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March 2, 2011
In This Issue:

    1. eMetrics Lobby Bar – Healthiest Party in Town
    2. Thomas Bosilevac Wins Michael Healy Contest
    3. What Does Your Data Feel Like in 3D?
    4. WAA Gets All Dresses Up
    5. Opt Out – The Privacy Solution
    6. Glossy Glossary
    7. That’s Me All Over
    8. Where in the World is Jim Sterne?
    9. Brought to You By

 1. eMetrics Lobby Bar – Healthiest Party in Town
 What was a casual, ad-hoc gathering is now an institution
 and is also a healthy activity! Turns out chocolate is
 good for you: http://huff.to/hPIhH6 and so is scotch:
 Hope to see you at the eMetrics Lobby Bar Party

 2. Thomas Bosilevac Wins Michael Healy Contest
 In one of her silly interviews http://bit.ly/gDVbXt
 Emer Kirrane (@Exxx) asked Michael (@MichaelDHealy)
 whom he would give a free #eMetrics ticket to if he
 was given two. He said he would run a contest. I said
 he should. He did! and Thomas (@bosilytics) won!
 And you should see his winning entry: http://bit.ly/hceFJJ

 3. What Does Your Data Feel Like in 3D?
 Dr. Joann Kuchra Morin will be on the main stage at
 #eMetrics to present her work at UCSB visualizing,
 hearing and exploring complex multi-dimensional data
 in the AlloSphere. I’ve been inside. Mind Blowing.

 4. WAA Gets All Gussied Up
 The CFO of The Huffington Post (@EricAshman), will help
 the Web Analytics Association show the world that we clean
 up real good. It’s the WAA Awards Gala during #eMetrics
 on March 15. Get tickets here: http://bit.ly/f6HQxB
 Top hat optional.

 5. Opt Out – The Privacy Solution
 Almost a year ago, I signed up to get on the waiting list
 to order a Nissan Leaf. Got that? A list to get on a list
 to place an order and then wait another seven months for
 delivery. The other day, this email arrived from Nissan:

      Jim, to ensure safe and uninterrupted electric service,
      Nissan plans to share your LEAF purchase decision and
      your street address with your local utility beginning
      next month. The utility will use this information
      strictly for service planning. Your information will
      not be shared, sold or used for any other purposes.
      If you are unwilling to share your address, simply
      edit your profile to decline this option before
      March 1, 2011.

 I feel I have been properly notified. I just wish I had
 gotten to the DMV sooner: http://bit.ly/fPrHCM

 6. Glossy Glossary
 Anne-Marie Castonguay (@amcastonguay) tweeted her thanks
 to Webtrends for their very thorough Web Analytics Glossary
 Hear, hear.

 7. That’s Me All Over
 So many media – so little time.

 Book Reviews
 Niels Langereis (@nclangereis) said nice things about Social
 Media Metrics including: “Very  interesting book. It is
 refreshingly honest.” Thanks Niels! http://bit.ly/ewUKF4

 Not to be left out, Jason Falls (@JasonFalls) called it a
 “must-read” and “does a great job of rolling through
 performance indicators in the social space and how to
 choose which ones are key to your marketing efforts.”
 Thanks Jason!  http://bit.ly/hvMFm9

 Omniture, I mean Adobe…no, I mean Omniture, had me co-
 present with Brandon Proctor of Build.com on “Moving from
 data paralysis to actionable analysis.” They were kind enough
 to edit out my embarrassment of logging in late due to a
 power outage. Arrrrrgh! http://adobe.ly/dVfppD

 Bob Thompson of CustomerThink (@Bob_Thompson) did a masterful
 job putting together a lively webinar with very short
 presentations and lots of discussion. I was on with Alan See
 (@AlanSee) from Berry Network and really enjoyed it.

 Articles / Blog Posts
 Four Metrics for Social Media Marketing Success
 also at CustomerThink: http://bit.ly/fZByaC

 ClickZ article called Managing Large Testing Teams

 Econsultancy blog post called Context is King: Especially
 in Marketing Metrics

 The ever courteous Larry Chase had me back on his WDFM
 http://www.wdfm.com with this interview about connecting
 social media with money. “Did the Old Spice Guy SocMed
 campaign pay off? What does it take to be a Web Analytics
 professional? Why don’t some people buy when they first
 visit a given website? How can you track whence they came?”

 Kristina Allen (@allenkristina) gave me a wonderful (and
 brief) introduction to this brief interview about the
 Importance of Pock-Click Marketing. http://bit.ly/hJ0HVl

 A New Medium for Me – the Tweet Chat
 Those of you who were following me on Twitter (@JimSterne)
 were dumbfounded by a tweet tsunami on Feb 22. Sorry!
 What *was* all that? A tweet-chat.

 Shonali Burke (@shonali) ran a #measurePR event for an hour
 on that day. I was the interviewee and the people who
 participated tweeted their questions with “#measurePR”
 included in each post. I followed #measurePR and was
 able to answer questions from the Twitter audience.

 Those who were not participating but were following me
 on Twitter were inundated with my posts. Let me repeat:

 Here’s the transcript of the event: http://bit.ly/fJXOLJ
 and here’s a VERY valuable tip: Muuter lets you choose
 those people you want to hush up and select the duration.
 http://muuter.com  Priceless.

 8. Where in the World is Jim Sterne?
 Can you spell eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit?

 San Francisco, March 13-18, 2011
 Munich, April 5-6, 2011
 Sydney, April 14-15, 2011
 Toronto, April 28-29, 2011
 Paris, July 6-7, 2011

 9. Brought to You by   Jim Sterne at Target Marketing:

    Practical strategy
    for getting the most
    from your Web site

 Seventeen years of online experience:
 Seven books on online marketing:
 One industry conference series:
 One industry association:
 And boy, are my arms tired.

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