You can think of these tools as coming in three sizes

1. Motorcycle
I want to know how many people come to my site and how much of my content they consume. I want to know which of my ads are bringing in the most traffic. I want to benchmark myself against myself and check the results of some before-and-after changes I’ve made. Doesn’t take much gas. Gets you from here to there fast. Can only take two passengers.

2. Car/SUV
I want to pay close attention to my conversion rates. Not just which ads are bringing in the most traffic, but which are bringing me the best traffic – the traffic that converts to subscriptions, buys something, becomes a loyal reader. This vehicle can climb a mountain, take the kids to soccer practice and pull out a tree stump if it has the towing package.

3. 18 Wheeler
I want to get down into the weeds. Since a 1% increase in the right activity on my website can translate to hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, I want to know everything there is to know. I want automated testing tools and dynamic content serving based on visitor behavior. I want the cost of my advertising joined up with the cost of goods sold so I can manipulate which half of my advertising dollar is allocated to best advantage. This puppy can take a load of frozen lobsters from Portland Maine to Portland Oregon with enough amphetamines.

Each one of these tools requires brains – they do not deliver magic results. All of them – without a skilled driver – are only good for looking nice in the driveway.

Oh – almost forgot – all this and *so* much more awaits you and your marketing people at the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit:

Toronto, March 29 – April 1, 2009
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