Dear eMetrics Speakers and Moderators –

I’ve been on the stage with a microphone at conferences since 1985 and know how much work it takes just to show up. Travel planning, work juggling, family negotiating, volcano dodging – all of it. Stacked on top of that is a voracious, skeptical and demanding audience.

Thank you for making it.

This past eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit in San Jose had something special going on. Yes, the economy is (slightly) better. Yes, social media has injected some enthusiasm into the mix as the Shiny New Thing. But there was something else.

I detected a whole new level of intellectual prowess at work and it came directly from you. I know the session surveys are going to come back with much higher scores this time around based solely on the looks in people’s eyes and the number of people who stayed until the very last session on the very last day.

Thank you for delivering on stage.

It took a half a dozen years to get upper management to understand the business value of online commerce and now they are starting to really grasp the power of analytics. eMetrics has been carrying the torch for web business analysis for nine years and this year feels like a significant
step forward.

I believe that the progress we have made in tools, techniques and training is about to pay off even bigger. I think we are on the cusp of a breakthrough in recognition.

I believe the message we have been beaming at the C-Suite is getting a hearing and the resources are about to be significant rather than symbolic.

Thank you for your eloquence.
Thank you for your dedication.
Thank you for your camaraderie.

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