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November 23, 2009
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In This Issue:

1. Fifteen Years of Fame – Dr. Ralph Wilson
2. My Next Book on the Amazonian Horizon
3. When to Hyphenate Anal-Retentive
4. Deliver Insight So it Can Be Received
5. Twitter Me Timbers
6. Where in the World is Jim Sterne?
7. Brought to You By

1. Fifteen Years of Fame – Dr. Ralph Wilson
For 15 years, Dr. Ralph Wilson has been lending an
intellectual hand (not to mention moral support!)
to thousands of small business owners all over the

I offer hearty congratulations to all of those who
have spent time at http://www.wilsonweb.com/,
absorbed his advice and been more successful because
of it.

In his 15 years of service Ralph has had a genuine
impact on the way business is conducted online and
has made the World Wide Web better for small business
and better for consumers. Ralph – congratulations and
thank you.

See the Web Marketing Today press release here:

2. My Next Book on the Amazonian Horizon
Eight years ago I stopped writing books because I
was busy producing the eMetrics Marketing
Optimization Summit. Then I started blogging (not
very well or frequently) and then I started tweeting.
But books are my favorite format.

You really get to dig into a subject in a book. You
really get to do the sort of research a serious
subject deserves. So writing books appeals to me
almost as much as public speaking.

And now, the pressure is on. John Wiley & Sons are on
top of things and have posted my next book on Amazon:
Social Media Metrics: How to Measure and Optimize
Your Marketing Investment


I am proud, scared, thrilled, intimidated and
overwhelmed by what passes for book marketing these

Time to fire up the blog, start tweeting more, record
a few videos and whip up some more PowerPoint decks.

Here we gooooo!

3. When to Hyphenate Anal-Retentive
@justincutroni pointed this one out via Twitter:
For the truly data obsessed, now you can track
all your everyday data with datum.

“Daytum was conceived in 2008 by Ryan Case and
Nicholas Felton as a way of creating an elegant
and intuitive way to count and communicate the
personal statistics generated by each of us every

“Whether you would like to tally an afternoon or
a year, Daytum can help you collect and communicate
the most important statistics in your life. From an
up-to-the-moment personal dashboard, to a tabulation
of an event, a home for sports scores, or as a corporate
tool, the uses for Daytum may be limitless.”

Socrates will tell you that an unexamined life is not
worth living but I’m just not that into my own navel.

4. Deliver Insight So it Can Be Received
You know how some people absorb info faster via words,
some via numbers and some via pictures? So if you want
to really get an analytical point across, you have to
know your audience. Are they more likely to understand
a paragraph, a spreadsheet or a chart? How do you know
which kind of person you’re dealing with?

Here’s a white paper about one possible method from
the mind and technology of Joseph Carrabis.

“Evolution Technology monitors non-conscious psycho-
dynamic and -motor cues from the user to determine
best presentation formats based on a predetermined,
(external) rule set provided by (decision support
system) designers. ($45)

5. Twitter Me Timbers
What? You don’t follow me on Twitter?
Then you’ve missed all this:

Would you believe 28 cookies for one click? 5 minute
YouTube video from @checkyourfuel

Predictive Analytics World Feb 16-17, San Francisco

RT @jdersh: Free Semphonic webinar Dec 3: “How do you
Measure Social Media ROI?” http://bit.ly/3OC42A
(Me: just registered)

What do you want out of Social Sentiment Tracking?

Any suggestions / additions for this page on Web
Analytics Education? http://bit.ly/wa-training

And more of the same by following me at

6. Where in the World is Jim Sterne?
Home for the holidays – except for Search Engine
Strategies where brand new Majordomo Mike Grehan
has me working hard presenting or moderating
multiple panels December 7.

Listen to my fifteen minute pre-conference interview
on Webmaster Radio… http://bit.ly/2Zhe4N

After the holidays? Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa,
Amsterdam, London… and then on Tuesday…

7. Brought to You by Jim Sterne at Target Marketing:
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for getting the most
from your Web site

Fifteen years of online experience:
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