customers are to referral-based advertising in order to determine how much of their promotional budgets should be allocated and how to determine their return on that investment.

S08 Wednesday, 4:20 - 5:10
Web 2.0 Metrics in Today's B2B World

Joshua Siler, Babcock & Jenkins

Based on real-world experience integrating traditional direct marketing with social media (with companies like Intel and Sterling Commerce), Joshua will deliver an overview of the data and analytic challenges involved in making social media accountable for driving revenue. He'll explore Social Cultivation, the process of building long-term relationships with prospects, and how to manage the databases, analysis and business decisions involved in making social media work. Joshua will also provide overview of the successful business strategies and execution considerations, and follow with anecdotal examples of data workflow, analytic results and integration pitfalls.

S09 Thursday, 11:15 - 12:05
Measuring Social Media & Video

Terry Cohen, Digitas
Jon Burg, Digitas

Social media, word of mouth marketing, consumer generated content, video and more have become increasingly proven tactics for building brand and driving purchase. Terry and Jon recount front-line experiences tracking and optimizing the impact of these techniques. They'll cover methodologies including brand impact research, social media monitoring , panel usage, web analytics, and video measurement and tracking.

S10 Thursday, 1:15 - 2:05
Measuring Virtual Worlds

Dr. James Bower, Numedeon Incorporated
Jared Freedman, Code4Software
Matt Bostwick, A4R4 Media

Did that avatar look at your in-world billboard? Are those two feathered creatures listening to your animate presentation? Did that amour-plated dinosaur just recommend your products to the business-suited butterfly? What is your return on investment when promoting your services in a virtual environment? What is the impact on the consumer when they can tour your yet-to-be-built hotel, take a test drive in the online version of your vehicle, or redeem real reward points for virtual commodities? What level of granularity can you capture? What tools might help? How do you integrate real world and the virtual behavior with online and call center interactions? These are just a few of the questions to be tackled by people who have been steeped in virtual worlds since they began.

S11 Thursday, 2:10 - 3:00
Mobile Analytics is Calling You

Sebastian Wenzel, Lifetopia Corp.

Sales for smartphones with web capabilities are up each year. Mobile phone subscriptions will reach 5.6 billion by 2013. The mobile revolution is here and moving faster than many anticipated. The web analytics industry will be highly effected and it's a matter of time until the “third screen will be the first screen”. Are you prepared to measure and analyze that "new" kind of traffic? Do you know which tool fits your mobile analytics needs? Are you able to give usability recommendations for a better mobile experience? Are your Mobile Marketing efforts or your QR Code / Mobile SEO campaign correctly reflected in your KPI reports? In this session you will learn about the challenges and the differences that come with the mobile web. You'll gain insights and find out how you and your organization can be competitive in the fast-paced mobile web landscape.


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