Summit tradition –
eMetrics tickets are won –
By haiku poets

Yes, you can once again win a ticket to the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit by penning a mere seventeen syllables.

The Rules:
   Entries must be received at haiku [at] emetrics [dot] org
   by midnight August 24
   Tweets may or may not be included but will improve
   your chances of winning
   Only true Haiku qualify for entry (5-7-5 syllables)

The Prize:
   eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit Pass
   Transferrable and redeemable at any 2010
   eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit.
   Includes all three days. No cash value.
   No refunds for previously registered attendees.

As always, winners will be hand selected based on merit by Jim Sterne. All decisions are final. Selection will not be influenced by small cash bribes, physical threats or public humiliation.

Large cash offers will be handled on a case-by-case basis and threats of bodily harm will be referred to my family friends Vinnie and Guido. At my age, public humiliation is well-nigh impossible anyway.

Creative writing wins the day. Remember, poetic pleas of poverty fall of deaf ears. Talent trumps entreaties.

Previous Winners:

traffic to my site
like many precious snowflakes
melting into logs

— B. Ahern

Lost, in the abyss
Searching for the elusive
I found you, I shared

Message from the depths
Travelled far like a social
Butterfly effect

— Ali Shah

When clean metrics are
Left all alone, the god of
Analytics cries

— Laura Forrest

A visit, silent
On a server, a light blinks
I know you were here

— Tom Miller

My all-time favorite:

Why I want to go to eMetrics Summit
(A haiku triptych)
by Bruce Poropat

Count red fallen leaves,
Silent, brittle messages,
so we track this life.

What to count, and how,
truth falls the same as fiction,
shifts in the same wind.

The answer sleeps soft
in a forest of numbers,
silent ‘neath red leaves.

The contest opens
Entries avidly received
Yours could be The One

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