Note: I put this was in a recent Sterne Measures newsletter but realized it should go here….

Just saw a tweet from @rdo where he asked:

>> Why should all tweets be relevant?
>> Do we always talk relevant stuff?
>> Twitter is about discussions, not
>> news coverage. Or did I get it wrong?

Well René, you’re not wrong, you’re just asking the
wrong question. Twitter is about discussion and news
the same way a pencil is about discussion and news. It’s
a communication tool.

When Edward Tufte published his rant, “The Cognitive Style
of PowerPoint: Pitching Out Corrupts Within
,” I just about
blew a gasket. PowerPoint is a communication tool. It’s a
freakin’ pencil! Use it well, use it badly – it doesn’t care.

What’s the best use for Twitter?
Stand by for my favorite answer:
It depends.

What are you trying to accomplish?

If you want your family to know that you arrived safely,
then get a familial Twitter account and don’t cross the
streams (Ghostbusters’ reference) with your business

I tweet for business and it shows up on my Facebook page.
That confuses the heck out of my regular friends who have
no idea what I’m talking about and they Really Don’t Care.

@avinashkaushik does a masterful job of walking the line.
His equally masterful blog is all
business. But his tweets are mostly cool things he has found
online that he feels other intellectual, analytical, online
marketing professionals might like. Some are business,
but most are just cool things. And every now and then,
he tweets about his next book or his next public appearance.

So is Twitter about discussions or news coverage?

That said, it seems obvious that this should have been a
blog post that I should have tweeted about. Someday, I’m
gonna get the hang of this communication thing…

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